How To Get A Diploma In English This Year | Best Schools,Cost, Requirements, Job Outlook

How To Get A Diploma In English This Year | Best Schools,Cost, Requirements, Job Outlook

A diploma is a certificate given by an educational body, such as a university as evidence that the holder has completed a particular course of study with that institution.

A diploma in English program is designed to offer fundamental English courses. The program is planned in a way that students can still accept jobs in their chosen field once they earn the certificate.

Some students may not want to pursue a degree in English due to lack of funds, time constraints, not meeting up with the requirements for a degree program, and other factors, which is why they settle for a diploma in English. Diploma in English courses usually takes 6 months–2 years to complete, with some of them offered online and at cheaper rates.

The English language is one of the most predominant and complex languages used for communication in many countries in the world. A diploma in English will teach you not only how to speak but also write, listen, teach, and improve your vocabulary. The courses are also designed in a way that you can easily apply for jobs immediately, take up teaching offers, and apply for visas. Many employers and companies are always looking for people who are professionals in the English language.

Therefore in this article, we’ll be discussing the benefits of having a diploma in English, how you can apply for one, the requirements involved in getting it, and universities or colleges that offer a diploma in the English program in 2021.

What is a Diploma in English? 

A Diploma in English is usually a year or two years program that focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of English. A diploma in English is also a short-term certificate course where you’re taught the basics of the English language.

Is Diploma in English Equivalent to a Degree?

Having a diploma in English is not equivalent to a degree. A degree is a certificate conferred on you by an accredited and recognized university after you successfully complete a particular course of study while a diploma gives you an in-depth knowledge of your chosen course of study which you can decide to further with a degree.

With a degree you have more job options, get more grounded in a particular area of specialization, and can also diversify. A diploma in English gives you the opportunity of entering the job market earlier.

Why Earn a Diploma In English?

There are several reasons why you should get a diploma in English. Asides from being able to develop outstanding academic skills, you’ll be a to build your linguistic knowledge.

An improved ability to speak English fluently and write it very well increases your chances of securing a good career. 

One of the criteria for getting a good job in many countries is having sound knowledge of English.

A diploma in English is also a stepping stone to getting a higher-level degree. It also gives you the opportunity of traveling around the world especially to English-speaking countries where you can interact with people and learn about their different cultures.

A diploma in English also helps you carry out business transactions and negotiations successfully, such as emails, meetings, annual reports, and contracts.

And if you have any plans of joining the tech world, a diploma in English provides you with an opportunity to do that because the common language that unites the tech world is the English language.

What Can You Do With a Diploma In English?

There are a lot of things you can do with a diploma in English. Studying the English language exposes you to a lot of career opportunities. Here are some jobs available to English certificate holders:

ReporterWriter:TutorLibrarianPublisherTranscriptionistEditorProduction Assistant


A reporter is someone who works in a media house such as a TV station or newspaper. They write and read trending stories around the world. 

As a reporter or journalist, you are exposed to different areas in which you can specialize such as entertainment, politics, sports, fashion and, crime.


Having a diploma in English gives you a solid and in-depth knowledge of the language. It develops your reading and writing skills which you can use in your chosen field.

As a writer, you can write articles, stories, and just like a reporter you can also work at a newspaper or magazine house, the only difference is that you won’t read the news.

3. Tutor

Another thing you can do with a diploma in English is take up a teaching vocation either online or offline. You can work as a high school teacher or home tutor.

A lot of countries are looking for people who studied English which is also a good opportunity for you to explore the world. But if you choose to stay in your home country, you can also tutor people online. Having a diploma in English coupled with a TEFL certification increases your chances of getting a teaching job.

4. Librarian

Librarians or information science experts are people who help individuals to record, gather organize and update information at the library. 

As a librarian, you can work at the school, public library, research institute, or private library. But if you want to move up in your career, then you should consider getting a Masters’s in information science.

5. Publisher

As a publisher, you handle tasks like the publication of written books, articles, or journals, sign contracts with authors, be in charge of editing and designing the cover page,  branding, and sales promotion.

