20 Best Gifts for Law Students In 2022

20 Best Gifts for Law Students In 2022

Studying law has been the desire of so many students, but only a few can pull this through, others drop out or change to a less stressful course.

Law professors often tell their law students that law is a jealous wife. It takes all of your time, gives you a tight and hectic schedule, and lesser time for yourself.

To get through this, law students need inspiration, encouragement, and kind gestures to support them along the way. One form of achieving this is by getting gifts for law students.

Presenting gifts that can help relieve their stress or contribute to their success in their career is a sure way to brighten up their days.

There are some factors you have to consider when picking out gifts for your law friend because you won’t want to pick out the wrong gift at the right time.

Here, I will guide you on how to choose the proper gifts for law students and also give you a list of the best gifts but first let’s understand who law students are and why do they prefer to study law.

Why Study Law?

A lot of people want to get into law school but most are unwilling to face the difficulties that come with becoming good future lawyers. 

Most people choose to study the law because they see it as a noble profession where justice is upheld.

Having a law degree enables you to be successful in any related field or professions like management, journalism, politics, international relations, and many more.

There are many reasons for you to study law, below are a few listed reasons why studying law should be considered:

Financial Success:

Obtaining a degree in law does not guarantee you financial freedom, but as you progress, you will face more job options, job security, and a higher payment rate compared to some other professions.

In this field, when you gain more experience you can easily gain an increase in your salary.

Recognition by Employers / Big Firms:

Studying law can take you just anywhere as it provides multitudes of career options in fields such as academia, social work, commerce and industry, media, and more.

Law is graded as one of the most specialized professions making law graduates to be considered deserving candidates and providing career opportunities for them.

Awareness of rights and responsibilities:

One advantage of being a law student is the awareness of your rights and responsibilities in society and the world at large.

When you have the knowledge of knowing your rights and responsibilities, you will distinguish the wrongs from the rights as well as encourage people to stand up for their rights and speak up.

Good Communication Skills:

Using just a standpoint of evidence, law students can argue in a way that others find hard to do.

This develops good communication skills as well as problem-solving, adaptation, independent thinking, and many more useful skills.

Strong Foundation for Further Academic Pursuit:

You can combine your law degree with various courses like business, accounting, and so many other courses.

Also, with a degree in law, you can take on further studies in other professions. This makes way for multiple career options.

Great Salaries:

When considering a career option, money is the most significant factor. One reason for starting a law career is the fact that you can kickstart your career with a fat salary.

Lawyers are one of the highest-paid professionals in the legal industries and most of them earn salaries above the national average.

Salaries of lawyers differ depending on the area of specialization.

How Long do You go to Law School?

Before we talk about how long it takes to go to law school, let’s first understand what law school is about.

Law school or college of law is an institution that deals in legal education, which is involved as a vital part of the process of becoming a lawyer within a given jurisdiction.

How long you go to law school depends on your country of study and the type of degree you wish to attain.

According to all American Bar Association (ABA), the approved law schools usually require 3 years of full-time study to earn the Juris Doctor (JD) degree.

There are Part-time programs offered by some law schools which generally take 4 to 5 years to complete. Some schools offer joint degree programs like JD/MBA or JD/MA that take a longer period of 4-5 years to complete but this is beneficial because it takes less time when compared to completing the two degrees separately.

How to Choose the Proper Gifts for Law Students


Studying law might be easy for some students, but for others, it might be very difficult and require a source of motivation to keep them going.

Getting gifts for law students that serves as a motivation keeps them running and willing to pull through the workload that comes with the path they choose to follow.

This can contribute positively to their academic and career in law.


When choosing gifts for law students, make sure it serves a purpose or can challenge them intellectually, these are called “smart gifts.

These gifts make life easier for law students, keep them on their toes mentally, keep their debate skills sharp, and just like the motivational gifts; it also helps them pull through their day-to-day activities.


Gifts for law students can also be stylish to beautify their courtroom, boardroom, or office suite.

Being a lawyer involves you also looking the part, and stylish gifts help to accomplish that aim.

Classic gifts with beautiful designs and fine materials are much appreciated by law students.


All work and no play can make a law student become a dull student.

This might be wrong, but a bit of entertainment is a brief break for fun, which is actually what every law student needs to brighten up their bad days and make their happy days happier.

20 Best Gifts for Law Students

Being a law student can be very tough and requires lots of hard work, time and dedication.

When getting gifts for law students, seek out gifts that serve useful purposes in their field.

Here are some best gifts for your law friend and their usefulness:

1. Laptop Stand:

A laptop stand is one of the considerable gifts you can give your lawyer friend.

It reduces poor posture and enables the laptop to be at eye level, thereby making it convenient to use.

Also, it’s easy to carry around and will be much appreciated by any law student.

