15 Best Japanese Classes Online for Beginners & Advance In 2022

15 Best Japanese Classes Online for Beginners & Advance In 2022

Learning the Japanese language, culture, and history. It can be easy as pie and also difficult especially when you have to travel to the country to do that.

Thankfully, the internet through Japanese Classes Online has made it possible for you can effortlessly learn English — without ever visiting Japan, attending a night school, or even leaving the house.

Impressively, these Online Japanese classes are for both beginners and advance learners who want to know more about Japan.

The most challenge most learners are cut in with is, what is the best Japanese class for you with so many possibilities?

In this article, we’ve highlighted the 15 best Japanese Online classes that come with so many possibilities and opportunities. These Japanese courses online will give you the opportunity to learn and study Japanese at your own pace and schedule.

Why Should I take Japanese Classes Online?

Teaching online Japanese is typically an independent location, so it’s excellent if you travel to a region that doesn’t require lots of Japanese teachers or if you live locally.

Most online classes will enable you to work wherever, so you won’t have to go to a bureau every day or move to a huge city for a job.

Moreover, Japanese online teaching generally allows flexible planning. Many students who learn Japanese online do so themselves, which means that their hours are generally flexible.

This is excellent if you teach Japanese as an additional income or simply do not want to live on a schedule for anybody else.

Ultimately, it can be a great enjoyable method to use your expertise to teach Japanese online. You have worked hard to improve your abilities so that you can use them as well!

Even if you don’t particularly care about revenue, it may be a fantastic method to keep your skills fresh in Japan.

15 Best Japanese Classes Online

Here is a list of the 15 best Japanese Classes you can take online:

  • The Art of Washi Paper in Japanese Rare Books- Keio University
  • An Introduction to Japanese Subcultures- Keio University Via Futurelearn.com
  • Exploring Japanese Avant-garde Art Through Butoh Dance- Keio University Via Futurelearn.com
  • Sino-Japanese Interactions Through Rare Books-Keio University Via Futurelearn.com
  • Studying at Japanese Universities-University of Tokyo Via Coursera
  • Japanese for beginners 2- Saint Petersburg State University Via Coursera
  • Learning Japanese Graphic Design History- LinkedIn
  • InDesign: Multilingual Publishing Strategies
  • Architectural Photography: Exteriors
  • Visualizing Japan
  • Four Facets of Contemporary Japanese Architecture: Theory- The University of Tokyo
  • Steps in Japanese for Beginners-WasedaX Via edx.org
  • Basic Japanese Civil Law
  • Japanese Business Management- WasedaX Via edx.org
  • Words Spun Out of Images: Visual and Literary Culture in Nineteenth Century Japan Via Edx
  • Japanese Pronunciation for Communication- Via Edx

1. The Art of Washi Paper in Japanese Rare Books- Keio University

Cost: $64

Level: All Lveles

Length: 3 Weeks

Interested in Japanese rare books and papers? This online course is right for you!

This Japanese class online examines the history of papers used in Japanese rare books, as well as in other cultures around the world.

Enrolling in this course will teach you about the materials and processes used to make Japanese papers, including the use of traditional washi paper.

You’ll also learn about the processes utilized in the creation of Japanese rare books, including as design and ornamentation. Then you’ll learn how to identify the various sorts and varieties of papers used in Japanese rare books. Class Link

2. An Introduction to Japanese Subcultures- Keio University Via Futurelearn.com

Cost: $64

Level: Intermediate

Length: 4 Weeks

Want to explore Japanese subcultures and history, enrolling in this course will help you out!

This is one of the greatest Japanese online courses for learning about the various cultural works that support Japanese subcultures.

This course will introduce you to Japanese subcultures that have emerged since the 1970s.

With cultural analysis materials, you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of main Japanese subcultures, discovering the distinguishing characteristics of each.

Throughout the course, you will learn about the historical basis of Japanese youth culture as well as the immense influence of World War II.

