20 Top Book Publishing Houses In Houston

20 Top Book Publishing Houses In Houston

If you happen to reside in Houston, searching for recommendations or you are finding it hard to select a book publishing company to publish your book. The questions below are probably what is going through your mind but worry less as I will be providing you with the answers you need and a list of publishing houses in Houston that you can make a choice from.

As an author or writer, writing is not just enough if it’s for your eyes only. Just as singers will only get applauded and praised when their melodious voice is been heard by other persons aside from themselves, a writer will also need an audience to read their books, to help them grow and be better.

One way to give your book the exposure it needs is publishing it which brings us to the question on every author’s mind, “where can I publish my book?” 

Fortunately for those in Houston, Texas, and its neighboring cities finding a place with a rich market of publishing houses/companies should be the least of your worries, as I will be providing you with publishing houses where you can publish your book and make it available to the public.

Why Use A Book Publishing House In Houston?

Writing a book might seem cool and easy but it isn’t because it means telling an untold story in a captivating and intriguing manner. Keeping the reader glued to the book, engrossed in a page, and anxious about the next is one of the greatest achievements for a writer or author.

But before the rainbow comes rainfall, getting a book published is one of the primary hurdles an author faces, and luckily for authors in Houston, Texas there are many book publishing companies to choose from regardless of the genre, be it music, literature, history, business, romance, fiction, non-fiction, children or young adult books.

There’s enough room to make choices, giving you the privilege of choosing one that best soothes your kind of genre. 

Who Are The Big Five In Publishing In Houston?

It is not strange that you are wondering who the BIG FIVE publishers in Houston are, as one of the characteristics of a good author is not only writing quality content but also wanting to produce quality books to match their audience’s taste.

When talking about the big publishers in Houston, it is almost impossible to go on without mentioning the likes of Arte Público Press, Black Rose Writing, Inklings Publishing, Brighten Press, Waldorf publishing as they are known for their numerous and wonderful works with the big authors associated with the publishing houses. It is the dream 9f most authors to get their books published by these sets.

How Much Do Publishing Companies Charge In Houston?

Publishing companies do not charge the authors to publish their books, instead, they reach an agreement by negotiating on the percentage on paperbacks, hardcover, and so on that, the author will receive after the book has been published and the sales have commenced.

Although some book publishing houses pay their authors upfront. In simple terms for easy understanding, publishing houses are more like investors, they help in publishing your book and take on the cost from start to finish and also help you advertise and sell and at the end, they give you a cut based on your agreement after recovering the expenses for producing your book.

An author is entitled to Royalties. Although some big publishing houses or companies pay their authors an advance and once the book is published and available in the market, the author will start receiving their royalties but in this case, the publishing house will have to recover the advance payment before the author can start receiving their royalties.

The good thing about this kind of contract is that the author does not lose in the sense that if sales of the book go south the author won’t refund the advanced payment received initially.

What Percentage Does A Publishing Company Take In Houston?

Traditional publishers bear the cost of printing, designing, proofreading, editing, marketing, and distributing and make their money back from the sales of the ready-made book as well as reach an agreement with the author on the percentage they are to have on each book that is sold.

While for self-publishing companies, the authors have control over everything that concerns their book and bear the cost of the publishing process which like editing, printing, and the rest. But in the end, they get the greater cut which differs in each publishing house.

Which Company Will Publish My Book In Houston?

Houston is filled with publishing houses scattered all over the city, enough to meet your every need, worrying about which company will publish your book should be the least of your worries as there are numerous options to pick from. Finding the right and best one should be your main concern and as we progress I will be listing ten (10) book publishing houses with short yet detailed reviews on each in order to help you make a perfect choice.

20 Top Book Publishing Houses In Houston, Texas

As an author, one of the challenges you have to overcome is choosing the right publisher due to the various factors to be considered like their history, reputation, specialty, and even authors associated with their company as one can never be too careful.

That’s why I have gone the extra mile to compile a list of the top 10 book publishing houses in Houston to help make the process easy. Just as I have said earlier, Houston is home to numerous publishing houses that can leave an author confused on which to pick. Below is the list of 10 of the best publishing houses in Houston in no particular order.

