Easy Step Guide To Get A Diploma In Accounting In 2022

Easy Step Guide To Get A Diploma In Accounting In 2022

The world of business in its entirety provides boundless opportunities. Hence, individuals and students seek to harness these limitless possibilities by considering a diploma in Accounting program, as this opens them up for various job opportunities in the business world.

The accounts department of any business organization or firm is an indispensable unit, and professionals that work in this department are highly esteemed.

Their value or importance cannot be overemphasized in any form of business and while a bachelor’s degree is just enough to practice this profession, getting a diploma would make it even better.

Therefore we’d be looking at Easy Step Guide To Get A Diploma In Accounting In 2022. But before we get on with it let’s understand what a diploma in accounting is.

Meanwhile, take a look at our table of content for an overview of this article.

What Is A Diploma In Accounting?

A diploma in accounting is a systematic business program that teaches its students the required skills and knowledge to successfully thrive in the Accounting discipline.

It involves the specialized study of accounting methodologies, and principles guiding the Accounting profession.

A diploma in accounting teaches about business structures and their accounting framework.

Is A Diploma In Accounting Equivalent To A Degree?

A Diploma in Accounting and a degree have few similarities, however, there are some differences.

One of them is that a degree in an accounting program has a longer period of completion than a diploma program. Also, a diploma in accounting requires fewer courses completion than a degree does.

A diploma in accounting is also designed to equip students with foundation knowledge to secure employment, while a Degree provides more in-depth knowledge.

There are more requirements for a degree program, and the prerequisites are higher than that of a diploma in an accounting program.

A diploma in accounting is like the introductory part of a degree, as a degree program covers a wider and deeper scope of the study.

Why Earn A Diploma In Accounting?

From the introductory part of this article, we talked about the enormous opportunities available in the world of business. And getting a diploma in accounting would surely go a great way in harnessing these opportunities.

Some of the benefits of earning a diploma in accounting shall be stated below:

1. Variety of employment opportunities:

The accounting department of organizations holds an essential stake in the success of the organization. Hence, members of this field, be it a diploma in accounting holder or a bachelor’s degree holder are well sought after and employed in the private and public sector.

They can also serve as independent consultants, whose jobs are contracted to by organizations that do not have a very stable accounting department.

This allows accounting professionals to get a variety of organizations that would require their services, on the completion of their diploma in an accounting program.

2. Career development opportunities:

When you earn a diploma in accounting, it becomes very easy to start and build a career in the finance industry.

You could start as an accounting clerk, accounts receivable, and accounts payable officer while working on getting your bachelor’s degree to elevate you to a management cadre.

A person with a diploma in accounting can develop himself/herself and rise to become a payroll administrator, group accountant, finance controller, and other management positions within an organization.

3. Work flexibility:

With a diploma in accounting and been opportune to work as a payroll officer, this ensures a bit of flexibility to your work and lifestyle.

Consequently, modern time software like QuickBooks allows payroll officers remote access to getting their jobs done.

The nature of jobs in the accounting field is also relatively flexible, as some data are stored in the cloud, making it accessible to work at any day and anytime.

What Can You Do With A Diploma In Accounting?

The field of accounting holds very high regard in society generally since no company/organization can do without the service of professionals in this field.

However, having a diploma in accounting can land you any of the following job roles:

1. Tax Officer/Agent:

A tax officer or tax accountant is embedded with the responsibility of collating tax-related information, data and computing them; as well as reporting to the tax authorities within the local, state, and federal levels respectively.

They ensure organizational adherence to tax remittance laws.

2. Assistant to Chief Financial Officer:

As an assistant to the Chief Financial Officer, this job role has a foremost responsibility to serve as a support system to the Chief Financial Officer, who is superior in ranks.

The Assistant CFO and the CFO are responsible for the financial reporting and management of the finances generated and used within an organization.

3. Bookkeeper:

A bookkeeper has the responsibility of developing an accounting system for financial transactions.