Finally, this course will provide you with a unique perspective on Japanese youth, examining how they might be perceived to elaborate the worlds of “immaturity” and “vulnerability.” You will see why certain aspects of the Japanese subculture draw “global” interest. Class Link

3. Exploring Japanese Avant-garde Art Through Butoh Dance- Keio University Via Futurelearn.com

Cost: $64

Level: Pro

Length: 4 Weeks

This Exploring Japanese Avant-garde Art Through Butoh Dance course is among the best Japanese classes online you can take either as a beginner or advanced student.

Basically, this Japanese classes course is open to anybody with an interest in Japanese culture and art, experimental arts, and performing arts, but it is primarily geared towards undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, and active artists.

It uses archival materials to situate Hijikata’s butoh within the context of Japanese and worldwide postwar art and culture.

In doing so, it will both broaden global understanding of butoh and investigate novel approaches to dance teaching.

At the completion of this course, you will be good at gathering and examining archive information pertaining to performance, dance, and associated artworks.

Aside from that, you can reflect on how research alters the viewing experience of dance, investigate ways of relating dance to its historical and cultural contexts, and collaborate with other users in investigating the contexts of dance creation. Class Link

4. Sino-Japanese Interactions Through Rare Books-Keio University Via Futurelearn.com

Cost: Free

Level: Pro

Length: 4 Weeks

Interested in learning how Chinese and Japanese culture correlate? this free online class is for you!

This is one of the best Japanese classes online that enlights its learners about the various sorts of Chinese books, their qualities, and their history as you progress through the course.

During this course, you will read literature with strong Chinese influences and investigate the culture of the world’s regions that employ the Chinese writing system.

Likewise, you’ll about how books from China and Korea were studied and spread and how the process resulted in new sorts of books, such as commentaries and revised editions.

Further, on this course, you learn how influential these books have been, as well as how books and religion are linked in Japan and East Asia, and the history of printing in Japan

5. Studying at Japanese Universities-University of Tokyo Via Coursera

Cost: $49

Level: Beginners

Length: 11 Hours

Do you wish to learn about the university application and enrollment processes in Japan, as well as the different types of programs available? Enroll in this online Japanese lesson.

Studying at Japanese Universities course will assist you in discovering fantastic programs provided by various Japanese institutions as well as preparing a study plan through project-based learning.

Moreso, this online Japanese course will also provide you with important information and advice to help you get started on your journey to studying in Japan.

Furthermore, you will be able to create a draft of your action plan for applying to Japanese institutions by the end of this session Class Link

6. Japanese for beginners 2- Saint Petersburg Stae University Via Coursera

Cost: Free

Level: Beginners

Length: 20 Hours

This is one of the best online Japanese classes available for beginners who have completed the ‘Japanese for Beginners 1″ class.

Specifically, this online course is designed for people who want to learn the language in order to better comprehend the Japanese way of thinking and seeing the world.

This course introduces learners who have already finished Japanese for Beginners 1 to a variety of new grammar constructs, helpful vocabulary, and conversational phrases.

Taking this course will educate you on how to read and write in Japanese utilizing the hiragana and katakana scripts, as well as the kanji characters.

Furthermore, you will comprehend fundamental terminology in speech and apply it in ordinary communicative situations (shopping, traveling, visiting friends, phone conversations, etc Class Link

7. Learning Japanese Graphic Design History- LinkedIn

Cost: $49

Level: Beginner

Length: 2 Hours 16 Mins

This is one of the best online Japanese classes for students who out of curiosity want to create designs and expand their visual vocabulary in this comprehensive introduction to graphic design history. 

The course focuses on the hows and whys of each design movement, tracing the evolution of specific styles, approaches, and genres.

It also lays emphasis on the evolution of poster, film title, magazine, and album cover design; the shifting connection between design and typography; and the function of graphic design in numerous creative styles spanning from Art Nouveau to the new wave Class Link

8. InDesign: Multilingual Publishing Strategies

Cost: $49

Level: Advanced

Length: 3 Hours

Next on our list of best Japanese classes online is InDesign: Multilingual Publishing Strategies.

In this course, you will learn the major language groups as well as issues for working with Japanese, Middle Eastern, Indian, and other character systems.