Black Rose Writing 

Established in 2006, Black Rose Writing is an independent publisher. This company publishes different genres ranging from fiction, non-fiction, to children’s fiction. Examples are self-help books, biographies, autobiographies, and so on. Interested authors and readers should visit their website for more information on manuscripts submission, the latest books for interested readers, and so on

Smoking Glue Gun

Smoking Glue Gun is an independent magazine and a small press. They look for 100% original art, fiction, photography, music, and poetry. Encouraging writers of color, women, LGBT, and disabled writers and providing them with the chance of being heard and sharing their thoughts with the rest of the world. Aspiring authors can reach out to smoking glue guns on their website for manuscripts submission and in order to make further inquiries.

Brighten Press

Brighten Press is one of the newest independent publishers, founded in 2018. They specialize in fiction, poetry, humor, and guides for both adults and children. Acting up to their name Brighten Press publishes books that are funny, magical, adventure books to help keep the reader young at heart and for their enjoyment and genuine to brighten up one’s day despite their age.

Aspiring authors and anxious readers should visit their website for more information on their latest books and manuscripts submission process 

Inklings Publishing 

Inklings Publishing is a small traditional publishing press. They give local authors the opportunity to publish their work and develop their writing careers. Aside from publishing, they organize writing and annual retreats for writers as a means of encouragement.

The publishing house has numerous imprints and also specializes in fictional titles for all ages, children’s books, comic books, graphic novels, science fiction, mysteries, romance, fantasy, adventure books, and historical books.

Authors who are interested in getting their book published by inklings publishing should visit their website for more information on the manuscripts submission process.

Langmarc Publishing 

Langmarc Publishing started primarily as a publishing house for church resources and inspirational/motivational books over twenty years ago and now LangMarc has expanded into new and exciting areas.

Today they have become home to a number of excellent novels and non-fiction books produced by over fifty talented authors. Contributing to literary excellence with novels, recovery books, inspirational books, and many more.

Interested or aspiring authors should visit their website for submission procedures and so on.

Arte Publico Press

Arte Publico Press are publishers of contemporary poetry, dramas, short stories, and novels, especially those written by US Hispanic writers, and talks about Hispanic themes with the aim of preserving and disseminating the US Hispanic culture.

They also publish non-fictional books, history, and culture making it a great choice for authors who have an undying love for culture and great interest and knowledge for history and they seek 100% originality.

They also have an imprint “the piñata book” which focuses on young adult and children books. Spanish authors are also encouraged to submit their manuscripts although most of their titles are written in English in order words, at Arte Publico Press language is never a barrier.

Interested authors should visit their website for more information and submission procedures.

Bright Sky Press 

Established in 2001 is a not-for-profit that helps in showcasing the creative talents of writers. Bright Sky Press publishes titles of genres ranging from cookbooks, self-help books, fictional and non-fictional, memoirs, children’s books, and historical books among others.

Aspiring authors should do well to visit their page for more details on the manuscripts submission process and details.CLICK HERE

Cinco Puntos Press

Cinco Puntos Press was established in1985. Knowing what new writers go through when publishing their book, being writers themselves they pay attention to new writers. They accept different genres, especially titles focused on US and Mexico Border Region.

Cinco press is the publisher of genres that cut across fiction, non-fiction, history, memoir, and poetry. Authors interested should visit their site for more information on the submission of manuscripts and other details.

Eakin Press

Eakin Press was founded in 1979. They are publishers of titles of fiction, non-fiction with genres ranging from religion, poetry, history, children’s literature. As a writer with an interest in any one of these genres, contacting Eakin Press would be a nice option.

Aspiring authors can visit their website for more information on the manuscripts submission process and interested readers can also browse through their catalog for exciting books to read. 

Hendrick-Long Publishing 

Hendrick-Long Publishing has based in Houston Texas specializes entirely in children’s books. They are publishers of children’s fiction, non-fiction, young adult and they show a keen interest in authors whose books are related to Texas’s history.

Aspiring authors should visit their website for more details on submission procedures. 

Waldorf Publishing

Waldorf Publishing company is one of the new names that has made a name in the book publishing industry. The Publishing house was established in the year 2013, publishes a series of children’s book genres.

Authors of children’s books are highly welcomed as well as guardians or parents seeking amazing books for their wards or children can also purchase from them. They also provide picture and chapter books for older readers, in order not to leave others out.

Interested publishers should visit their website for more information on the manuscript submission procedures as well as interested readers to get new books.

Cbay Books

CBAY (Children’s Brains are Yummy) Books is a publishing house that publishes only high-quality fantasy and science fiction children’s literature-the kinds of books. Although they basically focus on novels for older kids and teens, still they produce some books for the younger kids.