2. Leather Bags:

Law students engage in lots of group study because they want to boost their academic performance or we have assigned them group work to carry out.

Having a leather bag that accommodates their stuff like pencils, pens, notebooks, helps keep them organized.

3. Motivational Books:

Books from famous motivational speakers or books that speak positive words can help lift their spirit up and keep them working.

Do well to gift your law friend one of those.

4. Table lamp:

Most law students study mostly at night and require a bright table lamp to help their sight.

Studying without a table lap can make them tired or in some cases become uninterested in their study.

A well functional table lap is one of the useful gifts for law students that inspire their reading.

5. Multipurpose Laptop Desk:

A multipurpose laptop desk could be used anywhere but could be considered one of the best gifts for law students who want comfort wherever they are studying.

6. Law Dictionary:

What better gift can you give a person who is dealing with such a tough course of study than a dictionary.

Although, many will not appreciate this gift the few that understand its purpose in their academics will marvel at the sight of it.

A law dictionary helps law students understand the vocabulary that may seem difficult to comprehend easing their studies and could be lifelong gifts for law students in their career.

7. Table Clock:

The list of gifts for law students would be incomplete if a table clock is not included.

A clock reminds them how valuable their time is and also to use it well.

8. Stationary Set Box:

Just like the leather bags but a little different, the stationary box helps package the essential materials a law student will need for studies in an organized format.

9. Highlighters and Pens:

These are the least expensive gifts for law students, but with great usefulness. There can never be a student without highlighters and pens, especially in small cities.

10. Productivity Planner:

Starting a day with good planning keeps law students on top of their workload.

A good productivity planner keeps details of what their day-to-day activities should be like, this minimizes their time and help them get their work completed.

11. Coffee Mug:

What better way to support their late-night studies than by presenting a coffee mug where they can pour coffee into and take sips as they study.

This freshens up their minds and gets them going.

12. Motivational Wall Art:

Amazing wall art or poster with inspirational quotes can motivate law students whenever they feel down or wear out.

This can bring them back on their feet and ready to kick start.

13. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser:

By getting this as a gift for them, you help them create a lovely atmosphere in their room, comfort zones, and place of study.

When getting gifts for law students, consider gifts that put them in the right mood to study and this is just one of what you need for your law friend.

14. Beats Headphones:

Most law students like the idea of listening to music while studying.

This helps keep them stable and relax their minds even after studying.

Listening to cool music can also put you in the right mood to study and should also be considered as one of the best gifts for law students.

15. Hour Glass:

Just like the table clock, the hourglass is a special gift that helps students manage their time.

16. Personalized wooden lawyer/ attorney sign:

Having a personalized gift like this, especially after graduation, can put a smile on your law friend’s face.

This gift simply wishes them more success as they begin their journey to become better attorneys and fighting for the right cause.

17. Premium Leather Briefcase:

This is one of the most remarkable gifts for law students, mostly as they begin their internship.

The need leather briefcase to keep every details and records of their internship.

This as well keeps them organized and boosts their moral while facing most proceedings.

18. Book Bone:

Law students read large volumes books; most of them keep flipping and just won’t stay open.

Presenting a book bone helps solve that problem and keeps the book steady.

Now your law friend doesn’t have to worry about holding the book to avoid flipping on its own.

19. Nespresso Coffee Maker:

You don’t have to gift law students coffee mugs alone, you can also give them a coffee maker so they can enjoy delicious coffee as they study.

20. Ties with Personality:

During interviews, seminars, or internships, they require law students to dress in business attire.

A personalized tie for your male law friends can add to their style and make them outstanding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a trial lawyer?

These are lawyers that not only present their clients in front of the jury and court but also defend them in order to prove them non-guilty.

Is law school difficult?

No, law school is not difficult but it’s challenging. You will need hard work, concentration with a little fun.

What’s LSAT ?

The Law School Admission Test is structured to test your skills necessary for success in the first year of your law school.

How many years is a law degree?

A law degree can take 4-5 years depending on the type of degree you wish to attain.

What is a good GPA to get into a law school?

Most law school requires a GPA of 3.85 or higher but only few law schools accept candidates with 3.49 or lower.

Can a customized t-shirt be considered as one of the best gift for law students?

Yes, a customized shirt is a really nice gift for any law student. It motivates them and reminds them of who they want to be.

Where can I get a nice gift for my la friend?

You can buy these gifts from your outdoor stores or on various legit online platforms.

Will picking a gift for entertainment purpose be a distraction from law student’s studies?

It can serve as a distraction if there is poor time management and planning.


Law students are some of the most thankful people you can hear of. They spend lots of time reading large-volume books, cracking full cases while juggling time for themselves and their academics.

They are not picky about gifts and therefore accept gifts wholeheartedly.

When you get gifts for law students, they become excited and feel more special than someone actually brought out time for them without minding their busy days.


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