How To Get A Diploma In Early Childhood Education In 2022: Schools, Cost, Salary, Career

How To Get A Diploma In Early Childhood Education In 2022: Schools, Cost, Salary, Career

Children all over the world need special care for proper development. Of course, the world is changing and researchers have carried out extensive researches and are looking for ways to avoid future problems and they have noted the necessity for proper early childhood education to be emphasized. 

According to UNESCO “Early childhood care and education (ECCE) is more than preparation for primary school. It aims at the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing. ECCE can nurture caring, capable and responsible future citizens.”

Why you Should Earn An early Childhood Education Diploma?

It is a fulfilling and rewarding path: 

Researches have shown that people who get a feeling of fulfilment for their jobs are less prone to health issues and stress. You spend most of your time where you work and so it is left to you to decide if you want a career where you not only get paid well but also derive a high level of joy and fulfilment.

Why some people delve into early childhood education is that they know that one way or the other they are imparting lives as well besides it’s an interesting career. The child’s early stage of development mostly determines the person he or she becomes as the most rapid period of brain development is from birth to age 8. You would be a part of that process if you become an early childhood educator.

It is not only fulfilling but rewarding. You can see the children you helped build become good people. This is one of the greatest reasons people earn early childhood degrees. Imagine how a child that had a good early childhood startup and good adolescent guidance will turn out.

Most of the miscreants and criminals would not have become such if right from childhood they had the right people around them.

Numerous job opportunities 

Aside from getting fulfilment, everyone wants a great job with good pay. Early childhood education is a rapidly growing field as it’s significance is now well known, besides as an educator you will always be in demand.

Education is key in every society and since early childhood education is now seen as an integral part, you will always be in demand

There are various career paths you could follow with an early childhood education diploma examples are family support for specialists, Childcare Center Director, preschool teacher and many others. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of preschool and child care directors will grow by 7% through 2028, though childcare employees will only see a 2% growth rate.

Knowledge of Developmental Stages

Getting a diploma in early childhood education will help them get a proper knowledge of child development stages whether as a parent or a teacher.

This knowledge will help you understand the different age groups, learn to adopt proper teaching methods and help you understand how best to help a child experiencing developmental challenges.

You learn critical tools to support the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of young children.

There are Opportunities to Earn the Diploma for Free

If you are an Australian, you might qualify to get a qualification in childcare for free, or from just $1 to $2 per unit, because of government funding. Courses available under these initiatives include the CHC30113 Certificate III of Early Childhood Education and Care and CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

What does an Early Childhood Educator do?

You can never undermine the importance of an early childhood educator. There are lots of things an early childhood educator is expected to do however, these are some responsibilities and activities of an early childhood educator.

1. Providing a safe and comfortable classroom environment.

An early childhood expert ensures that the learning environment is very conducive and welcoming to the child.

The environment is a major factor that determines the child’s learning abilities. If a child senses hostility or hatred in an environment, it creates a lack of interest in the child as the child would not want to be there.

Children like to feel wanted and sheltered, if their preschool gives them that feeling then is sure you would get the best out of them. An ECE professional also removes or repairs any items that pose a threat to the children.

 Children from distorted homes would need a conducive place where they are cared for outside their dysfunctional home. 

2. They make learning fun and interesting

Children have the lowest attention span, they get easily distracted and quickly lose interest if an activity seems boring.

Proper early childhood educators know various means to make the class interesting enough to sustain their attention. They use methods like giving them colouring activities, singing a song with them, playing and so on.

3. Child supervision

The responsibility of supervising the child properly is expected of the early childhood educator. Diligently overseeing students in the classroom, during snacks and lunch, on the playground and during field trips, is another duty of an early childhood educator.

In supervising their activities, you get to observe them properly, thus making it easier to spot their needs.


This question often comes to the mind of people “ I would like to get a diploma in early childhood education but would I get a good job?”. Yes, you can get a good job with a diploma in early childhood education. Not just that but with this diploma you are exposed to different job opportunities, some of which are.

  • Childcare worker
  • Education Consultant
  • Researcher
  • Family Support Worker
  • Health Play Specialist
  • Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
  • Play Therapist
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)
  • Social Worker
  • Teaching Assistant

How much can you earn?

The salary range differs based on country and job description. Countries like Nevada and New York pay early childhood educators the highest. The overall average earnings of an early childhood specialist could fall between $23,450 and $59,780 per annum.

In the US, you could make between $36,518 and $45,244, Canada $33,150 – $44,441, and so on. The higher your qualification the higher your pay.

A preschool teacher’s Average Salary: $29,780 per year. If  you would be working as a preschool teacher, The states and districts that would pay you the highest yearly are New Jersey ($43,360), Connecticut ($43,080), New York ($42,330), District of Columbia ($42,160), and Hawaii ($42,160).

As a child care center supervisor ,your Average Salary could be up to $47,940 per year, while as a special education teacher, the average salary is $59,780 per year


To get a diploma, time and cost are important factors that you would like to consider.

Almost all early childhood education diplomas can be completed in as little as 2 years. Whether online or offline you could complete an early childhood education diploma within a short period. You could be globetrotting around the world and still be learning and you could attend a physical campus and as well achieve the best.

