How To Volunteer Abroad For Free In 2022

How To Volunteer Abroad For Free In 2022

You probably have thought of giving your services to places that desperately need them, on humanitarian grounds once in a while. You are most likely looking for volunteer work abroad programs?

Kindness is not for everyone. Professional kindness steps a notch higher. If you have been a volunteer, then getting a great deal includes a volunteer program that will offer free travel and accommodation.

In 2022, with the economic plunge as a result of the effects of covid-19, finding volunteer abroad program opportunities with free travel and accommodation is tricky.

However, all is not lost. You can still land a few volunteer programs in good countries that are offering free accommodation and travel.


Have you ever volunteered abroad before? If yes is your answer, then you know the thrill of combining fun and service. If you have not, here are some of the reasons why you should not hesitate to volunteer abroad.

Personal Benefits:

  • You will have time to explore different environments.
  • There will time to explore different cultures, traditions and human practices
  • You enjoy the thrill traveling to unknown places not knowing what awaits exactly
  • The thought of packing and leaving, is just amazing, if you love the road, air and the sea on the move.
  • There is always a legacy you leave behind, by touching a life, changing a destiny and making a difference.
  • Nature has a way of rewarding good deeds.

As a person, when you choose to volunteer, you are doing so because somewhere at the back of your mind you know there is a total population that cannot afford the services you offer. You do it out of sacrifice at larger part and self-benefit, on the lower scales. There is usually a sense of emotional satisfaction in sacrificing your time and self for the sake of another person. 

Professional Benefits:

  • You add years to your professional experience. This is usually a requirement when looking for a job. The more experience you have the higher a chance to stand.
  • You hone your skill through practice.
  • You build your resume by adding on to it your ability to sacrifice for the sake of other without pay. This is an attractive quality for a job seeker.
  • Many organizations that ask you to volunteer with them, might offer you a permanent job should a chance open up. Organizations go for employees they are familiar with in most cases.
  • Job satisfaction comes with seeing more results and knowing your services are making a difference. Volunteering definitely touches a life. It will fulfil the professionally you.


Yes, you can. There are skills that are valuable yet unaffordable. Areas in teaching, Medicine, Technological advancement attract free volunteer programs. The higher your qualifications are, the more you are likely to volunteer for free.

You should take note that it is difficult to find such programs. They are difficult to apply for and they are very competitive.

You might prefer to just pay a small fee and maintain the confidence that your volunteering application will sail through. The world awaits your service!


Free volunteer programs are those programs that the volunteer pays nothing to offer their services.

In most cases, an organization running the program takes the essential necessities like food and accommodation care of. Also, the volunteer can compensate for the necessities through a few hours of their time working for the host.

Here, the host assigns you duties to perform for a few hours and you get to live for free and eat free meals.


Yes. Many government organizations and well equipped and funded organizations offer programs that are fully paid for. The volunteer only needs to avail themselves and make a commitment of time.

These programs are usually highly competitive and call for volunteers that are highly qualified. They are difficult to come by. You really need to be patient in applying and be ready to get so many rejections. Nothing this good come easy you know.


No. airlines and volunteering are two distinct entities. Except for the High school volunteer programs and special projects, probably sponsored by the airline itself, you are not likely to find an airline that will give you a free ticket for volunteering.

However, organizations that organize the free volunteer programs work with some airlines sometimes and have the ticket amounts subsidized.

There are organizations that will claim to have taken care of the flights but then the amount is captured in the volunteering fee that you pay. Such fees are usually higher than normal. You will rather book the flight yourself.

If you need your travel cost reduced as a volunteer check out Fly For GoodSafe harbors and Wilcox travel airlines. They offer reduced prices for volunteers. They also have friendly packages.


Make google your friend! Yes. You just need to know the exact search words and you are good to go.

However, Google is usually not the best place to find specific and much-sieved information. If you must decide fast and accurately, then here are some places you will find information on free volunteer programs for you to apply for:

  • Social media. Use your tweeter, Facebook and other accounts to find information from your contacts. Ask about free volunteer programs in the world and there will be a million suggestions you will be shocked.
  • Specify the country or place you want to volunteer to for free and ask search it. For example: Free volunteer programs in Dubai you can specify the field as well. This will provide easier choices for you.
  • Contacting existing organizations directly is one of the other most efficient way of finding free volunteer programs. You will rather find firsthand information from the organization running the program that you are interested in.
  • Talk to friends and family who have volunteered before for links and connections. This is just that simple.
  • Go for long-term opportunities with government and renown private organizations.
  • Use credible connectors of volunteers and organizations like Helpstay, Workaway and Helpx. It might require you to be a member to access the many opportunities on their websites. This can cost you between $15 to $35 for a year.


There are many volunteer abroad programs with free travel and accommodation now but they are very competitive or ask for compensation with your skills for a few hours for food and shelter. It is never entirely free you know.


