How to Get the MacBook Student Discount

How to Get the MacBook Student Discount

A discount is a deduction from the usual cost of an item. Of course, everyone loves a discount now and then. Apple has a reputation for making devices like laptops and tablets that are built to last. 

However, that durability comes at a steep price. The MacBook Pro is a line of Macintosh notebook computers introduced in January 2006 by Apple Inc.

It is the high-end model of the MacBook family, sitting above the consumer-focused MacBook Air, and is currently sold with 13-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch screens.

Apple Inc. understands the need for students to have a discount on their products. The discounts are mostly available to college students, educators, and homeschool teachers. 

If you are a student, and you think you are eligible for the MacBook student discount, in this article, they would explain all of that, including the eligibility requirements. Keep reading. 

What is a MacBook Student Discount?

The MacBook is Apple’s third laptop computer family, introduced in 2006. 

In 2015, new MacBooks featured Apple’s Retina Display and higher resolutions, as well as the Force Touch trackpad that senses different pressure levels.

It has the best battery life of all the MacBook’s and also comes with the lowest starting price of around $1,000 right now. 

A student discount simply means having to buy the MacBook at a lower price than the price it is sold in the market for the virtue of being a student. As a student, you can get up to a $150-300 discount. 

Importance of a MacBook Student Discount

There are several reasons giving a MacBook student discount is important. For example, Apple the Fortune 500 company that, within a few years only, replaced Dell as the leading choice for laptops bought by teens, even though their products were of a higher price. 

This was mostly because of the smart student discount program Apple offered to college students. This helped them gain market share with an audience known as a “hard-to-reach” one.

In a couple of years, Apple reached college students easily and gained their loyalty for as long as they are using the device. Some of the other reasons offering a MacBook student discount are important are:

A way for brands to give back: 

College life isn’t easy. It’s not a hidden fact that college students need all the help they can get to get through their graduation. 

The debt many students in the United States are in is unbelievable. A recent study showed that college students all over the U.S. combined were over $1.6 trillion in debt.

After further surveys, it was shown that each college student borrows almost $30,000 collectively throughout their college life. Student discounts are a necessity to have. 

Consumers of the Future: 

Students will become the top earners and business decision-makers of the future. In 2018, working-age graduates were earning an average of $34,000, compared to $24,000 for non-graduates. Students are consumers of the future and they need a MacBook student discount.

The Time is Now:

Students in their late teens and early 20s are a valuable market because they’re making purchasing decisions that could affect their brand loyalty for years to come. 

They will make purchases in certain categories for the first time and set up new accounts with service providers.

Win over a student with an exclusive marketing promotion and you could have them as a customer for decades to come. 

85% of students say that the experience they have with a brand during their time at university is likely to influence where they shop or what they buy in the future.

Discounts Make a Difference

83% of students say that if a retailer offers a student discount, they are more likely to shop there. This means that providing a student discount can give your brand an edge over its competitors in the student market. 

Fewer commitments

The typical student doesn’t have adult commitments such as kids or a mortgage, which frees them up to spend money on fun things. They spend an average of 21% of their monthly income on going out and socializing and 20% on fashion.

Age range

Most undergraduate students today are members of Gen Z, a generation that lives and breathes through social media—they spend up to 11 hours on it per day. 

Students regularly message friends on apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger about their favorite brands and latest purchases. 

This makes them a powerfully influential group of consumers, especially amid the rise of viral and word-of-mouth marketing.

Brand awareness

Many students have large followings on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. This means if they love your product, it can reach a wide audience of their peers, even outside of their immediate friendship group. Gen Z prefers social influencers who are their age, as they find them more relatable and trust their opinions.

Is Getting a MacBook with a Student Discount Worth it?

There are a lot of advantages to getting a MacBook, especially at a discount price. However, the major challenge people face in getting a MacBook is the price, but this should not be much of an issue because you are using a discount. 