Cost of study usually varies depending on the institution and the diploma course. An actual price cannot be attributed as in some cases it might be free while in some you could spend as much as$18,000.

How to get a diploma in Early Childhood Education In 2022

If you have not already chosen the institution, you would prefer to attend. These hints might actually be useful. 

  • Decide the location you want. Whether online or offline or whether in Canada, UK etc.
  • Find out institutions around your chosen location.
  • Find out their requirements and see if you match that. Pick out the schools you could use your qualification to attend and check if their coursework matches your interest. By now you should have been able to narrow down some selected schools. 
  • You must also check out the fees and cost. If you could not afford it, find out if there are scholarships you might benefit from.
  • Apply: if you would apply to these schools ensure you apply before the deadline. If you are also required to write a proposal, ensure it is eye-catching enough. 
  • Keep reading. Read even outside your scheme. Anything on early childhood education you know might benefit.
  • Wait for a response
  • Once a reply response has been gotten, Get all materials needed and ensure you complete the required coursework.

10 Best Schools to Earn an Early Childhood Education Diploma in 2022

1. Charles Darwin university – Australia
( Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care)

Charles Darwin University in Australia offers a 2-year full-time diploma in early childhood education and care. There is the various scholarship available in the institution.

Charles Darwin University (CDU) is an innovative, creative and inclusive modern university located in northern Australia teaching 24,000 students from over 55 nationalities across 11 campuses and training centres, in over 100 regions.

Call them on 1800 061 963 or email us at

Course webpage:

2. Cambrian college

Cambrian College is a lively community of over 11 000 learners, with over 4100 students in 80 full-time programs, and over 7000 students in almost 900 part-time courses and programs across three campus locations in northern Ontario: Sudbury, Espanola, and Little Current / Manitoulin Island.

Its diploma is for the period of 2  years – 4 semesters and there are opportunities for Placement in each semester. You can contact the school at or call (705) 566-8101, 

3. Fanshawe college OnBirminghamda

If you are looking for an online community where you can blend theory with hands-on application of theoretical principles, you should probably check out Fanshawe College Ontario. The early childhood education programs offered here has a program length is about 2 years and the program is full time. This school has about 4 different ECE diploma programs.

The school’s website is

4. University College Birmingham:

This institution located in Birmingham, England allows you to earn a diploma in Childcare and Education (Early Years Educator) Level 3 or any other childcare course you might be interested in.

It’s the program has a length of 2 years, and it is full time. This institution offers both vocational and academic education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 


5. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Canada.

Saskatchewan is a cosy traditional area that welcomes people in all seasons. One of its reputable institutions is the Saskatchewan polytechnic. By attending this institution.

  • Get a personal attention and hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Focus on applied learning and applied research skills
  • Be prepared to contribute on the job with marketable skills

Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s two-year Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma program is offered on-campus in Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon, or through regional colleges or distance learning, wherever you live.

You can contact the school’s advisor on

School website:

6. Durham college

Durham college Ontario established in 1967 is also one of the institutions that offer a 2-year early Childhood Education Diploma/certificate.

It has about 2 campuses. Durham College has two main campuses, located in Oshawa and Whitby, Ontario. It’s students are More than 43,600, including 13,600 full-time post-secondary students.


7. Reedley College

Established in 1926 is a public community college in Reedley, California. The campus community enjoys the unique variety of urban intricacy and rural values. Reedley college offers a diploma in Child Development (CA).

 Reedley, United States of America allows On-campus learning, Online / Distance, Blended learning for 2 years.

The college offers associate degrees and students can earn a Certificate of Completion or transfer to a 4-year university of their choice.

8. Vancouver Island University

This institution’s major goal is to achieve excellence in learning. Vancouver Island University is welcoming to both international and domestic students. 


9. Swinburne University of Technology.

Known as Swinburne University, Sarawak, Malaysia offers a diploma of Early Childhood Education diploma. Since it was first set up in the year 2000, Swinburne Sarawak has been booming.

The custom-designed campus has a current student population of 4,000.  It has a program duration of 18 months.

10. Universal College of Learning (UCOL)

A Diploma in Early Childhood is very feasible in this institution. This institution was established in 1892 and it’s campus is located at Palmerston North, New Zealand. It has 5,786 students ,Māori 30%, Pakeha 60%, others 10%.



Note: These requirements might not be associated with other schools. Different schools have different requirement however, here’s some requirement that might be required from you .

  • B.C. secondary school graduation, or equivalent, or 19 years of age and out of secondary school for one year as of the first day of classes.
  • English 12 with a minimum 67% or alternatives
  • Criminal record history
  • English language proficiency
  • Grade 12 Math (40S) with a grade of 50 per cent or higher, or equivalent.


In this article all you need to know about how to get an early childhood diploma, the requirements, time and cost, why you should get this diploma, annual mean salary and we have mentioned even steps you could use to get this diploma. Remember that early childhood is not just about overseeing a child, it is about making the society and leaving an impact. 


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How To Get A Diploma In Early Childhood Education In 2022: Schools, Cost, Salary, Career

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