10 Best Colleges In Canada

10 Best Colleges In Canada

As one of the most famous study abroad locations for Indian students interested in pursuing higher education overseas, Canada has one of the most significant numbers of Indian students enrolling in its top universities and colleges.

With state-of-the-art education institutes, affordable tuition prices, a cheap cost of living, and a country with limitless potential, Canada has reinvented itself over the years to become the leading study destination for international students seeking higher education abroad.

Furthermore, when it comes to studying abroad, Canada should be at the top of the list of top nations to consider. So why is there such a rush to study in Canada, particularly in the top ten universities? The solution is straightforward. 

Canada is home to several well-known universities with a global reputation for academic excellence. In addition, international students will find the admission process easier in Canada because of the low cost of education and SDS Visa options. 

No reason anyone would not select Canada to pursue higher education because it provides a welcoming atmosphere for students and invests so heavily in human resources. So, here is a list of the top ten universities in Canada to consider in 2022.

1. University Of Toronto:

The University of Toronto (U of T) is a well-known public university in Toronto, a global leader in higher education and research. The University of Toronto is one of the best colleges in Canada.

Over 93,000 students attend this multi-campus institution, with over 23,000 international students. With over 980 undergraduate and graduate programs, U of T offers a diverse choice of courses in a wide range of fields. 

For individuals interested in applying to UToronto, keep in mind that a 6.5 or higher IELTS score is required for Bachelor’s courses, and a 7.0 or higher score is required for master’s courses.

In addition, GRE/GMAT scores are required for admission to famous master’s programs such as UToronto’s MBA, MSc Computer Science, M.Fin, MiM,. 

As a result, THE has ranked Toronto as the #28 most influential University globally. According to Macleans Canada Rankings 2021, the U of T is Canada’s best University. The University of Toronto is selective with a 30.1 per cent admittance rate. 

This is a substantially lower acceptance rate than the national average for all universities (63.4 per cent)—the acceptance rate for undergraduates: 30.1 per cent—the acceptance rate for graduates: 29.4%.

2. McGill University:

International students can apply to almost 500 undergraduate programs and 93 graduate and doctoral programs at McGill University. In addition, McGill University offers English-language programs across 11 faculties and 11 schools spread across 300 buildings.

The University has a 38 per cent acceptance rate for undergraduates. The cost of attending McGill University varies depending on the curriculum. 

International students’ tuition costs range from $18,000 to $50,000 USD. 114.37 CAD for up to two programs for undergraduate students. 

The Faculty of Medicine/Faculty of Dentistry has a fee of 160.12 CAD. Graduate Students: Graduate candidates must pay a non-refundable fee of 120.99 CAD and apply to up to two programs. 

Twenty-seven in the QS World University Rankings for 2022, and 44 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2022.

3. University Of British Columbia:

This illustrious University has educated three Canadian Prime Ministers and eight Nobel Laureates. Sixty-four thousand seven hundred ninety-eight students at the University of British Columbia, including 17,225 international students from more than 160 countries. 

According to the UCB website, the University fosters research by financing over 9500 projects totalling $669.1 million in research funding. According to Times Higher Education’s rankings, the University is ranked as the world’s 37th best University. 

The University’s most popular courses include BSc Nursing, Doctor of Dental Medicine in Dentistry (Vancouver), and the MD-PhD program. 

The acceptance rate for Bachelor’s level courses at the University of British Columbia is over 50%.

The University of British Columbia has an 18% acceptance rate for master’s programs. It is also one of the best colleges in Canada you should consider. 

4. University of Montreal:

The main campus of the University of Manitoba is on 65 hectares of land on the northwestern slope of Mount Royal, which is unquestionably one of North America’s most beautiful urban parks. 

The MIL Campus, Laval Campus, Saint-Hyacinthe Campus, Mauricie Campus, Longueuil Campus, Lanaudière Campus, and The Bureau de l’enseignement Région are the school’s other campuses. 

There are 600 programs to select from at the University of Montreal. There are three types of cycle programs: undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate. 

Attending the University of Montreal, including tuition and living expenses in Canada, is roughly 40,000 CAD. 111th place in the QS World University Rankings for 2022. 88th place in the QS World University Rankings for 2022. Times Higher Education 2022 World University Rankings.

5. University Of Alberta:

Across its five campuses and 18 faculties, the University of Alberta (UAlberta) offers approximately 400 courses for overseas students studying in Canada. The University of Alberta is also one of the best colleges in Canada. 

The University of Alberta follows a semester-based academic calendar for all its programs. A 58 per cent moderately selective acceptance rate appears to be all fun and games until tried follows admissions.

In the QS Global World Rankings for 2022, they rank it 126th. In addition, QS Global World Rankings ranked 87th in Graduate Employability in 2022. The tuition charge for the institute’s various programs varies depending on their degree and duration. 