However, there are some other reasons getting a MacBook might not be worth it. Some of them are: 

MacBook has limited software support: 

When compared to Windows, it is hard to find Apple MacBook software. This issue is undoubtedly the most significant cons of MacBook in that the software is incompatible with Windows. 

It makes it very challenging for the users as quite a lot of Windows data cannot run on MacBook. 

Despite the availability of a few apps versions to support Mac users, the overall user experience is not very comfortable, especially with apps that don’t have dedicated Mac versions.

MacBooks have restricted hardware upgrades: 

This drawback is prevalent in all Apple computers/laptops. This limited option is the single circuit board that comprises an integrated processor and memory. If you need to upgrade any hardware, you may have to buy another laptop or computer with more advanced hardware because of the minimal storage, memory, and limited processor capacity.

MacBooks also have limited storage:

If you are one of those users who requires limitless storage, then MacBook is definitely not for you. Unlike Windows laptops, they do not build MacBooks to accommodate massive data. 

The maximum storage options that any MacBook will have are 128 GB, 256GB, 512 GB, and 1Tb, each coming at a higher price than the other. 

Inadequate computing proficiency: 

MacBook is ideal for lighter computing and processing regularly. However, these machines are not suitable for those looking for intensive software and high-definition gaming. 

It is perfect for students and business professionals who are considered entry-level users. However, it doesn’t work for heavy computing required by gamers, web developers, graphic designers, web creators. 

There is also an outdated screen display: Apple heavily relies on product design, and its models are undeniably stylish. Nonetheless, the display resolution of Apple laptops/computers is inferior to Windows. Furthermore, color reproduction and angle viewing are also erroneous.

Finally, one of the major reasons why getting a MacBook with your student discount isn’t entirely worth it is due to the outdated webcam resolution. 

When it comes to cameras, with a single exception, MacBook’s’ disadvantages include a low-resolution webcam. 

MacBook’s have 720p despite several designs and hardware changes. 720p webcams are pretty good, but they are no match for the high prices and value.

Even the most recent MacBook air continues to have the exact resolution, which directly affects the video quality during conferences. Considering how pricey they are, the camera resolution is very dissatisfactory.

Eligibility for the MacBook Student Discount

Unlike most student discounts, Apple’s education pricing is available to a range of students and educators across all grade levels. To qualify for Apple education pricing and a MacBook student discount, you must:

• Be 16 or older and enrolled in further or higher education, such as university or college

• You must have a student ID to prove it, with your name and date. 

Apple does not always verify your education pricing qualifications at the time of purchase. Occasionally it does perform audits and if you can’t verify your enrollment, Apple reserves the right to charge your credit card for the difference between education and regular pricing on the items you purchased. 

So before you go in for the MacBook students discount, ensure that you have all the documents Apple may need to verify your student status. Mac would verify if you are eligible for the student discount using your:

• Official current school transcript or tuition bill showing the name of school, student, and current year/semester.

• Official current report card showing the name of the school, student, and current year/semester.

• Other official dated proof of enrollment

How to get the MacBook Student Discount

Apple gives a lot of discounts to students. There are also several ways through which you can get an apple MacBook student discount. 

In getting the MacBook student discount, you can get it directly through the apple official website and also from UNiDays. 

Getting a MacBook student discount from the website is easy to access but can confuse as well. 

All you need to do is to go to the website and scroll down to the bottom of the website, choose Shop for College, and check that they displayed the Education Store Home bar at the top. This discount just works for MacBooks and iPads. 

The original price of products does not show on the website. So, to be sure of what you’re buying with a student’s discount, you should try opening the website in another tab. 

Another way of getting an Apple Student Discount that might be already familiar to many students is UNiDAYS. UNiDAYS features hundreds of discount offers for anything, from Nike to Ray-Ban and, of course, Apple. 

To get the MacBook student discount using UNIDAYS, you should: 

• Register for a new account on and present your student credentials

• Browse exclusive deals either through the website or mobile app (Apple is in the Tech category)

• Click “Get now” when you find a deal you like

• UNiDAYS will then generate the Apple promo code students can use

• Go back to Apple’s website and add a MacBook or iPad to the cart

• Apply the Apple education discount during checkout.

