2022 15 Best Online Jobs for College Students

2022 15 Best Online Jobs for College Students

As a College student, it can be quite challenging to survive on just stipends offered by guardians and parents.

Especially, if you intend to pursue some personal goals. In view of this is why we advise students to get some side gigs or hustle that can balance with their academic life.

While the traditional McDonalds, Coffe-shop, babysitters, and other part-time Jobs have actually helped, recent data now proves the best and most convenient is to get an online Job.

With the help of industry experts, we have been able to compile up to 15 Best Online Jobs for College Students.

Are There any Online Jobs for College Students?

With the gig economy growing tremendously, online in-demand skills have also risen with it. A good number of them can be done based on schedules and from home, which gives students the opportunity to be gainfully engaged while also pursuing their academic goals.

Additionally, in order to cut the extent of human contact due to the covid-19 pandemic. Many companies have designed work-from-home models engaging freelancers to deliver some services.

Apart from getting side gigs online, students can also start their own businesses. This way, they can build up entrepreneurship skills and gather the wealth of experience needed to compete globally.

A good number of Unicorn startups started as student side gigs. Ranging from Dropshipping, Blogging, E-commerce, Vlogging, Writing, Web-design, programming, and a host of others. The list of profitable online businesses for students is endless.

Why do College Students take up Online Jobs?

As a student, taking up online Jobs and gaining skills online remains the most proficient way towards financial independence.

As well as becoming your own boss. Students take up online Jobs to support their parents or sponsors.

Some also take up online jobs to fund their personal goals and aspirations. Especially, those not on scholarship.

College students with no intention of working for people tend to immerse themselves in different online jobs and tutorials.

This way they raise money and also gain experience for their startups. There are also instances where a student encounters financial challenge which can come as a result of the demise of a sponsor, family finances downsides, e.t.c. The only way out is to get a job and support oneself through it all.

Additionally, the desire to afford some extra necessities also plays a vital role in the need for student online Jobs 2022.

What’s a Good Job for a College Student?

The most recommended job for a college student is a part-time job. No matter how big the pay is, students are advised not to take up full-time jobs. Not only does it inhibit academics it barely gives room for personal growth and development.

A good online job for college students is freelance and part-time jobs. Platforms like Fiverr and Writersgig allow for an easy schedule of time.

This way you can conveniently create time for academics and your side hustle while also learning new developmental skills.

How Can College Students Make Money Online?

Recently, search engines have recorded increased searches in terms of Online Businesses for College Students and Online Jobs for students to work from home.

While there are so many ways to make money online as a student, you should be careful not to fall for cheap scam schemes.

It is imperative that before you venture into any side-gig, you learn the skill set. Failure to grab the knowledge of the skills needed can create problems and inhibit future recommendations as a freelancer.

Below is how best to get engaged in profitable online jobs for college students.

  1. Find out in-demand skills
  2. Learn the skill as an addition to your already existing knowledge of it.
  3. Identify with freelance and professional sites (Writersgig, LinkedIn, Upwork, e.t.c )
  4. Build your portfolio there.
  5. Network with like-minds.
  6. Offer your services and skills to intending clients.

Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of skills you can learn or services you can render. Keep abreast with new developments in your chosen niche in order to always be ahead in the scheme of things.

What Jobs Pay Well for College Students?

All online jobs pay well. However, with experience and recommendations, one can earn higher than another person in the same niche. Another thing that can necessitate a job paying well is the difficulty and technicality required. Students that freelance on programming gigs earn well because of the technicality needed in satisfactory delivery of the job.

However, with the disruption in Tech and how businesses transact, below are some of the high-paying online jobs for college students in 2022.

  • Programming
  • Copywriting
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Content Developer/SEO Specialist
  • Software Development

Below are the highest paying non-tech jobs for College students.

  • Part-time independent driver.
  • Part-time Teaching Assistant
  • Barista.
  • Teller.
  • Care-giver

Furthermore, just like we stated earlier. Ensure you obtain these jobs based on a part-time basis and on schedules that do not coincide with your academics. These can be discussed with your employer. Especially the non-online jobs.

Which is the Best Online Job for Students?

Best online jobs for college students remain the ones that are not full-time and do not take a good chunk of his/her academic time.

