10 Latest International Student Internship In USA 2022

10 Latest International Student Internship In USA 2022

Do you dream of working as well as earning semester credits overseas? If your answer is yes then let me take you through the journey on how you can avail the most prestigious internship opportunities.  
10 Best International student internships in USA 2022 for students that are not only paid but also fully-funded international internships.
Did I hear you say that’s impossible? Immersing yourself in a new environment, enjoying different cuisines, and getting the privilege to work in an international organization, and experiencing a life-changing opportunity.

 Moreover, these top internships for students in 2022 would allow them to fulfill their dreams to travel abroad along with career growth.

Whether you become an international intern for the long-term or short-term, your experience will make you a desirable candidate for the job you are interested in. International internships accelerate your academic progress, build networks, boost your confidence, and groom yourself as a professional.

 How To Find An Internship. 

There are many ways to find international internship opportunities and one of them Include inquiring at the international student services office or the career center.

However, students are encouraged to explore opportunities on their own.

For some Universities’ there are specific programs that help international students secure an Internship opportunity. One of such is the Handshake program of the University of Idaho.

This program has hundreds of internships posted at any given time and employees students have their accounts where employers can contact them says John Mangiantini, an assistant director for internships and employer relations at the university.

Mangiantini says the university also uses GoinGlobal, an online service that helps job and internship seekers find opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. He says the career service’s advising team also maintains a webpage of resources students can use to search for jobs and internships, including external search resources by major.

Agarwal recently landed his third internship on his own, as a paid incoming summer analyst at Scotiabank. He says he began his internship search by making a list of all the biggest banks in the U.S., especially those on Wall Street.

“Then I started going to their websites and saw their application start date for summer 2019, made an Excel file of those start dates, and then applied to almost all those ASAP. That’s how I applied to Scotiabank and finally got into it,” Agarwal says.

How to Prepare for Internships

When traveling to a new country to work, you will experience a bit of culture shock – new ways of communication, business trends, people, expressions, places, money, costs, and life. And for many, it will all be in a second (or third) language.

Be open to a new way of life. It may not be what you expected or what you saw on MTV. Remember, if you don’t understand something ask questions. Embrace the newness and take away as much as you possibly can.

Your internship experience will help you build a network of contacts, make your resume more impressive, and help you land future jobs.

What To Expect In An Internship. 

Internships can provide students with hands-on training in their field, something prospective international applicants should keep in mind as they consider U.S. colleges.

“Students should expect to perform work that is related to their field of study, not just filing, copying or doing work that no one else wants to do. They should ask to be assigned to a project team if possible so they are doing something that is directly related to organizational goals,” Mangiantini says. Students should spend time reflecting on what they are learning in their internship and how it relates to what they have learned in the classroom, he says.

Italian national Lucia Pampana, who is majoring in advertising with a minor in marketing at the University of Miami, is an intern for the Visual Storytelling Institute, a marketing and advertising start-up. She says she began her internship filling out Excel sheets and promoting the company on social media. But weeks later, she says she began to present her boss with new ideas to improve his business, leading to a new role as a digital strategist with increased responsibilities.

10 Best Internships 2022 for International Students:

1) RIPS Summer Internship 2022 in the United States [Fully Funded]

RIPS Summer Internship 2022 is a nine weeks internship for undergraduates and fresh graduates. It is offered in many fields including computer science, maths, and relevant field areas. It is a fully-funded internship opportunity.

All interns will be working in a competitive environment where all real-world researchers will be guiding the interns. All international students are eligible to apply.

Funding and benefits will be provided for;

A stipend of $3500
Travel Allowance

2) NIG Summer Internship in Japan 2022 – Fully Funded Japan Internship.

NIG Summer Internship in Japan 2022 brings an amazing opportunity for people who are interested in scientific research. It is offered in the fields of sciences and genetics. Along with the internship tasks, interns will be engaged in many activities including journal clubs, graduate program lectures, and seminars.

This internship doesn’t require IELTS or TOEFL as well as no registration fee. At the end of the internship, all candidates are supposed to give a presentation.