They maintain accounting books by checking and posting transactions carried out by the firm, within an accounting period. They also take into record every transaction to balance up the accounts of the firm.

4. Accounting Clerk:

The accounting clerk operates within the office and they work with both vendors and customers.

They are responsible for organizing documents, as it relates to accounts and thereby applying debits and credits to the books of account and to verify the company’s accounting codes for accurate posting.

5. Financial Services Manager:

The Financial Services Manager is the team leader or a senior member of the financial team.

They have the responsibility of ensuring that the team’s performance or work delivery meets the expectations of the firm/organization since the financial services manager is occupying a supervisory role.

He has to monitor workflow and schedule tasks for the various team members, as required.

How Much Can You Earn With A Diploma In Accounting?

The amount you earn with a diploma in accounting is dependent on the job role taken, years of experience, and the organization/company involved.

In the USA, the Tax Officer/Agent has average basic pay of $46,114 annually.

While an Assistant to a Chief Financial Officer has an average salary of $98,768 per year.

A Bookkeeper has average pay of $39,433 per year, and for the Accounting Clerk position, their average pay is around $38,451 annually.

A Financial Services Manager is paid an average salary of $79,299 per year.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Diploma In An Accounting Program?

Usually, an associate accounting degree or diploma spans for a duration of 12 months to 18 months.

However, various institutions have various time-frame for their programs, although they are still within that range, or slightly out of it.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Diploma In Accounting Certificate?

Students interested in pursuing a diploma in accounting program can expect to pay between $2,000 and $12,000

How Can I Get A Diploma In Accounting In 2022?

Like every other academic program, certain steps must be followed diligently, if you must bag a diploma in accounting certificate.

However, this varies depending on the institution you wish to undergo the program in, but the most common to all include the following steps:

To start with, you should have a keen interest and passion in seeking a career in the field of accounting. This is the first point of call, in the quest to earn a diploma in accounting.

Secondly, make your findings of the institutions that offer the best diploma in accounting programs that suits you. This includes checking tuition fees and all other funds needed for the diploma program.

You can also at this point do well to enquire into the necessary documents required for the program and make them ready.

Moving forward, visit the school website to complete your application form. And in some cases, some institutions carry out the application and registration procedures within their campus.

Fourthly, on receiving the admission notification/letter, proceed to the school portal for registration as a fresh student or go to the school campus and complete the fresh student’s registration, whichever the case, whether it is a distance learning program or on campus.

Finally, on resumption of academic activities, take classes seriously. It could be virtual or a traditional classroom form, take quizzes, assignments, and exams as at when due, and make the necessary pass mark.

What Are The Requirements For A Diploma In An Accounting Program?

Applicants who are interested in a diploma in accounting program must essentially provide their official high school results and college transcripts.

You would also have to meet up with the minimum GPA of 2.5+, which means that you have completed your basic education.

English language proficiency examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc are also required for foreign students.

Which Schools Offer The 10 Best Diplomas In The Accounting Program In 2022?

There are several recognized institutions across the world, that offer a suitable diploma in accounting programs.

Below, we would be looking at some of the diplomas in accounting certifying institutions m, and the accounting diploma programs they offer.

1. Diploma in Accounting in American National University:

Founded in 1886, the American National University was conceived by some business leaders and enthusiastic educationists, who saw reasons to have a better educational system, which is channeled towards providing career-focused training and development to meet the ever-rising needs of the workforce.

They aim to train workers in the field of Accounting, Business, Banking, and other various skilled professions.

The American National University runs a diploma in accounting that spans over 50 weeks.

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2. Accounting and Finance Diploma  in Isothermal Community College, USA:

The Isothermal Community College is a member of the North Carolina Community College System. It is a public institution that is committed to providing educational services to advance knowledge in various areas of human endeavors.

