10 Top Colleges In Maryland

10 Top Colleges In Maryland

The beautiful city of Maryland is also known as the “ old line state” or “little America”. Maryland became a state in 1788 and being one of the initial members of the 13 colonies in the united states, it has played a major role in American history. Colleges in Maryland are a popular choice for students vying for college admissions.

The city of Maryland has one of the top three college attainment rates in the country. A very impressive percentage of residents of Maryland are bachelor degree holders hence making the city a center for a high number of educated workforce. The various colleges in Maryland are all accredited and internationally recognized. 

This article will highlight everything you need to know about colleges in Maryland, benefits associated with studying in them, cost, and the top colleges in Maryland.

One of the colleges in Maryland is one of America’s five federal military academies “ The united states naval academy”, it is found in the capital of the state along with many colleges.

The beautiful geographic features of the state like the mountains, and beaches are also major attractions to both students and people looking to settle down. The capital of the state is Annapolis and has various rivers, lakes, and streams. Camping, hunting, skiing, and fishing are popular outdoor activities in Maryland.

Why Should I Attend College In Maryland?

Here are a few benefits that come with attending college in Maryland;

  • Most colleges in Maryland are focused on Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as the state is a major player in the field of bio-health and life sciences.
  • With over 40% of adults having a minimum education level of a bachelor’s degree, the state has one of the highest college attainment rates.
  • Maryland has a steady economic strength with a remarkable median income which is above the national median income.
  • The strong economy of the state combined with the high literate level creates constant lucrative workforce choices hence improving the poverty rate in the state and country at large.
  • It has a wide variety of sectors with the top sectors being concerned with core innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics field. These various sectors help in the effective sustenance of residents in the state, an example is seen through their well-developed bio-health sector.
  • The various available industrial sectors in Maryland makes colleges in Maryland suitable for students by providing you with various options for internship and networking.
  • Students searching for colleges in Maryland have tough choices to make due to the high number of nationally acclaimed research universities, small liberal arts colleges, and college institutes to pick from.
  • Students who opt to attend colleges in Maryland can through working while attending college gain important skills and qualities that are needed for true survival outside the school environment.

What Is The Cost Of Attending College In Maryland?

Colleges in Maryland have various estimated costs which vary depending on the particular college you are applying to, residents or non-residents, and the use or absence of aids. The colleges in Maryland are not cheap but are neither overly expensive. The estimated average annual tuition for residents of Maryland is $16,000.

 The estimated total annual cost for attending a college in Maryland is:

  • Tuition and fees: $10,100
  • Room and board: $12,200
  • Books: $1,250
  • Other expenses: $2,440

What Are The Top 10 Colleges In Maryland?

1. John Hopkins

One of the most prestigious colleges in Maryland is John Hopkins which has built a positive international reputation for itself. John Hopkins is one of the best schools in the United States and has a wide variety of student populations. It is a private research university and was founded in 1876. The John Hopkins has various campuses in states in the country from Maryland to Washington DC, even to having international centers in cities like china.

It is a very competitive college and has an acceptance rate of 11%. The John Hopkins University is one of the colleges in Maryland with the cost at the upper side. The estimated cost of attendance is approximately $77,500. The cost of this college can be greatly reduced by the application of different government and non-profit financial aid.


2. University of Maryland- College Park

It is impossible to draft a list of the top colleges in Maryland without the addition of the University of Maryland, college park. U of M College Park is a public grant research university founded in 1856. It has an impressive ranking nationally and internationally. The University of Maryland is on the top 100 global Universities list.

The University of Maryland is a flagship of the excellent college schooling system in Maryland. It is one of the largest universities and has over 41,000 students from over 40 states and 120 countries and international alumni surpassing 380,000. It offers a wide variety of undergraduate majors, master’s and doctoral programs, and degree programs.


3. University of Maryland- Baltimore County

University of Maryland Baltimore County was founded in 1966. It is a reputable public institution in Maryland. It has a suburban setting and an estimated enrollment of over 10,000 students. This college in Maryland is ranked as no.162 best college in the united states according to usnews.

The cost of attending the University of Maryland Baltimore County is $12,280 for residents and $28,470 for non-residents. Students of this prestigious university can find various extracurricular activities to engage in. It also has over 250 student organization bodies to participate in. An extra perk of attending this college is its 45mins drive from the country’s capital, Washington DC.