You can specialize in any field of your choosing such as novels, articles, or journals.

6. Transcriptionist

Another thing you can do with a diploma in English is become a transcriptionist. A transcriptionist is someone who listens to audio or video files and writes out the words. 

To become a transcriptionist you need to have sound knowledge of the English language, you don’t only need to be fluent but fast and accurate. 


Editors inspect written materials before it gets published, as an editor you get to review, proofread, edit, and give opinions to authors.

As an editor one of your duty is to thoroughly inspect every written publication and ensure that there’s no mistake in it. You’ll need to possess good reading and writing skills, be attentive and grounded in grammar.

8. Production Assistant

 A Production assistant works in the movie industry, you perform tasks like preparing schedules, placing orders, and any other duties that are required of you.

Being a production assistant is the first step to becoming a director, producer, or any other higher role in the movie industry.

There are other things you can do with a diploma in English besides the ones listed above, you can also use the diploma as a stepping stone to achieving a higher degree.

How Much Can You Earn With a Diploma In English?

There’s no specific amount of money you can earn with a diploma in English because there are a lot of job opportunities available to you. Each job has its salary range.

However, an average English major earns around $49,220 a year at a rate of $24 per hour. The income can also be higher or lower depending on your skills and years of experience.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Diploma In English?

A diploma normally takes 1-2 years to complete, however, this depends on the college or school you applied for. 

In as much as a diploma in English is completed in 2 years don’t forget that learning is a lifetime adventure. Constant practice is key to building and developing your skills.

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Diploma In English?

The cost of getting a diploma in English depends on the institution or college you applied to. If you’ll be taking an online diploma course in English then you should budget $20 and above. Every platform has its price.

However, if you’ll be applying and going directly to the school, then you should budget every other cost apart from the tuition fees like transportation, accommodation, and feeding expenses. Some schools offer full or partial scholarships, so you might want to check with them for provisions like that before applying.

How Can I Get a Diploma In English in 2021? Step By Step Guide

The following are the steps you should follow to earn a diploma in English:

ResearchFind out the criteria for getting an admissionFind out if they have provisions for scholarship decide the mode of study ApplyStudy

Step 1: Research

The first step in earning a diploma in English is finding out the schools that offer this course, carrying out thorough research on the cost of getting an admission, funding options available, accommodation cost, transportation cost, the length of the program, etc. 

Check out if they offer your chosen course, ask questions about the school from other alumni, get in touch with the administrative body of the school for detailed information.

Step 2: Find out the criteria for getting an admission

After researching and selecting a school, check out the requirements for earning a diploma in English there, find out the cutoff mark for getting admission, the kind of exams you’re required to take if any, and other important information for getting a diploma.

Step 3: Find out if they have provisions for scholarship

Another step you should take in earning a diploma in English is finding out if there’s any provision for scholarships by the school.

Scholarships are financial aids rendered by the school to students to reduce the burden on them. Find out if they offer scholarships and how to qualify for one. 

Step 4: Decide the mode of study

A lot of colleges and universities offer online diplomas in English which means with the help of the internet you can earn your certificate virtually.

You can decide if you want to learn physically or long-distance, the world is getting closer and almost everything you need can be accessed through the internet. If you don’t feel comfortable learning physically, find out if your chosen course is offered online.

Step 5: Apply

After getting detailed information about your chosen course and you’re very satisfied with the information you got, you can then apply to the school. 

If you meet up with their requirements then you’ll get admission.

Step 6: Study

Finally, when you’ve successfully gotten admission, the next step in earning a diploma in English is studying. Attend classes, read your books, be determined to achieve your goals. Don’t forget that hard work will always pay off successfully.

Requirements For A Diploma In English

Every school or college has its standards for earning a diploma in English. Schools have cutoff marks you’ll have to pass to gain admission. Some of them have percentages you have to pass, it could be below or above 60%, some credits in selected subjects, an English test to check your level of experience, etc. All this depends on the school you applied for, their mode of operation, the country they’re located in, etc.