This course demonstrates how to install useful plugins, select fonts, and determine the optimal workflow and formatting approaches for various types of projects. Class Link

9. Architectural Photography: Exteriors

Cost: Free

Level: Intermediate

Length: 29 Minutes

Want to become an architectural photographer? This online Japanese course is for you.

In this article, you’ll learn the fundamental approaches for capturing outside pictures which best make a building look Class Link

10. Visualizing Japan

Cost: $147

Level: Advanced

Length: 5 Months

This three-course Xseries looks over the historical records of contemporary Japan from the 1850s through the 1930s and the post-War era of Tokyo.

This Japanese online class gives an insight into Westernisation, social revolt, and modernism through digital photography in Japanese history.

As a student, you will learn the facts, such as U.S. occupation and Tokyo Olympic Space, that fostered the development and evolution of Tokyo after the war Class Link

11. Four Facets of Contemporary Japanese Architecture: Theory- The University of Tokyo

Cost: Free

Level: Intermediate

Length: 5 Weeks

Interested in learning the history, ideas, and concepts behind contemporary Japanese architecture? This free Japanese online course.

This series will discuss four dimensions, theory, technology, city, and people of current Japanese architecture. Since Kenzo Tange, it will also cover five generations of architects.

The course will trace the evolution of contemporary Japanian architecture and will examine its future direction through lectures given by lecturers and debates with the most important Japanese architects.

We focus on one of the four dimensions of Japanese architecture in this first course: theory Class Link

12. Steps in Japanese for Beginners-WasedaX Via edx.org


Level: Advanced

Length: 4 Months

This class, by simply using language and sentence patterns familiar to university students, is aimed to teach a Japanese novice how to convey basic thoughts in Japanese.

To this end, the course offers video lectures and tests to help you learn Japanese, grammar, and vocabulary. The application also provides discussion forums on the Japanese language and culture.

With is course, you can learn about the Japanese language and cultural values through talking and expanding your world Class Link

13. Basic Japanese Civil Law

Cost: Free

Level: Introductory

Length: 7 Weeks

This Japanese law online course covers the law and basic principles are covered.

The course begins by studying ideas that many countries have common, such as sovereignty, constitution, separation of three rights, fundamental human rights, and personal safety.

By studying Japanese legislation, you can compare it to the law of other nations and learn about the relationship between law and contemporary culture and society in Japan. Class Link

14. Japanese Business Management- WasedaX Via edx.org

Cost: Free

Level: Intermediate

Length: 4 Weeks

Need the right mindset to become a global leader? This Japanese Business Management course is right for you.

For everyone who wants to be a global leader, this course is necessary. It helps them understand and allows people to picture a prospective future for the basics of Japanese business, the Japanese rise (including its successes and mistakes).

The course is entirely holistic. It looks at the whole management ecosystem and not merely strategy and procedures. It looks at aspects from socio-economic to global actions that form Japanese business culture, strategy, and vision Class Link

15. Words Spun O ut of Images: Visual and Literary Culture in Nineteenth Century Japan Via Edx

Cost: $49

Level: Beginners

Length: 30 Hours

This is one of the best online Japanese classes worth going for.

This course provides students with an opportunity of meeting behavior, morals, and some of the material requirements of Japanese artists throughout the 19th century so that they might renew their preconceptions about what is and what is artistic realism.

You will obtain a thorough knowledge of how society and people in early modern Japan were conceptualized and represented.

Moreover, in understanding the social and emotional elements hidden within the beauty of Japanese art, it is crucial to learn how to assess the unbiasedness of visual/literary cultures. Class Link

16. Japanese Pronunciation for Communication- Via Edx

Cost: Free

Level: Beginners

Length: 5 Weeks

This is one of the best Japanese language classes online that can help you learn the Japanese language. Generally, pronunciation has been a major challenge when learning Japanese.

Most non-native Japanese speakers have at least a moment when they are misunderstood or because of the wrong pronunciation, they can’t communicate their actual feelings.

Basically, this language course is meant to help you improve your pronunciation and give you confidence in spoken Japanese when you are a Japanese learner anywhere across the world

In conclusion

Today, learning Japanese culture, history, and even pronunciation of Japanese words can be easy as pie for you just by enrolling in any of the aforementioned courses.


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