But it ranges between 20,000 CAD to 40,000 CAD. The institute’s admissions process relies on excellent grades, test scores, and completion of essential topics.

6. McMaster University, Hamilton:

In 1887, Senator William McMaster founded McMaster University in Toronto. They moved it to Hamilton in the year 1930. 

McMaster is a prominent mention in our list of top 10 colleges in Canada, ranked 140th in QS Rankings. 

Aside from STEM disciplines, the University is known for its various Business and Management, Humanities, Social Science, and Health Sciences departments. 

Furthermore, the University is proud to provide Canada’s first 5-year fully integrated Biomedical and Health Science curriculum. 

In addition, McMaster University offers BA Economics, Materials Engineering, Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology, BA Hons Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, and other programs. 

An international applicant must have a 3.0 overall GPA and a 6.5 IELTS score to be considered for admission to McMaster University. McMaster University has a 59 per cent acceptance rate.

7. University Of Waterloo:

Maclean’s magazine has recognized the University of Waterloo as Canada’s most creative University for the past 27 years. 

Master of Science in Health Studies and Gerontology, Masters of Science in Optometry and Vision Studies, and Bachelors of Legal Studies are among the most popular courses at this University. 

The University of Waterloo is also one of Canada’s best colleges. The University has carved its way into the list of academic institutions in Canada that offer top-notch management programs. 

The University of Waterloo has a moderately competitive admission policy, with a 53 per cent acceptance rate. You’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent to an overseas applicant. A 75 per cent total score is required for graduate programs. 

Confirming English competence, IELTS, TOEFL, or comparable exam scores are required. The cost of tuition varies depending on the program’s level and duration. 

International applicants seeking to enrol in a program at the University should expect to pay between 40,900 and 61,300 CAD every academic year. 

It ranks 166 in the QS World University Rankings, 25 in the QS Graduate Employability Ranking, and Canada’s QS ranking is 2.

8. Western University, Canada:

Western University’s 12 faculties provide over 488 undergraduate and graduate degree programs through on-campus and online platforms. In addition, law, Medicine, Divinity, and Arts degrees have been added to the University’s curriculum. 

Candidates who desire to apply for admission to Western University must meet the University’s eligibility requirements and submit all required supporting documentation. 

They should also mention that the application process for full-time and part-time students at Western University differs. Includes a 150 CAD application fee. 

Tuition Fees range from 36,155- 49,971. Western University emphasizes academics and social, cultural, and physical activities to develop future leaders. 

Students will meet and interact with some of the year’s best and brightest brains at Western and will be challenged to attain ever-higher standards in the classroom and beyond. 201-250 in Times Higher Education Ranking 202, 170 in QS world university rankings 2022.

9. University Of Ottawa:

The Institution of Ottawa was founded in 1848 as a public research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

The University’s main campus is located in the heart of Ottawa’s Downtown Core and offers both French and English courses. The University is the world’s largest bilingual University.

The University of Ottawa colleges in Canada offers over 400 graduate and undergraduate programs and the opportunity to work in one of Canada’s five central universities and boost placement and job experience. 

International students must present a TOEFL or equivalent score of 88 or higher, while Indian students must submit a Higher Secondary School Certificate.

The average cost of attending the University of Ottawa is 45,000 CAD (26 lakhs), including a 26,000 CAD tuition price and living and personal expenditures. 

The University of Ottawa has a 12 per cent acceptance rate, making the admissions process for applicants highly tough. 

The University was ranked #145 in the world by the Times Higher Education, with impact ratings ranging from 101 to 200 and a ranking of 36 for peace, justice, and powerful institutions in 2021. 

US News University of Ottawa Rankings – 192 Greatest Global Universities (2021) US News 2021 ranks the University of Ottawa as the eighth-best university in Canada.

10. University Of Calgary:

The University of Calgary is a respected institution that offers top-notch medical science programs. In addition, Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in nursing and management technology are available. 

The University believes in providing students with systems that combine theory and practical knowledge and innovation and technology to prepare them for a bright future. Times Higher Education’s Impact Rankings for 2021 place it at #43 globally. 

Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings, 2021, put us at #200. QS Global University Rankings, QS Global World Rankings. Both undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Calgary have the same application process. 

International applicants are urged to apply at least ten months before the application deadline, as obtaining a study permit in Canada takes about six months. Tuition for Canadian Students 320 USD 407 USD, 461 USD 361 USD International Student Tuition per 3-unit course.


Some of the colleges in Canada are among the top 100 international schools and institutes globally. These institutions continue to draw the academic elite to their highly regarded and distinguished degree programs, which are available at all levels of study. 

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree abroad can be a costly endeavour for an international student. However, with top Canadian colleges performing extraordinarily well abroad, the door to a prosperous future in further education and work opportunities is now open.  


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