This revered institution of learning offers various available undergraduate majors and graduate programs.


4. Towson University

Initially founded as a training school for teachers in 1866, Towson University is a public university located in Towson, Maryland. Since its inception, the university has gone to mark its prints on the educational sector. It currently has eight subsidiary colleges and over 20,000 active students. This public college in Maryland is one of the largest public universities in the state.

The university has an accreditation with the middle states commission on higher education and offers over 100 undergraduate majors. The college also offers various graduate degree programs. Towson University is reputed to be one of the only public universities in the country that offers interested students an undergraduate degree in e-business.


5. Salisbury University

Located on the Eastern shore of Maryland, Salisbury University is a public university that was founded in 1925. The university is currently a member of the university system of Maryland. The college has an enrollment of 8,748 students for a session.

The university offers over 40 undergraduate and 14 graduate programs. Salisbury University has six well-known academic units which include the Fulton school of liberal arts, Perdue school of business, Seidel school of education and professional studies, Henson school of science and technology, and many more.

The cost of attending Salisbury university ranges from about $9,700 for Maryland residents and $18,600 for non-resident students annually.


6. St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Founded in 1840, St. Mary’s college is a public liberal arts college. This college in Maryland is an international honors college. The college offers about 21 bachelor’s degrees program and various master’s programs. It is noteworthy to remember that St. Mary’s college is one of only two honors colleges in the country.

The school has an important reputation to uphold hence you are tasked with undergoing a core honors-level curriculum independent of your selected major. The graduation rate of the college is the highest of all the colleges in Maryland.


7. United States Naval Academy

The United States naval academy is a federal service academy for students in training for naval commission. It was established in 1845. The United States naval academy is one of the oldest service academies in the country. Are you a student interested in joining the navy? The United States naval academy in Maryland might just be the right fit for you.

To become a student of this reputable institution you must apply directly and have a nomination, usually required to be from a member of congress. The cost for attending the united states naval academy is fully funded by the navy in exchange for an active service obligation upon graduation.

Graduates from the naval academy can become either ensigns or second lieutenants. The united states naval academy produces some of the most paid graduates in the country.


8. Washington College

One of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges in Maryland is Washington college. Founded in 1782 in Chestertown, Maryland. The college is named after George Washington due to his immense support for the development of the college. Washington College is one of the oldest colleges in the united states and was the first to receive a charter after the independence of America

The Washington college is known for awarding the largest undergraduate literary in the country. The literary award is known as the “Sophie Kerr prize” and is awarded to a graduating student who shows great literary potential.


9. Loyola University of Maryland

The Loyola University of Maryland is a private Jesuit university in Baltimore, Maryland. The college is ranked as one of the colleges in the country providing quality education. The student body in the college consists of over 4,000 undergraduate and 2,000 graduate students from diverse countries and states.

The Loyola University of Maryland is built on the core foundation of relevant programs and concepts like math, science, the humanities, and social sciences. The main goal of the Loyola University of Maryland is to help you in maintaining balance in your selected major and general education knowledge. The college operates using a semester system. 


10. Frostburg State University

Located in Frostburg, Maryland, it is the only four-year college of the university system of Maryland located in the Appalachian highland region of the state. It was founded in 1898. The university currently enrolls an estimated number of over 4000 students and offers 47 undergraduate majors and 16 graduate programs for interested students.

Frostburg is currently accredited by the middle states commission on higher education. The university is one of the colleges in Maryland that emphasize imparting the students with knowledge as a teaching and learning institution.

The university has three colleges which are the college of business, education, and liberal arts and sciences.



Maryland attracts college students due to the vast number of quality colleges and universities present in the state. Maryland gives the students various options for internships and work opportunities after school or while still in school.

Frequently Asked Questions On Colleges In Maryland

Which is the best college in Maryland?

John Hopkins University in Baltimore is the most prestigious college in the state.

Which is the largest college in Maryland?

The University of Maryland is the largest college in Maryland.

How many colleges and universities are in Maryland?

There are 55 accredited colleges in Maryland.

How many community colleges are in Maryland

Maryland has about 16 community colleges.


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