Apple sets out to give the MacBook student discount to students who are interested in it. There is no set discount with the student savings, but you will save roughly around 10 percent off the full price of Apple products like MacBook and iPads. 

While the Apple student discount offers good deals, you may also want to shop around a little to make sure you are getting the best bargains out there. 

Saving money through the Apple Education Store is a simple matter of shopping through the education store website instead of the regular online Apple store. 

You don’t have to sign up for anything. You’ll use your regular Apple account. There’s no upfront verification process.

However, how you get your discount varies depending on where you are located. In the USA, just head over to the US Apple Store for Education (ideally use your university network for this part), and follow the steps to choose your items. 

It might also be helpful to have your proof of eligibility to hand in when signing up. You might not need your proof, but it’s good to have it just in case. 

If you’re looking for a Mac, then the Apple Student Discount applies to the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (13-inch), MacBook Pro (16-inch), iMac, and iMac Pro, as well as the Mac Pro and the Mac mini. 

The big news right now is that you can get an Apple student discount on select Mac computers (iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini) and iPads (iPad Air and iPad Pro). You can save up to $200 / £280 on a Mac and up to $100 / £80 on an iPad.

The Apple education pricing site shows the price you’ll pay with the education discount, but it doesn’t show the original price. 

To see how much, you’ll save on any product, view that product in the Apple education store, check the same product in the regular Apple store, and then compare prices.

• Navigate to the Apple Education Store.

• Select the product line you are interested in.

• Choose the product you want, then choose Select.

• Choose the options you want, then select Add to Bag.

Are there other ways you can get a MacBook Student Discount?

As one more way to save some money, Apple is offering credit on an Apple Store Gift Card when you trade in your existing Mac or tablet. 

This deal even includes devices from third-party brands. This credit can then be turned towards a new device, which could save you a lot of money.

Mac, HP, Lenovo, and other computers can be traded in. And depending on the make, model, and condition of your device, you could earn up to $1,400 in credit. US students can find out more at the Apple GiveBack website.

UK students have access to similar trade-in offers. Again, the price you get depends on the make, model, and condition of the device, but you could receive up to £900 by trading in your current computer.

Australian students can get up to AU$650 in trade-in as well on their devices, which of course will vary based on the make, model, and condition of the device. 

If you fancy knocking some cash off your next Mac purchase, you can visit the UK Apple GiveBack website to begin.


Thanks to these Apple teacher discounts and student discounts, both educators and their students will no longer have to make do with an aging laptop. 

They can finally breeze through their school tasks with more powerful tools, increasing their productivity and saving them time, which they can spend on other things on their to-do list. 

The MacBook student discount is a great way for students to enjoy recent tech without having to break the bank. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students get discounts on MacBooks?

The big news right now is that you can get an Apple student discount on select Mac computers (iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini) and iPads (iPad Air and iPad Pro).

Why are MacBook’s better for students?

The built-in Touch ID sensor makes everything from authorizing operating system tasks to paying for things online with Apple Pay more convenient and secure. With the addition of Apple silicon, the MacBook Air is even better by offering much more power and battery life than before.

How much does MacBook cost with a student discount?

Apple has launched the “Back to School” program. You will be delighted to know that now Students who are above the age of 17 years and Teachers can get the new MacBook Air for $30,610 and MacBook Pro for $42, 610 under the education discount.

How does Apple student discount work?

To buy products at Apple’s education discount, you simply go to the Apple Education Pricing store, pick your gear (there’s a limit on how much you can buy a year), and check out. It’s just like buying anything else on Apple’s website, except it’s cheaper.

How does Apple check student discounts?

Apple doesn’t appear to verify your education pricing qualifications at the time of purchase. Occasionally it performs audits and if you can’t verify your enrollment, Apple reserves the right to charge your credit card for the difference between education and regular pricing on the items you purchased.


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