2022 Full Guide On How To Get A Cheaper Student Accommodation In Coventry

2022 Full Guide On How To Get A Cheaper Student Accommodation In Coventry

Looking for where to find cheap student accommodation in Coventry? I’ll show you.

First off, you should know that choosing the kind of school you want to study in is not only the thing that needs to bother you.

Accommodation is another big decision you’d need to make. Yes, securing nice accommodation in a new city, or country is a major task.

Most times, you want to make sure you’ve picked a good location and also that the amount is complementary to your budget.

You may want to find a place to live among fellow international students, or you may want to experience the local culture and enhance your language skills with local students. You solely have the choice to make.

This article is written with you in mind if you are looking to study in Coventry, UK. It is aimed to help you find cheap student accommodation in Coventry.

Meanwhile, look through the table of contents here below for an overview of what to expect in the article.

What Accommodation Options Are There For Me?

There are two options for international students looking for housing in the UK: dormitories on campus, or apartments off-campus.

Depending on the type of accommodation you want, student lodges span from shared dormitory rooms in university to personal apartments. The choice of the kind of room that will work best for you is dependent on the availability of rooms and the amount you have.

A lot of international students like the social weather of shared housing to aid them to make friends in their new city, but if you don’t want to share a college dormitory with other students, get a personal lodge with roommates or find a place where you can stay with no one. You have different options to consider.

Let us quickly look at the various types accommodation you can find here below.

Types of Students Accommodation

On Campus Dormitories

The fastest way to find a place to rent as an international student in the UK is to apply directly through your university and stay in on-campus accommodation. It usually takes the part of shared or personal rooms in catered or self-catered halls.

Living in university housing is an outstanding decision for year one students, as it gives an easy way to interact with new students. It provides you with an experience of traditional college behavior.

Another beauty of living on campus is that your classes are not far from your dorms.

You can start your application for a room on-campus via the university’s website, stating preferences such as single-sex or mixed dorms; ensuite or shared bathroom facilities, or personal or shared bedrooms. The university will merge you with the most suitable location and roommates. 

One of the reasons you may not really want to stay around the campus is that it’s always quite busy around the campus dormitory.

Off Campus Accommodation

Personal housing is usually situated off-campus in a peaceful area in the suburb of the university, giving you a new area to explore and feel at home.

Sharing an apartment is a nice decision if you want to live a communal lifestyle with other students. This will allow you to enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom while sharing the kitchen/bathroom/living space with your lodge mates and also take advantage of some really good resident utilities, like swimming pools or gyms.

If your budget permits and you want some added value to your student life, you can find your own apartment within a student block. Make sure your housing is located within commuting distance of the university, either by trekking or public transport.

It’s good to ask about the safety of various neighborhoods and what the cost of utilities is likely to be. There may also be links on your university website to help you find vacant rooms in shared housing.

Below are some of what you should consider before getting an off-campus accommodation:

You should consider;

  • The safest neighborhoods in close proximity to the campus
  • How the public transport system looks like
  • whether the university runs a shuttle to any apartment complexes
  • The general price range for an apartment
  • How to find a roommate

Where Is The Best Location To Find Accommodation?

It’s your choice to prefer to be in the middle of the action on campus or live a bit far or a taxi ride away from the university. The great thing about living outside the-campus is that you’ll have a new area close to you to explore.

If your choice is on campus, you’ll be able to access easily all the college study amenities and no extra charge to consider. Many students go for on-campus University housing in their first year and then move into personal lodges or houses with friends for the remaining years of their degree program.

Before securing your new room in the UK, you need to consider a number of things. One of what to consider is to ensure the area you have in mind is student-friendly and safe. Also, ensure that you will have access to public transport if you are hoping to travel around.

Where Can I Find Cheap Student Accommodation in Coventry?

University dormitories are the cheapest. But if you are looking for cheap accommodation in the university, and you don’t want to stay in school, you can find other cheaper accommodation spaces outside the campus.

Let us look at some of the various cheap accommodation you can find in Coventry here.

Types of Students Accommodation in Coventry


Location: 429 Fletchamstead Highway, Coventry, CV4 9BY
Rent: 149 Euro per week


Red Queen is a new personal accommodation not more than 20 minutes away from the high ranking university of Warwick.

The apartment has stylish and well-built en-suites and it is close to Warwick’s main campus. It is supported by an extensive array of amenities, welfare, and transport infrastructure.