Funding and benefits will be provided for;

Return airfare.
Fares for local transportation.
The cost of lodging.
Travel insurance.
Per-day meal allowance

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3) CERN Online Internship Program 2022, Switzerland [Fully Funded]

CERN Online Summer Students Program 2022 is a fully-funded internship in Switzerland for candidates who have an interest in nuclear research, Maths, Engineering, Physics, and related fields.

All interns would be involved in advanced technology projects for up to 3 months. This will be an international online internship.

Funding and benefits will be provided for;

A modest stipend
Virtual social events.
Online workshop.

4) World Bank Summer Internship Program 2022 – Paid Internship

World Bank Summer Internship Program 2022 welcomes you for a paid internship opportunity. All interns will be a part of the dynamic working environment. There are many departments of this internship including development operations, human resources, accounting, communications, etc.

This international paid internship is for 4 weeks and doesn’t require IELTS or TOEFL. More than 170 countries, World Bank Group members are coming from.

Funding and benefits will be provided for;

Paid internship.
Travel allowance
Working and assisting professionals.

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5) UNICEF Internship Programme 2022 – Fully Funded Internships.

UNICEF Internship Programme 2022 is for all degree levels including undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. All possible resources would be provided to the interns. Interns may be required sometimes full-time to perform internship tasks.

This fully-funded internship for 6 to 26 weeks in which visa cost, living expenses, and stipend will be covered by the funds.

Funding and benefits will be provided for;

A stipend
Living expenses.
Visa support
Travel expenses.
A grant for the internship project.

6) OECD Internship 2022 in Paris, France | International Internship Opportunity.

This international OECD Internship 2022 in Paris is for the applicants either who are enrolled in Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. degree programs. This internship will cover the areas that fall in the category of technical and analytical fields.

Depending on the Pandemic situation, selected candidates will be working remotely. All interns will be encouraged to participate in teamwork.

Funding and benefits will be provided for;

Monthly 700 euros as a living expense
Assistance for the visa process.
Engaging diverse team members.

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 7) KAUST International Internship 2022 in Saudi Arabia – Fully Funded.

KAUST International Internship 2022-21 in Saudi Arabia is a fully-funded opportunity that would cover all expenses of the selected participants. This internship seeks highly talented candidates.

All interns will be introduced to the research work and will be taught about the strategies to conduct the research independently.

Funding and benefits will be provided for;

KAUST Monthly Stipend: $1000
Visa Fee
Round Airfare
Health insurance
Community Resources.

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8) CERN Short Term Internship in Switzerland 2022 | Paid Internship.

CERN Short Term Internship offers paid internships. It is one of the top internships in Europe. This internship program is up to 6 months. Moreover, the application for this internship remains open throughout the year.

No TOEFL or IELTS is required. Interested candidates may apply and do not require to submit the application fee. Interns will be receiving a monthly stipend.

Funding and benefits will be provided for;

1,500 Swiss Franc/month

9) ADB Internship 2022 [Asian Development Bank Paid Internship]

ADB Internship 2022 is a great internship program for young, self-directed, and highly motivated candidates. Candidates from more than 68 nationalities may apply. The great part of this international internship is that the location for the internship depends on the applicant’s nationality.

This internship is for 8 to 26 weeks. Masters and Ph.D. enrolled students may apply for this internship and may apply twice a year.

Funding and benefits will be provided for;

A monthly stipend
Airfare travel cost
Deep understanding of finance.
Chance to contribute to the ADB’s business.

10) Microsoft Online Internships 2022

In this pandemic, Microsoft brings amazing opportunities for you. Microsoft Virtual Internships 2022 with Certificates will empower individuals around the globe by providing life-changing innovative activities. All candidates will gain knowledge, experience, and skills through many fields at Microsoft.

Benefits of the Microsoft Internship:
Free registration
Earn a free verified certificate.
Get experience to work directly with Microsoft
Add Microsoft internship experience to your CV.
It is a self-paced internship


These are just a few of the internship opportunities out there. There are so many of them. If the ones we’ve listed do not fit into what you have in mind, feel free to explore. Find what works for you, and get started with that awesome journey.

Good luck.


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