15 Best Computer Science Project Topics And Ideas in 2022

15 Best Computer Science Project Topics And Ideas in 2022

Computer Science skills are highly sought after in almost every industry. Acquiring these skills will open up various job opportunities for you. However, you cannot acquire these skills without carrying out projects in computer science. Therefore, learn about the best computer science project topics that will enhance your skillset.

The field of computer science is similar to the healthcare field that requires hands-on experience. Its study comprises programming, design, analysis, and theory. So, these areas require modern skills including coding, computation, data processing, network information security, web architecture, algorithm design, storage systems & management, and mobile development.

Meanwhile, you cannot acquire the aforementioned skills as a computer science student if you do not work on several project topics. By working on these projects, you become familiar with new tools and technologies in the field. This will help you to gain more knowledge and acquire skills.

So, if you are a computer science student and you are looking for project topics to work on, this article is a sure bet for you.

The Best Computer Science Project Topics And Ideas

Below are the best computer science project topic ideas that can help students who are beginners in the field to acquire modern skills needed for the workforce:

  • Evaluation of Academic Performance
  • Cursor Movement on Object Motion
  • Crime Rate Prediction Using K-Means
  • e-Authentication System Using QR Code & OTP
  • Secure Online Auction System
  • Symbol Recognition Using MATLAB
  • Search Engine Using Web Annotation
  • OpenCV C++ Program for Face Detection
  • Public News Droid
  • Mobile Wallet with Merchant Payment Using Android
  • Andriod Battery Saver System
  • Online eBook Maker

Evaluation of Academic Performance

In this project, an evaluation system that assesses student’s academic performance is created using the fuzzy logic method. By utilizing the fuzzy logic method, students will take into account three criteria including name, attendance, internal marks, and external marks.

Meanwhile, these four parameters are used to analyze the final academic performance of students. The fuzzy logic method gives a more accurate result that traditional methods.

Students who wish to carry out this computer science project topic should ensure that the student data that they will upload will be correct. Additionally, they should note that mistakes in the student data will yield incorrect results.Download Material

Cursor Movement on Object Motion

This project involves the development of a cursor that has the ability to move through the computer desktop and carry out instructions based on hand gestures. The system’s object movement will be designed using RGB (red, green, and blue) so that it can detect the object that will function as the mouse.

This system will be helpful if the student imports the Java AWT library to blend with the cursor. Additionally, the system is built such that a webcam will track the motion of the RGB objects and the motion of the object will result in an action being performed.

 The motion of the cursor system will receive a signal frame from the video that the webcam records and sends the frame for the user to see. Afterward, the frame will convert the recorded image into a binary image where the RGB objects will turn to white. The cursor movement system will then add a bounding box around the RGB object making it easy for the user to move throughout the display.Download Material

Crime Rate Prediction Using K Means

Crime rate is on the increase all over the world. As a result of this, there is need for government and institutions to provide protection against the high rate of crime.

So, in this project, a system is developed to assess and predict the rate of crime in a certain geographical area. The system will be designed using a data mining algorithm (K-means) to make predictions of crime rates. So, this means that the system will be given enough relevant data so as to make accurate predictions.

The data mining algorithm can assemble accomplices and organized crime groups by detecting relevant crime patterns through hidden links, link prediction, and statistical analysis of crime data. 

Here is how the system works: the user will enter the crime data into the K-means system. The K-means system will analyze the data in the database and obtain its data and patterns. Afterward, the system gathers the crime groups based on the patterns contained in the data.

It functions somewhat like this – the admin will feed the crime data into the system. The algorithm will analyze crime data stored in a database and extract information and patterns from it. It will then collate the crime groups based on the patterns found in the dataset.

The system arranges the data using clusters such as locations where the crime occurred, the gang involved in the crime, and the time the crime occurred.Download Material

e-Authentication System Using QR Code & OTP

This computer science project topic will explain the design of an e-Authentication system using QR code and OTP so as to improve financial security. Using this system, it will be difficult for scammers to hack accounts via shoulder surfing and accidental login.

If you want to use the authentication system, you will have to register first in the system by entering the basic registration details (name, address, zip code, etc.).

Upon successful registration, the user can access the login module where he/she has to first authenticate the account by entering the email address and password used during the registration. Afterward, the user enters either the QR (Quick Response) code or OTP (One Time Password).

Depending on the option that the user selects, the system will produce a QR code or an OTP. The QR code is usually sent to the user’s email address while the OTP is sent through SMS to the user’s registered phone number.

So, the e-Authentication produces the codes randomly during every login thereby enhancing the security of the login.Download Material

Secure Online Auction System

Online auction provides a platform for buyers and sellers to meet, sell, and buy products via price bidding. In this method, there is always a starting price and ending time for the bids.

The platform is protected from fraud using binary classification. If users want to buy a product online, they will provide their personal details including email address, license number, PAN number, etc.

During the bidding, potential buyers with the highest bids and declared the winners and owners of the items. This makes it possible for only valid users to place bids.

So, this computer science project will require students to develop a secure online auction system using the fraud detection method with binary classification. Students will create the platform such that users that wish to place a bid for any item, will provide their personal details.

If they provide the details, the secure online auction system will screen the users, authenticate, and authorize them. However, users that fail the authentication will not be allowed to place a bid.Download Material

Symbol Recognition Using MATLAB

In this project, students will build a system that will identify any symbol that users insert into it by applying algorithms.

Here is how the system works: when a user inserts an image into the system, it will utilize the RGB feature to convert the objects into grayscale images. Afterward, the system will convert the grayscale images into black and white images. As this happens, the system will apply image processing to eliminate unwanted objects and environmental interference.

