Best 10 Colleges in Rhodes Island 2022

Best 10 Colleges in Rhodes Island 2022

Rhodes might not actually be as large as many other states in the US, but you cannot skip mentioning the rich community of academic institutions in this little-known state in the United States. From research programs to core courses in sciences, art, and economics Rhodes Island is obviously in a class of its own when it comes to academics.

In view of this is why we have listed through the help of our research associates and industry experts the 10 best colleges in Rhodes Island. 

This we believe will be of immense benefit to those looking for top universities in Rhodes especially students relocating for the first time to Rhodes Island.

Our list was done based on academic excellence and track records, research breakthroughs, rankings, facilities, programs, among many other things.

We equally collated data from public reviews, alumni, and current students’ experiences. Our findings also revealed how easy it is to find university options on Rhodes Island.

10 Best Colleges in Rhodes Island 

Our ranking in addition to many other things is aimed at helping students find very well affordable and suitable schools for their chosen program of study on Rhodes Island.

1. Brown University 

With core values based on impact and innovation, Brown University founded in 1764 is among the Ivy League schools in Rhodes Island for academically sound students.

Brown University runs an open door policy that allows students create their own educational courses.

There are over 80 courses and programs to explore cutting across majors in medicine, business, law, arts, and many more. Brown runs one of the most prestigious medical education courses in the United States.

Ranked number 1 school with the best professors in United States, BU has gone further to win laurels both in academics and athletics competitions.

Top majors include

  • Law
  • Research
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Medical Sciences
  • Arts
  • Social Sciences

School Website:  

Average Tuition: $31,685

2. University of Rhodes Island

If you are looking for adventures mixed with very rich culture, then you are welcome to study at the University of Rhodes Island.

The main campus sits on 1200 acres of land making it very large. There are other coastal campuses spread across the regional provinces.

Among them are the Nursing education center, Oceanography school, and other campuses attached to the school.

Rhodes offer graduate, undergraduate, masters, Ph.D. degrees in over 80 majors. In addition to fraternities and sororities, there are over 100 recognized student organizations in Rhodes Island. University of Rhodes attracts both national and international students to Rhodes Island.

Top majors include

  • Law
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Arts
  • History and International Studies

School Website

Average Tuition: $20,334

3. Salve Regina University

Founded in 1934, Salve Regina University has moved from just a mediocre college to one of the best colleges in Rhodes Island. It was founded by the Catholic order of Sisters of Mercy.

The core values of the institution borders on a world of harmony, justice and mercy. The institution is also reputed to have historical buildings and events attached to

Top majors include.

  • Nursing
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology

School Website 

Average Tuition: $52,690

4. Providence College 

We won’t have a complete list of best colleges in Rhodes if we fail to mention Providence College. Providence is the only college in the United States operated by the Dominican Friars.

It was founded in 1917 with the joint effort of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence and St. Joseph.

They are known to teach students core Christian values and catholic doctrines through worship, prayers and mass. History is an interesting aspect of their teachings as students are mandated to complete a year program on western civilization.

Providence College equally immerse students in deep practical learning in core areas like Engineering, theatre, arts and social science.

Top majors include;

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Biology
  • Accountancy
  • Management

School Website 

Average Tuition: $38,990

5. Bryant University

With wide range of courses on art, sciences, business, Bryant University provides a rare form of opportunity for students to access a limitless pool of courses and programs cutting across over 100 majors.

The university is reputed to adopt one of the best and advanced practical approaches to study.

Best graduating students from the institution are easily absorbed into the labour market and top companies.

With an establishment that dates as far as 1863, Bryant University has continued to leverage on the sound academic records to produce world class graduates in different disciplines and career fields.

Their business program is among the top 10 business programs according to business week.

Top Majors include.

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Business Administration
  • International Business/Trade/Commerce.

School Website 

Average Tuition: $57,061

6. Roger Williams University 

Roger Williams University is an offshoot of Northeastern University. It was established in 1919 and was briefly run by YMCA Board of Directors before becoming a full independent college in 1956.

The school represents a historical figure in Rhodes Island because it was named after the founder of the state of Rhodes and its plantation ‘‘Roger Williams’’.