If you have a kid that loves books with ordinary people caught up in extraordinary situations, then CBAY books are the right place for right place as you can check their catalog for varieties of books and if you are an author that has a great interest in writing children books, then you should visit their website for further information on submission procedures and other details. 

Henery Press

Henery Press is an award-winning publisher in the mystery/suspense genre focused on engaging stories with sharp twists and lively characters. Aspiring authors should visit their website for further information on manuscripts submission and procedures. 

Dalton Publishing 

Dalton Publishing is an independent publisher based in Texas. They specialized in poetry and contemporary literature and are presently reorganizing to become a profitable entity. Interested authors should visit their website for further inquiries on manuscripts submission and procedures. 

Djarabi Kitabs Publishing Company 

Djarabi Kitabs Publishing is a leader in publishing books written by Muslims for both a religious and mainstream audience, organizing book festivals and a reader’s choice award annually. DKP publishes a wide range of traditional and innovative Adult Trade and children’s books.

Aspiring authors should send their letters as they will be reviewed, and should visit the school website for a manuscript submission process.

Brown Books

Brown books is an independent publishing house of outstanding quality books that cuts across all genres, established in 1994. Providing efficient public relations, marketing, and distribution services to their authors as well as to non-affiliated authors.

Interested authors should visit their website for further information on the submission of a manuscript and so on.

Anaphora Literary Press

Anaphora literary PRESS is a highly rated publishing house having published over 250 creative books and nonfiction books. They started as an academic PRESS but now are open to book-length submission. Aspiring authors should visit their website for further information on the manuscripts submission process. 

Brewers Publications 

Brewers Publications is the largest publisher of contemporary and relevant brewing literature for today’s craft. They create lasting relationships and share pride in their contributions to the brewing and beer community.

The books they select is meant to carry out this mission and include titles relevant to homebrewing, professional brewing, starting a brewery, books on particular styles of beer, industry trends, ingredients, processes, and the occasional broader interest title on cooking or the history and impact of beer in our society.

Aspiring authors should do well to visit the school website for further information on the manuscripts submission process and deadline.

Texas Tech University Press

Texas Tech University Press advances the knowledge and preservation of research and scholarship by publishing books and journals. Its mission is to disseminate within its focus areas, the fruits of scholarship in as many formats as will serve the University’s broadest throughout the state, the nation, and the world.

Texas Tech University Press publishes 25 to 30 new titles each year and has over 400 titles in print. The Press has listed in American liberty and justice; costume and textile studies; history and culture of Texas and the West, the Great Plains, and modern Southeast Asia during and after the Vietnam War; Jewish studies and literature, Latin American and Latino fiction, natural history and natural science, and sport in the West.

The Press also publishes several scholarly journals and series for young readers, and so on. Interested authors should visit their website for more information on manuscripts submission and deadlines.

Autonomous Press

Autonomous Press publishes both fiction and nonfiction, scholarly or journalistic works, novels, anthologies, memoirs, drama, poetry, and so on. They also consider any genre especially innovative hybrid works that defy traditional genre categories.

The Autonomous Press is most especially interested in publishing authors whose voices are generally marginalized by the mainstream (i.e Authors who are neurodivergent, queer, transgender, mad, disabled, racialized, presently or formerly homeless, or incarcerated).

Authors doing work so radical, in some way or another, that conventional academic or literary publishers are usually scared to touch as they love to amplify the sort of voices that are too often silenced in the dominant culture.

This makes them a great choice for various authors. Interested authors should visit their website for more information on their submission procedures and other details. 


There you have it, the list of the top book publishing houses in Houston Texas which is among the readers and authors’ choice but not limited as there are many more publishing companies in Texas performing excellently well too.

And some publishing house requires and considers authors to have a literary agent or representative to help represent them as no one wants to have a stagnant business and run at a loss.

So I will advise aspiring authors to make more research in order to make a good choice and know the requirements, dos, and don’ts of the publishing house to save them the stress and have positive replies. Visit their website to get first-hand information on their mode of submission and procedures.


Why do publishers pay authors royalties?

A publisher pays authors royalties for the rights to publish their titles or manuscripts in book form.

Are royalties negotiable?

Yes, they are, although most publishing companies have standard rates.

Who are literary agents?

Literary agents act as an intermediary between authors and publishers, representing the business interests of the author.

Do I have to pay a literary agent in advance?

No…most times when the job is done and it also depends on the agreement between both parties.

What makes a book great?

Captivating opening, strong characters, fascinating tale, memorable dialogue, and a one-of-a-kind style of writing.



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