  • Your room
  • Bike Storage
  • Communal Courtyard
  • Car Parking
  • Large Kitchen with free laundry facility
  • Free super-fast internet
  • On-site gym facilities
  • Social Calendar
  • Study area
  • All utility bills included


  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Fridge freezer
  • Microwave
  • Widescreen TV
  • Internet access
  • Car parking


Location: Humber Ave, Coventry, CV1 2AU
Rent: 185 Euro per week


Make your reservations on the studio flats that are within walking distance to Coventry city center and university. The landlord or agent would like to let this property as a whole.


  • High quality studio flats
  • Bt sport in Lounge
  • CCTV on site 24 hours
  • Fully furnished to high standard
  • All Bills and fast internet included
  • TV’s included in studios etc.


Location: London Road, Whitley village, Coventry, CV12JQ
Rent: 95Euro per week


The house is suited on London Road close to Coventry University. It is a well-furnished apartment that has four double rooms with a double bed. It is 2 minutes’ walk away from Coventry University and no admin fee is required.

The apartment has a luxurious and comfortable room that has a dishwasher, microwave, long standard kitchen, and many other amazing amenities.


  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Internet
  • Gas etc.


Location: 21 Hales street, Coventry, CV11JB
Rent: 115 Euro per week


The millennium view tower is Coventry Icon. It is located in the heart of the town and its just 10 minutes’ walk from the university.

It has a variety of rooms a student can choose from ranging from an ensuite room where you have your room but shares a kitchen and lounge with other flatmates. There’s also a studio where you can have everything all to yourself.


Location: Fairfax Street, city centre, Coventry
Rent: 120 Euro per week


This apartment has a comfortable double bedroom with a designer bathroom suite, double shower, private workspace with a desk, and a good office chair. The kitchen has a microwave, a large fridge/freezer, and an integrated oven. It’s just a 10 minutes’ walk from the college.


Location: Friar’s Road, City Centre, Coventry, CV12LJ
Rent: 144 Euro per week/per room


As the newest student accommodation, the Trinity View is one of the gigantic development in the city. It has a 614-bed scheme and has been built to be the latest in the modern city accommodating students who want to be at the heart of the city.

Staying at trinity view means you are in the middle of all actions. If you love shopping, Trinity View is the best place for you as it is a walk away from the Precinct and West Orchard shopping center.

The different rooms come with ¾ bed, full ensuite, and has a study area, free Wifi, and a lot of natural light.

Property Facilities

  • Common room
  • Gym & Printing Services
  • Secure Door Entry System
  • Inbound Parcel Distribution Services etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Student Accommodation In Coventry?

The average price per week for Coventry is £150. Similarly, students will pay or £540 a month. The amount varies if it is short-term accommodation.

Exclusive Tips on How to Get Cheap Student Accommodation in Coventry

Here below are some of the exclusive tips you’d need to find an Accommodation in Coventry. If you follow these steps carefully, you can be sure to find a safe haven in your new school soon.

Tip 1 Have A Budget

Student accommodations have different costs. Set a budget for what you want and research according to it.

Tip 2 Begin Your Search On Time

It’s advisable to start your search on time. Contact your university’s International Student Office and seek their guidance on how you should go about your search.

Tip 3 Seek Help Where Necessary

Don’t be afraid to seek help. People will understand that you are new to the process and will want to make it less burdensome for you. Ask questions where necessary and when necessary. You’d definitely find nice people who’d want to help you.

Tip 4 Be Well Discerning

There are some people out there who might want to take advantage of you. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So do not fall for cheap scams. Also, ensure you don’t make payment for an apartment before visiting the apartment.

Tip 5 Consult Useful Online Platforms

Consult useful online platforms that can help. HelloStudent.co.ukRightmove.co.ukUniversityliving.comUnitestudents.com, crm-students.com can be helpful websites. Please beware of fraudulent websites that are aimed at ripping you off your money.

Tip 6 Consider Essential Factors

Prioritize your needs, such as proximity to campus, budget, and then stick to it. Don’t be afraid to make your choice but be realistic.

FAQs on Cheap Student Accommodation in Coventry

What is the cost of the cheapest student accommodation in Coventry?

You can get a cheap student accommodation in Coventry at $95 per week

What are the types of student accommodation in Coventry?

Types of student accommodation for both university residence and private apartments in Coventry are:
Entire place
Studio flat
Private room
Shared room

Where can I find housemates in Coventry if I choose to rent an entire place?

Check accommodationforstudents.com. There are so many accommodation spaces.


It’s true finding housing can feel incredibly stressful. However, you can often find apartments that you couldn’t have found online just by driving around town.

One of your greatest takeaways here is: Leverage on people to help you and also ensure to follow the tips we’ve given here. I can guarantee that if you stick to these tips, it will all work out at the end!


2022 Full Guide On How To Get A Cheaper Student Accommodation In Coventry


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