Meanwhile, the system stores symbol templates in a certain directory such that the system can identify each image easily and provide accurate results. The symbol recognition will then create a dataset of the templates while they remain in black and white format. Once a user enters a query image into the system, it will resize the query image, compare its values against the template image values in the dataset, and show the result in text format.

The symbol recognition system utilizes optical character recognition to identify the images and the result is said to be 60-80% accurate.Download Material

Search Engine Using Web Annotation

This is one of the most interesting computer science project topics. In this project, search engine will be created using web annotation.

This is how it works: when a user enters a specific word or phrase (keyword) in a search engine, the search engine automatically generates the most relevant pages that contain those keywords for the user to see and read. This is made possible by web annotation. Through web annotation, applications become user-friendly. Web annotation system makes it possible for users to add, modify, or remove information from a Web resource without transforming the resource itself.

In this project, students will use web annotations on pages and images. Once the user enters a keyword, the search engine will fetch the information and the images that contain the same annotation and display several results containing the content that matches the keyword.

Here, you will have to use an effective algorithm to generate a query result page or search result based on the queries of users.Download Material

OpenCV C++ Program For Face Detection

This computer science project topic involves creating face detection software with the aid of the OpenCV library. The software will be built in a manner that the face detection program will detect human faces in live stream videos from webcam or video files stored inside the computer.

The OpenCV program utilizes programmed XML classifiers to detect faces in real-time and track those faces. Additionally, students can use different classifiers to detect several objects via this software.

Before you can run this program, you will have to install the OpenCV on a local machine. Then, create several paths to the classifier XML files before carrying out the program. Keep in mind that OpenCV carries the XML files. If you want to play webcam feed, use 0 in capture.open(0). You can detect a face in a local video by providing a path to the video.(capture.open(“path_to_video”).Download Material

Public News Droid

This computer science project topic idea will focus on the development of a public news droid (a software that gives users information on trending news and events). The software comprises a frontend (Android Studio) and a backend (SQL Server). It also a module for the admin and another module for the user.

The admin module observes the accuracy and relevancy of news that the application provides. It does this by checking the authenticity of the news. If the news is fake, the admin module will stop the spread of such news immediately. On the other hand, users can only view the news and events about their locality and they can also add news related to any city.

If you want to use the public news droid app, you will have to first register on the platform by entering your personal details. After the registration, you will start seeing trending news and events. You can also refresh the app, add any information (only 450 words allowed), include pictures, and titles related to your information.Download Material

Mobile Wallet with Merchant Payment Using Android

This is one of the most interesting computer science project topic ideas. In this project, a QR code will be developed to promote cash transactions between buyers and sellers. In other words, this system provides security and an efficient platform for cash transactions. During any transaction, the system will generate a unique QR code and all the passwords will be encrypted by the AES Encryption Algorithm. 

The application comprises two sections including an Android application for merchants that can scan the QR code and the other section for the consumer for producing the QR Code. In addition, the application has a frontend that uses Android Studio and a backend that uses SQL Server.

You may wonder how this works. Well, the operation goes like this: whenever merchants scan the QR code that the application generates from the consumer, the amount involved will be transferred into the wallet of the merchant that will, in turn, be transferred into the merchant’s bank account.

Meanwhile, this cannot work without the consumers adding money to their wallets using a credit card that is linked to their bank accounts.Download Material

Andriod Battery Saver System

This computer science project topic deals with the design of an Android battery saver. The system will help to examine the Android battery usage data from built-in classes and develop a combined list of apps that will drain the power of the Android phone. Through this system, a user can know the battery level of an Android phone.

Whenever the level of the Android battery reduces due to the consumption of the battery by several apps, the battery saver system will notify the user via an alarm to force stop or close the running apps draining the battery.

The system does not have a backed, however, it utilizes Android Studio as the frontend. It does not have a backend because the battery saver system functions based on the data received from the Android phone. The sole purpose of building this system is to notify users of apps that drain so much power from the battery. This helps users to take note of those apps and close them from running. Download Material

Online eBook Maker

This project involves the development of an online eBook maker. The online eBook maker enables students to create eBooks free of charge. It comprises two modules including admin login and author (user) login. Here, the admin will have the ability to receive requests from authors, authenticate their details, assess completed eBooks, and process the request by sending the eBooks to the authors via email.

Once users enter their personal details, they can develop new books, specify the context of books, add the title, number of pages, and add a book cover. In the same vein, old users can log in using their details in order to create new books or edit existing eBooks.

Authors cannot keep more than three incomplete eBooks at a time, however, they will have to complete one eBook before starting a new one.Download Material

FAQs on Computer Science Project Topics And Ideas

How do I choose a computer science project topic?

Below are the ways for choosing a project topic for computer science:

1.Look Around you for ideas.

2. Avoid Over Used topics.

3. Read General Background Information.

4. Remain Focused on Your Topic.

5. Make a List of Useful Keywords.

6. Define Your Topic as a Focused Research Question.

7. Formulate a Thesis Statement.

What tips can I use to write a computer science project?

The most important tips for writing a computer science project include:

1. Pick the Project Topic.

2. Research and Take Notes.

3. Conduct the Research Project.

4. Introduce the Project and Field.

5. Writing about Research and Result.

  1. Artificial intelligence and robotics.
  2. Big data analytics.
  3. Computer-assisted education.
  4. Bioinformatics.
  5. Cybersecurity

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15 Best Computer Science Project Topics And Ideas in 2022

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