It sits on a moderate 140 acres, admitting over 4000 students.

The institution maintains a liberal policy that accommodates all cultures from all walks of life. Top majors include.

  • Business
  • Homeland Security & Related protective services.
  • Psychology
  • Biology & Biomedical Sciences.

School Website 

School Tuition: $50,334

7. Johnson & Wales University Providence

Johnson & Wales University Providence was established in 1914 by Gertrude I Johnson and Mary T. Wales. Aside being one of the best colleges in Rhodes, the school is equally one of the oldest universities in the US.

It is a leading private-career institution with leading programs in art, culinary studies, business, sciences, wellness, etc.

The school among many other things provides an avenue for students to explore their inner entrepreneurship and leadership skills with many experimental vocational seminars.

Johnson & Wales currently has 8700 undergraduate students admitted to the school with an average 20:1 faculty to student ratio in the school.

Top majors include.

  • Food Services system administration.
  • Parks, Recreation & Leisure facilities.
  • Hotel & Motel Administration.
  • Business.
  • Culinary arts & Chef Training.

School Website 

Average Tuition: $46,429

8. Rhode Island College

Rhode Island College was the first public institution in Rhodes Island. It started off as a public school for the training of teachers. The facilities, environment and style of management gave it away as the 2nd safest College Campus in New England.

With an average class size of 20, RIC has gone on maintain an interesting status as one of the best colleges in Rhodes Island. RIC is located in a conducive environment which makes it easy for students to adapt to campus life.

Top majors include

  • Health Professions
  • Education
  • Business
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration & Social Science Professions.

School Website 

Average Tuition: $32,892.

9. Rhode Island School of Design

With a history that celebrates a rich history of economic, cultural and artistic development in Rhodes Island, Rhodes Island School of Design is a top notch institution and one of the best colleges in Rhodes.

The campus is designed in a way that students are introduced to different curriculum that enhances and improves their interest in different fields.

Rhodes Island School of design is one of the best places to mix with people of like minds and that can help reach your goals in art, sciences, humanities, etc.

The school currently has over 2000 students while offering degrees and and masters degree in over 21 art related fields.

Rhodes best graduating students are among the most sought after graduates by companies. The institution is home to some of the best art programs in the United States.

Top majors include

  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Techincal Studies
  • Humanities
  • Medical Sciences.

School Website 

Average Tuition: $35,785

10. Community College of Rhode Island 

Founded in 1964 as a small college of 325 students, Community College of Rhode Island now enrolls 18,000 students and offers academic transfer programs and career-oriented training.

In addition to an Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate in Science (A.S.) or Associate in Applied Science in Technical Studies (A.A.S.-T.S. ), it awards graduates with Associate in Applied Science degrees.

All students, faculty, and staff have free membership to the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art. For students who are starting their college journey for the first time, sports and clubs are not regularly available.

Top majors Include

  • Arts
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Medical Sciences
  • Law

School Website 

Average Tuition: $59,193


In Rhode Island, there are more than 40 colleges, and the number of places to study keeps growing. Students can choose from a wide range of options, from technical schools to online universities to Ivy League colleges. With our update it is now easier to make a choice among the best colleges in Rhodes Island.

U.S. News & World Report ranked Brown University as one of the top ten universities in the country for 2019. If you dream of attending an Ivy League school, Brown University is nearby.

Rhode Island has many colleges with excellent academics and facilities. If you want to pursue a degree in business, engineering, or healthcare at one of the top schools in the country, Rhode Island is the place to be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on 10 Best Colleges in Rhodes Island

How many Colleges are in Rhodes Island?

Rhodes currently has 24 degree awarding institutions in addition to other school in RI

What is the best College in Rhodes Island?

Rhodes Island has many Ivy League Schools. However, Brown University is currently rated the best University in Rhodes owing to their sound track records in academic achievements.

Does Rhode Island have good Colleges?

Rhodes Island is home some of the best colleges in United States in addition to some historical sites and events it is associated.

Rhode Island have very good colleges considered top in their different areas of specialties with some appearing in top universities in the United States.


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