The Accounting and Finance Diploma course is designed to provide students with knowledge and skill to help them thrive in the accounting field, where they can analyze and interpret essential data, to make financial decisions.

Students are exposed to principles in accounting, business law, finance, economics, etc.

Graduates of this program would be equipped to work in entry-level accounting positions, in various firms and establishments.

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3. Diploma in Accounting in Central Lakes College:

The Central Lakes College has an affordable and excellent education system in 54 communities across the state of Minnesota, with two of its major campuses located at Brainerd and Staples.

C.L.C is numbered among the 37 Minnesota State Universities and Colleges.

Central Lakes College diploma in Accounting program can be completed in a space of two academic semesters.

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4. Diploma in Accounting and Financial Management at New Professionals Technical Institute, Miami USA:

The New Professionals Technical Institute was founded in 1992, to offer educational opportunities, which would support the South Florida economy.

The diploma in accounting and financial management course is designed to give students advanced learning in accounting and management of finance.

Relevant courses such as business economics, financial and managerial accounting, auditing, cost accounting, etc are taught to enable students able to carry out managerial finance duties.

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5. Accounting Diploma in North Georgia Technical College:

This college is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia. It is a multi-campus, public high college of learning geared at improving the workforce required in Northeast Georgia and the U.S as a whole.

The institution offers various occupational programs at different levels that include; associate degree, diploma, and certificate levels adult education programs.

Their programs are flexible through its multiple options of traditional, and distance education methodologies respectively.

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6. Bookkeeping and Accounting Practices in Algonquin College, Ottawa:

This is a one-year diploma course, which provides participants with knowledge and skills to carry out day-to-day financial transactions, perform business-related activities such as bookkeeping, payroll check, etc.

Students are taught to be able to identify and apply business principles, they are also equipped with knowledge on how to enter purchases, payments, sales, collections, and payroll.

The usage of accounting software, spreadsheet tools, etc is also taught.

To be admitted into the program, a language proficiency exam such as TOEFL is required.

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7. OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Accounting and Business:

This is a 1-year course at the London School of Business and Education, London.

This course provides learners with the required knowledge and skill to function in finance and business management, as middle or top-level staff in any organization.

Topics such as organizational finances, investment, and risk, audit and assurance, research, etc are taught to refine participants’ knowledge.

The criteria for being admitted into this program is a relevant NQF/QCF Level 5 Diploma in Accounting and Business. Students must be at least 18 years, and language proficiency test results would also be required from foreign students Visit Site

8. Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping in Victoria University, Victoria, Australia:

The Victoria University is a school that is committed to making high-quality tertiary education, available to students of diverse backgrounds and fields of study.

This is a 6-month diploma certificate that equips participants with knowledge on the preparation of financial reports, processing of financial transactions and interim reporting, administering subsidiary accounts and ledgers, payroll systems, computerized accounting, and cloud-based systems, etc.

Students are required to pass a language proficiency examination, such as

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9. Diploma in Accounting in Kwantlen Polytechnic University:

This diploma in Accounting program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University is hinged on equipping students with skills in management accounting, finance, taxation, and auditing.

Students would be exposed to courses such as Taxation, Corporate Finance, Audit and Assurance, Advanced Managerial Accounting, Strategy, Governance, etc.

One of the requirements for this program is that students who are pursuing this diploma in accounting must be admitted to the school of business.

Link to the program Visit Site

10. Business-Accounting in Centennial College:

This is a 1 year, full-time diploma program in Centennial College.

In the course of this program, students would be exposed to the comprehensive syllabus, which borders on empowering students with hands-on skills in finance.

Students would build proficiency in financial and managerial accounting, increase their knowledge of accounting software, as well as be able to use this software.

One of the requirements for this program is the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, or its equivalent, alongside another requirement.

A language proficiency exam, such as TOEFL must also be passed by foreign students, who seek to be admitted into the program Visit Site

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Easy Step Guide To Get A Diploma In Accounting In 2022

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