Schools That Offer The 10 Best Diploma In English Programs In 2021

The following are schools that offer the 20 best Diploma in English programs in 2021:

  • The New England School of English
  • Eurasian Linguistics Institution
  • Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies
  • London Teacher Training College
  • International TEFL Institute
  • Al Zahra College For women
  • Cambridge Management and Leadership School
  • International College Portsmouth
  • Arts University Bournemouth
  • College of Contract Management

1The New England School of English

The New England School of English or NESE for short is located in Harvard Square Cambridge, USA, surrounded by Harvard University, which is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Their Programs are divided into levels and further sub-divided into age programs for professionals, students, etc. These programs are all taught by Harvard’s best-trained educators. Some of their courses are offered on campus.

The school offers different kinds of diplomas in English online programs such as:

Medical English Course

This course is tailored to suit students who have plans of going into the medical field, it covers the US medical terminology and appropriate terms to use in different situations. Don’t expect your tutors to be doctors or nurses since it is not a medical course. The course goes for $2414.

Intensive English Course

This course cover what you need to know about listening, reading, pronunciation, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar. It runs for 48 weeks and costs $1,652.

The institution offers another diploma in English courses offered by this institution.

For more information click HERE.

2. Eurasian Linguistics Institution

This school is located in Irkutsk, Russia. They’re a collection of different cultural backgrounds and diversity. Their mission is to train people of higher professional education for the far East of Russia in the field of education, intercultural communication, and dialogue between Russians and the other parts of the world.

One of their diploma in English programs is Teaching English to Students in grades 2-4, tailored to suit school teachers, teachers of educational language centers, and other English tutors. The program provides all the necessary materials but theory and practical for performing classroom activities.

This program is for higher vocational education and university students. For more information about this program visit their WEBSITE.

3. Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies

The Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies was established in 1999, it is located in Toronto, Canada. The school has been helping students globally learn English in a conducive environment. They have different English programs which are broken down into levels from beginner to advanced, these programs are taught by friendly instructors. The school’s motor is “learning by doing” which they follow through by providing a lot of opportunities for students to practice. 

The diploma in English program offered by the school is Writing which is focused on building the students writing skills, it will also expose you to techniques in writing letters and essays. The program will also focus on your punctuation, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Most of the lectures will be taking place on campus. Apart from this course, they also offer other programs.

For more information Click HERE.

4. London Teacher Training College

The school was established in 1984, located in South London. The school has trained many TEFL teachers from different parts of the world.  Courses are taught online by highly trained instructors. One of their diploma in English programs is Diploma in Teaching Business English.

This course is targeted at taking students through a comprehensive guide towards building the techniques and skills to communicate effectively and produce business documents. The course will expose you to how to write letters, emails, reports, prepare memos, proposals,  etc. The program is taught online. Besides this program, the university has other programs such as a diploma in teaching business English, a diploma in TESOL, etc. See the link below to find out more information on these courses


5. International TEFL Institute

The International TEFL Institute located in the United Kingdom is focused on identifying with and building the English skills of different International students.

The diploma course is an advanced online TEFL training program that goes further than the usual 120 hours certificate, the program includes five TEFL modules, covering the fundamentals of English, teaching adults, business English course, young students, and individuals.

The course prepares you to teach English students online. The main aim of the program is to offer an advanced distance learning course in theory, practice, and management of English as a foreign language. One benefit of this online course is that you can enroll and start the program at any time during the academic year at your convenience. 

Find out all you need to know about this course HERE.

6. Al Zahra College For Women

Al Zahra College For Women is located in Airport heights Muscat, Oman. It is a private college founded in 1999/2000 established for women. The college has affiliations with Al Ahliyya Amman University and the University of Sunderland. 

The college offers top academic courses that cater to the job market through its various academic programs in different departments. They also offer basic programs which train new students in English, computer, and other relevant skills. Their diploma in English program in the English language and Literature offered by the college’s English language and Literature department.

You can get all the information you need about this program HERE.

