Best Mechanical Engineering Colleges In Mumbai India

Best Mechanical Engineering Colleges In Mumbai India

Mechanical engineering is the field of engineering that deals with the fundamentals of material science and physics to bring up a design, produce, and sustain mechanical systems in engineering.

It is the most vast and ancient of all engineering arms. If you love a technical approach to teaching, Mumbai should be your next stop for engineering colleges.

In applying the software to the technical aspect of the work, a great deal of knowledge is required. This is to ensure adequate and prompt computer-aided designs and mathematical modeling.

To make your knowledge more official, you need a certificate in either of the mechanical engineering degrees. This you can do by reading through this article on the best mechanical engineering schools in Mumbai, India.

Who Is A Mechanical Engineer?

Anyone who develops, builds, tests, designs mechanical devices that have engines and machines is a mechanical engineer. It is also the mechanical engineer who does some analysis on the works applying the principles of energy, force, and motion to see that they function effectively and at a much more reliable stance.

These sets of professionals take the responsibility of designing a product for beauty and the purpose it serves, from scratch to the end product which we end up using in our daily lives. Nonetheless, there are different arms of mechanical engineers and they are listed below

  • Automotive Research Engineers
  • Materials Engineers
  • Robotics Engineers
  • Heating and Cooling Systems Engineers
  • Nuclear Engineers

Apparently, with Mumbai having the most comprehensive industrial setup, there is a need for every industrial sector to be filled with professionals. To achieve this, you have to be schooled according to the precepts of the mechanical engineering colleges in Mumbai, India.

What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A Mechanical Engineer?

Because mechanical engineering is the most diverse of all engineering disciplines, the person practicing carries out a host of duties, depending on his area or branch of specialization. Albeit, some of the job responsibilities are listed below.

  • They create the blueprints that are used to build the devices
  • Development, testing, and analysis of a device prototype
  • Designing of products such as engine parts, aircraft engines, wind turbines, machine tools, and semi-conductor tools.

Although, most mechanical engineers are lucky to also find placement opportunities in research and development firms, manufacturing industries, etc.

How Much Do Mechanical Engineers In Mumbai Earn?

How much a mechanical engineer makes in Mumbai is dependent on the organization and the years of experience. Of course, you don’t expect a bachelor of science degree holder to earn same amount with someone who is a doctorate degree holder.

Therefore, an entry-level Mechanical Engineer with less than a year’s expertise according to Payscale can anticipate to take home an average total salary of ₹262,053 while one with about 1-4 years of experience takes home an average salary of ₹304,701.

Also, a mechanical engineer in the middle of his career earns a total salary of ₹625,826. On and on it goes till it gets to those with experiences of 20 years or more earning about ₹1,100,001.

What Is The Job Outlook For Mechanical Engineers In Mumbai?

Research has it that the job outlook for mechanical engineers in Mumbai is and will continue to rise provided the country India and the world at large doesn’t stop in its advancement to modern facilities.

Therefore, these set of professionals in Mumbai should count themselves lucky to be among those who have chosen an enviable career path.

List Of Best Mechanical Engineering Colleges In Mumbai

  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, Mumbai
  • K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering
  • Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai
  • Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering, Mumbai
  • Government Polytechnic, Mumbai

1 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay / Mumbai

Founded in 1958, IIT Bombay as a government research institute is one of the oldest engineering colleges in Mumbai. This research institution has long shown excellence in academics, research, and the overall wellbeing of students. Over the years, it has maintained an impressive record both in academics and on the international level.

Moreso, IIT as number one on the list of top mechanical engineering colleges in Mumbai, has attracted a lot of students coming from various backgrounds. the cost of tuition is ₹ 845,600.

It is, therefore, considered as one of the best study destinations for engineering education. The overall performance of IIT Bombay can’t be overlooked VISIT SCHOOL

2 K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering

Founded in 1983, the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NACC) has accredited this College of Engineering with an ‘A’ grade. This college has emerged one of the top mechanical engineering colleges due to its advancement in the various arms of Engineering.

Having over 75 sophisticated laboratories, modern classrooms that are suitable for learning, it offers BTech, Mtech, and Ph.D. programs in mechanical engineering. Finally, the total fees for this school is ₹ 11.44 L VISIT SCHOOL

3 Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai

Established in 1887, Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute as one of the top mechanical engineering colleges in Mumbai is a Private College and it is accredited by AICTE.

Also, it is in affiliation with the University of Mumbai. VJTI Mumbai offers 37 courses across the B.Tech, Diploma, PGD levels. The cost of tuition in this school is ₹ 308,746 VISIT SCHOOL

4 Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering, Mumbai

Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering (MPSTME), Mumbai was instituted in 2006 as a constituent school of SVKM’s NMIMS University. Regardless of it being so new in the system, it has risen above its counterparts to rank as one of the top engineering colleges in Mumbai for mechanical engineering.

Furthermore, MPSTME administers B.Tech and MBA integrated, postgraduate diploma and doctoral degree in all engineering fields. Also, the cost of tuition at this institute is ₹ 1,246,000.

MPSTME is duly recognized by the following bodies.

  • National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
  • National Board of Accreditation (NBA)


FAQ On Top Mechanical Engineering Colleges In Mumbai

Is mechanical engineering worth it in Mumbai?

Of course, it is. The fact that India is a country that has experienced technological advancement, it opens you up to a lot of opportunities.How many mechanical enginerring colleges made it to the list of the top colleges in Mumbai?

In the list of top mechanical engineering colleges in Mumbai, there are four schools that made the list.


The above are the top mechanical engineering colleges in Mumbai. We truly hope this article serves the purpose for which it was written for you.


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