Unless you want to drop out, you have no business obtaining a full-time job as a college student.

With the current disruption in the tech world. Online student Programmers, Copywriters, and Crypto-analysts appear to be on the higher-earning sides.

Followed closely by content developers, web design specialists, writers, SEO specialists, e.t.c.

15 Best Online Jobs for College Students in 2022

There are many high-paying online jobs for College Students. But, for the sake of this text, we shall narrow it down to the 15 best online jobs for college students in 2022.

The compilation was done based on industry demand, remuneration, and expert recommendations.

1  Web Developer:

Many businesses are building an online presence with websites. Hence, the increase in demand for web developers.

You are likely to be crossing six figures every year if you are proficient with programming, coding, and web design because the demand for such services has been skyrocketing.

Newbies are likely to earn up to $60,000 which can also increase subsequently as you network and gain more experience.

Requirements: A laptop, Internet connection, Sound knowledge of programming, webdesign, coding, software development, or UI/UX development.

2. Freelance Writer/Developer:

Freelance writing is one of the easy-to-get gigs out there. Provided you know how to develop content targeted for different purposes.

You can also enroll in different online courses to sharpen your skills. If you know how to develop readable, catchy, and SEO-optimized content. Then, freelance writing is for you.

College students can earn as much as $70,000 writing for websites, organizations, individuals. e.t.c.

Requirements: A laptop, internet connnection and good writing skills.

3Graphic Design:

Logos, designs, and other color mix-ups has become indispensable in modern-day business and other uses. You can create a portfolio to offer graphic design services online. Platforms like Canva provides a wide variety of tools freelancers can use and deliver satisfactorily.

Pay ranges from $25-200 per hour. It remains one of the most recommended online jobs for College Students.

Requirements: A laptop, internet connection and graphic design tools.

4. Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing:

Virtually every business now has an online presence. And at such, businesses hire capable hands to run their digital marketing and social media campaigns. Students that can help businesses boost their online presence are normally sought for gigs like this.

Students can earn $25 per hour with this gig.

Requirements: A laptop, good internet connection and sound knowledge of digital and social media marketing.

5. Virtual Assistance:

With more increase in the need for people to work from home, businesses and individuals now engage in virtual work models.

The virtual assistance helps in carrying out email campaigns, making office calls, use of Excel, and other general office practices that can be done from home. They act as assistants of the clients who in turn pay them based on the agreed term.

Students taking up this gig can earn as much as $25-150 per hour.

Requirements: A laptop, Internet connection, knowledge of at least one office practice or set skills, e.t.c

6. Survey Taker:

This is by far of the easiest online jobs for college students out there. Because it requires little or no experience to begin.

It is also one of the online jobs without investments and registration fees. In gigs like this students can earn money taking surveys on sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

You also get to earn referral bonuses and sign-up bonuses. Students can earn as much as $50 or more per day depending on policies placed on the survey sites.

Requirements: A laptop and internet connection.

7. Translator:

If you are a multilingual student, you can make money online by helping people translate languages they don’t understand.

Brands and businesses with operations in many countries are always on the lookout for translators who can help translate web copies and also virtual audio translation.

Furthermore, you can also assist in translating in meetings and phone calls for the businesses.

Currently, it is among the highest paying online jobs for college students. Earning can peak at $100,000 per year depending on clients and the number of languages you can translate.

Requirements: A laptop, knowledge of one or more languages, Transcribing tools, and steady internet.

8. Video Caption:

This might not really sound like your typical kind of online job for college students, But, some companies and brands actually pay people to help them caption videos posted online.

A good number of these brands rely on available freelancers to take up these jobs due to the high costs of hiring in-house staff for it.

You can actually make up to $25 per hour captioning videos. Websites like Rev.com provide a good number of these opportunities.

Gig WebsitesDotsub.comCaptionmax.comRev.com

Requirements: A laptop, Internet Connection, and creative skills.

9. Video Editor:

Visual contents remain one of the best ways to capture audiences. Many companies and brands rely on freelance video editors to deliver high-quality video content.

Students with video editing g skills can offer this kind of gig. With your laptop and editing software, you can sign up on sites like Upwork and Fiverr and start earning as a video editor.