7. Cambridge Management and Leadership School

Cambridge Management and Leadership School are one of the unique, innovative, and modern academic institution built on the principles of excellence, equality, innovation, and opportunity for everyone. The school is located in the historical city of Cambridge, England. They cater to students from every part of the world. One of their aims is the commitment to providing excellent teaching and learning that are relevant, effective, updated, and without bias for students from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

One of their diploma in English programs is the General English course tailored for students who would communicate effectively and confidently in real-life scenarios, this course is also targeted at improving your writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills. It offers a comprehensive assessment of English language ability for non-native English speakers. 

Other courses offered by this institution include intensive English language, business English, Level 3 foundation diploma for higher education studies.

Check out this LINK for more information about this course.

8. International College Portsmouth

ICP was founded in 2009, it offers diverse pathways to a broad collection of University of Portsmouth courses that enables you to achieve success in your education. International College Portsmouth is a part of the Navitas Group, a globally recognized education provider with the knowledge and resources of staff in more than 120 colleges worldwide.

They offer a postgraduate pre-sessional English course for people who do not meet the entry requirements for their chosen course. It provides you with an opportunity to improve your English language skills before starting your chosen course. While taking this course you’re considered as part of the institution so you have access to the school’s resources. This course is offered for 6 months and you’ll be studying on campus.

For more information about their admission process and other relevant questions you want answers to, visit their WEBSITE.

9. Arts University Bournemouth

Arts University Bournemouth is a higher education university located in Poole, England. It was initially known as The Arts University College at Bournemouth and  The Arts Institute At Bournemouth. It was established in 1880 and the institution specializes in art, performance, design, and media.

The institution offers a foundation diploma course that lasts for six months. The International Foundation Diploma course is designed for students who are not able to commence the one-year foundation course immediately, and those who want to expand their portfolio, while gaining valuable academic study skills and improving their English and language skills.

For more information about this course visit HERE.

10. College Of Contract Management

College of Contract Management is one of the leading online attendance colleges in the United Kingdom that specializes in Engineering, Management, Construction, English, and Training and CPD course, as well as an advanced diploma. 

The College of Contract Management offers an IELTS Exam Preparation course to assist you to get the best grade in the IELTS academy or general exams. This course is designed for people who want to gain admission into universities in UK, Australia, USA, Canada, etc. For migration application and permanent visa application to the UK. The IELTS test is written in over 130 countries and can be taken up to 48 times a year.

Most of these schools offer courses either on-campus or online, so it is left for you to decide which is best for you. Some of them also made provisions for accommodation, scholarships, and funding options.

The course will also improve your speaking, reading, and listening skills. If you’re interested in applying for this course, VISIT WEBSITE.


What is a Diploma In English?

A diploma in English is a certificate issued by an accredited institution such as a university that serves as proof that the holder has successfully completed a particular course of study in English.

Is a diploma in English equivalent to a degree?

No, a diploma is not equivalent to a degree. Both are separate courses of study, a degree takes four years, while a diploma takes 1-2 years. A diploma can be used as a foundational course in pursuing a degree but a degree can not be used to acquire a diploma. Both of them are relevant, it only depends on your goals and aspirations in life.

What can you do with a diploma in English?

Studying the English language exposes you to a lot of career opportunities. Here are some jobs available to English certificate holders: tutor, reporter, writer, librarian, publisher, etc.

What are the requirements for a diploma in English?

Finding out the requirements for earning a diploma in English depends on the institution you’re applying for. Some institutions require above or below 50% pass mark in an English course, some credits in selected subjects, and other requirements set by them.


A diploma in English offers you a lot of job options to choose from, it is one of the easiest ways of acquiring a certificate to serve as evidence to your employers or whomever you want to present it to, it takes less time, quite affordable and most schools offer funding options, you can pay in installments as well as get a scholarship. 

You can also choose to take the program in person or virtually. A diploma in English can as well serve as a foundational course if you intend to apply for a degree in the future. It gets you ready for any exams you might want to take in English and it is also one of the best ways of acquiring a new skill.

If you’d love to apply for a diploma in English then you can check out the lists of schools recommended in this article and make your decision.


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