Does American Eagle Offer Student’s Discount?

Does American Eagle Offer Student’s Discount?

If you are looking for a company that rewards you for your activity on their website, American Eagle is a good place to start. American Eagle student discount is designed to reward students with promo and coupon codes that they can use to save some percentage of the money in their shopping cart.  

Stay Fashion Cautious with American Eagle  

Shopping for quality clothes and fashion accessories has never been better. American Eagle provides you the opportunity to select from your favorite fashion brands and even earn while doing so from both the company and its affiliates. At American Eagle, shopping goes beyond the items in the cart. When you shop you buy comfort and luxury. No matter your size and taste, there is always something for you at American Eagle.  

When buying on the website, American Eagle makes it convenient and easy by providing a product-specific chart page for detailed sizes and specifications of each product. Therefore, it is easy to pick just the right size and design for you.  

Whether you’re shopping online or in-store from American Eagle as a student, you get a 10% student discount on your first purchase. There are also some benefits that come with downloading and signing up with the mobile app.

How to Get American Eagle Student Discount 

To get started, you need to create an account and verify your student’s status to enjoy up to a 20% discount when you shop on the American Eagle official website. American Eagle students discount is available for only students in their current year of studies. 

How do I Verify My Status as a Student? 

To verify your status as a student and start enjoying the American Eagle student discount, you need to create an account with Unidays. Ensure to provide all the required information and fill all the necessary fields and wait for your account verification.

Once your account is verified, use your Unidays account to sign up for American
Eagle to start enjoying all the available benefits. There are a lot of opportunities
for students to save money while shopping for their favourite fashion
collections at American Eagle.  

Earn Up to 15% Discount When You Open an AEO Connected Credit Card 

Besides the American Eagle student discount, there are other ways to earn and save money when you shop on the official website. Students can now open an AEO connected credit card and get 15% off their first purchase. Other benefits that come with AEO connected credit card include standard free shipping on purchase and a 20% birthday discount promo code. To stay up-to-date with current events, exclusive offers, and all available promo codes, download the AEO Aerie app. You can also sign up for the American Eagle email list to get notification of all the available offers and new arrivals.  

Save Cost When You Purchase Clearance Items  

When you click the clearance tab on the American Eagle website, you will find a list of all discounted items. tSelecting from these items will earn you some percentage discount on your total cost. You can also pair these items with promo/discount codes to enjoy even more discounts on these already discounted items.  

Sign Up for The AEO Connected Reward Program

When you sign up for the AEO reward program, American Eagle rewards you with points for every purchase you make. The points can be converted into a cash reward once you accumulate 2,500 points. Currently, AEO offers a $10 discount coupon reward for 2,500 points you earn. In addition, you will also get a 15% birthday discount coupon.  

 Sign in to your AEOconnected account when shopping for bras or jeans to earn a free item for every five items you purchase from the website. American Eagle also offers the
Reserve Try and Buy program, which allows students to reserve items online and
try them out in-store. Once you try out the items, you can proceed to make
payment for them online using a discount coupon code. 

Also, when your yearly spending on American Eagle reaches a total of $350, you earn a $15 reward and enjoy free shipping on every order. Ensure to keep track of your rewards and point with the AEO Aerie app.

Step Out in Style 

Never lose track of the current trends in fashion again with American Eagle. Transform your wardrobe from classical to contemporary and enjoy the best prices with coupon and promo codes. There are tons of styles and fashion collections to select from on American Eagle. Stay connected with your AEO card for some of the best deals.  

American Eagle App—Fashion on the Go 

With the American Eagle app, you can now find all the latest brands and design straight from your mobile phone. The App is available for both Android and iOS users. Link your AEO connected account to your American Eagle mobile app to gain amazing rewards.

With the American Eagle app, changing your wardrobe at the go is now easier. Get tons of inspiration from different collections available and save your preferred collection in one place. With the app, you can check for your collection in a nearby American Eagle store of your choice. Don’t forget to use your discount coupons on your checkout to enjoy a discount on your price.   

Pick up Purchased Items from the Store

In-store pick-up for purchased items is an interesting new feature that allows you to pay for your items online and pick them up at an American Eagle store near you. Don’t forget to apply your American Eagle student discount/ promo code on your checkout to enjoy amazing price discounts. Select the in-store free pickup option and get an email notification on when your items will be available in-store for pickup.   

Save Cost with AEO Style Drop 

Staying up to the trend and looking good as a student can be capital intensive. Therefore, AEO, through the style rent program provides students the opportunity to rent their favorite style for a duration and exchange them for new ones whenever they are ready with the Style Drop Program. 

Keep your closet up to date with the Style Drop Program’s monthly subscriptions to the rental services online. All you need to do is pay one flat rate to get access to loads of fashion collections from American Eagle.  

When you sign up for free monthly rentals, you enjoy free shipping on items, dry cleaning, and exchanges of items. From a collection of male styles and loads of female fashion, the rental fee allows you access to all your favorite designs with no commitments attached. Use your American Eagle Coupon and promo codes to save some percentage on your subscription charges.  

Seize the opportunity of Black Friday Deals to Enjoy Great Discounts on Prices  

American Eagle Black Friday deals offer customers the opportunity to enjoy great discounts on select items. Black Friday shoppers can enjoy up to a 40% discount on almost any item available in stock. While we cannot say for sure what the deal will be this year, judging by previous years, the benefits of Black Friday deals are numerous. Therefore, it is essential to keep track and make the best use of it. Also, remember to keep a notification about the American Eagle Cyber Monday sale to enjoy discount prices on products as well.  


Looking good is a great business and also capital intensive. However, with your American Eagle students discount, you can save some percentage when you shop for your favorite brands on their website. Today, Fashion and style are evolving on a daily with many quality brands springing up, it can often get difficult to keep track of them all. However, with the American Eagle app, you can take control of your fashion sense more effectively.  



Does American Eagle Offer Student’s Discount?

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