As a newbie, you can begin with $20 per hour and increase as you build your clientele.

Gig WebsitesUpwork.comFiverr.comFreelancer.com, e.t.c

Requirements: A Laptop, Sound internet connectivity, photo editing software, and other useful tools you can lay your hands on.

10. Photography:

If you have photography skills, then you can start both online and offline freelance work with it.

With exposure and awareness, you can have people request photoshoot sessions with you. You can also sell your photos online.

To sell your photo online you might not necessarily need a professional camera. Just your high-quality phone camera and good photo editing tools can help you.

You earn based on what you charge for your photo and services.

Requirements: A laptop A good camera either a professional or sound phone camera, photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and a handful of others you can grab.

11. Online Tutor:

The list of 15 best online jobs for college students in 2022 will be incomplete if we fail to include Online tutoring.

Online teaching is becoming high in demand especially during the pandemic. If you have in-demand knowledge, you can turn it into money by offering to teach online. Asian parents also engage services of online freelancers to tutor their kids from home.

Websites like Chegg.com and Wyzant also have a list of students looking for who to get extra tutorials from. Student tutors can make as much as $15-100 per hour teaching online.

Requirements: A Laptop with a good webcam, Steady and strong internet connectivity, A proficient skill or knowledge you can teach.

12. Copywriting:

Copywriting is currently among the most in-demand skill in the modern age. If you have sales skills and powerful persuasive writing, you can earn money by helping businesses write sales letters, landing pages, email lists, e.t.c that attract customers and clients.

Depending on how good you are, one can earn as much as $200,000 per year offering copywriting services for businesses.

Requirements: A laptop, steady internet connection, and powerful persuasive writing skills.

13. E-Commerce:

This remains the top of recommendations for online businesses for college students in 2022. It transcends from dropshipping, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, E-bay reseller packages, e.t.c.

With the increase in online shopping, students can make meaningful income selling products and also helping businesses sell online.

Earning from this can cut across $2000 monthly or more depending on orders and the number of engagements.

Requirements: A laptop, Strong Internet connection, and knowledge of e-commerce business.

14. Blogger:

Through blogging, you can turn your passion into a meaningful source of income. Find a niche you are passionate about, then create a blog for it. Use it and build your audience and community.

Bloggers earn through affiliate marketing, Google ads, direct sponsored ads, and media partnerships. There are a couple of websites where you can create free blogs and websites.

Bloggers’ earnings come down to the level of traffic, and audience created. However, average earning can be peaked at $1000 a month. Remember, it can be lesser or more depending on traffic and recognition.

Requirements: A laptop, strong internet connectivity, online domain, and host

15. Create Courses Online:

Don’t think this is not profitable because it came last. In fact, it appears to be top of the charts in the highest paying online jobs for students.

The quest for knowledge never ends. That’s why a good number of people are always on the search for content to help polish their skills or gain an entirely new one.

Students can create content in form of e-books or downloadable videos and market it online.

Platforms like Teachable and Udemy provide tools and mediums through which you can market your course to a large audience.

Earnings are usually based on how much you charge and the orders attracted to your course.

Requirements: A laptop, Internet connection and good knowledge of the course you intend to sell.


How can College students work from home?

With your laptop, skill, and strong internet connectivity you can access a pool of freelance sites where you can offer your services for money.

Do I need experience to get an online Job? You don’t need experience to start. A handful of online jobs for college students only require basic knowledge. However, with time and consistency, you can develop a wealth of experience needed to excel higher.

Where can I find online jobs for college students?

Platforms like Fiverr, Writersgig, Upwork, e.t.c has a large pool of services you can offer. Even as a newbie.

What is the easiest online job for college students?

Taking surveys and video captioning remain the easiest.

Which is the best online Job without investment?

To start off on writing, survey, and video captioning, investments are not needed.

In Conclusion

The internet age is rapidly evolving and young people are at the forefront of it all. Ensure you immerse your self in the different digital streams and keep exploring to find where you fit in the most.

Our listed 15 best online jobs for college students in 2022 is not the whole of it. There are still more online jobs and businesses out there. Sign up on freelance market sites and see what service you can render to people.



2022 15 Best Online Jobs for College Students

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