Peace Corps will give you a chance to volunteer your services for free. It is a renowned organization and thus very competitive. You will not just apply for Peace Corps unless you are a qualified professional with experience and many extra skills to offer.

The reason why the peace corps is very competitive and difficult to get is that it takes care of its volunteers to the very bit.

Your transport, air ticket, a house for accommodation, health insurance and allowances for volunteering are a package many volunteers will die for. Volunteering with the peace corps will keep you safe in whichever country you are moving to.

The only downside is that you will have to apply for long periods of time. The minimal time allocated for every project is 27months. This means you need that time on your hands.

The good thing is that the peace corps accepts a couple of applications as well. You can move your entire family, for free. Here are some of the open programs for 2022 but you should start dropping your applications as early as now to be considered.

Be ready to take your services to a needy community somewhere in the world. The two links below will give you a peek at what is available for application.

Youth in Development Volunteer (

HIV/AIDS Local Government Volunteer (

The above free to volunteer programs are the most sort after on the Peace Corps Websites. There are many more other volunteer opportunities to participate in.   


Doctors without Borders is a humanitarian organization that allows the medic to volunteer their services in over 72 countries in the world. The organization usually works in places ravaged by pandemics and war. Volunteering with doctors without borders is free since your services are needed in those areas that most people avoid going to.

Currently, they have projects in many parts of the world including Gaza, Afghanistan and most of the African countries like Cameroon, Burundi and Kenya. 

In Kenya, here are some projects that are actively recruiting medics: HIV care and treatment response (Homabay) Communicable diseases treatment (Embu) Providing vital obstetric care services (Mombasa) Assisting violence victims (Nairobi) Providing care for those using drugs (Kiambu) Caring for Dadaab refugees still in various camps

Responding to local emergence needs Read more:

To be considered, you must be very qualified academically in the relevant field of medicine, you must have at least two years of working experience, you must be ready to give over two years of your time. The more time you can give the better.

You will be given allowances, your travel tickets will be free and your meals and accommodation will be free as well. These positions are usually very competitive and hard to get, be warned.


A fair world for all is the mantra for VSO. Apply for free if you believe in this too. This is an organization based in the UK, and it gives a chance for volunteers to offer their services in other nations that are in dire need for free.

Volunteering as a professional with SVO has many benefits. You will receive comprehensive training, support from the staff, free tickets, transport and your accommodation will be taken care of. There are open doors for doctors, teachers of English and scientists currently ongoing. You will receive a reasonable allowance to survive in the locality it sent you to.

Anyone can volunteer as long as you qualify and can prove with your resume and certified testimonials. You must have a criminal free record as well. A degree and three years’ experience will put you in a better place to start your volunteering process.

You will be assigned duties by your project recruiter and report to him or her once you have been assigned to a station. 


The mission of this organization is to make a meaningful contribution to the world. Is that your volunteering Mantra? Then find a project that suits you best among the many projects listed on their website.

They need your services all over the world and this organization will support you to volunteer for free, take care of your ticket expenses, give you free meals and free accommodation.

You will be supported financially and pastorally so that you just focus on whatever you have volunteered to do. There is a wide range of projects to choose from in all the countries of the world. Applicants from all nationalities are welcome as well.

Talent and qualifications, the minimum being a degree are your tools of defence in this particular organization. Experience will be valued too.


Though not actively recruiting volunteers currently, this is a place you will find free volunteering programs in the future. Keep it on your list of future stops by.

The organization accepts volunteering teachers of English to go to Chile. All expenses are taken care of and you will receive an allowance for your miscellaneous expenses. You will put up in good hotels or homes for the period that you will be available.

More so, there is a need for you to be an expert in English, a native English speaker and trained teacher is added advantage. Since they are closed for the moment, probably because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is not much to say about it except to try it in future when you will be looking for free volunteer programs.


Are you a passionate teacher? World teach works with Ministries of Education in various countries to post teachers who has volunteered for free all over the world. Asia and Africa are the greatest beneficiaries.

You stand a chance to work in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Pacific where you will be provided with teacher training, language preparation, housing, a monthly stipend and field support.

It will empower you to affect lasting change in the community where you work, and to become a responsible global citizen, as a volunteer. Graduate teachers are accepted more.

Currently, they are not recruiting but will be open soon. Prepare your resume and add some experience in other free to volunteer programs if you want to stand a chance.


You will join the Siret Volunteers to offer your services to children in an orphanage in Arusha Tanzania. You will be accommodated in the orphanage quarters and it will provide you with airport transport.

This means you will take care of your own ticket but upon arrival at the airport, you will be provided with free transport to your site of duty. However, you will not be doing orphanage work instead; you will volunteer in your skills in child development. You will teach and interact with children as a professional.

Anyone at the age of 16 and above can apply. All people including couples can apply too. Siret hostels are highly rated in Arusha, and this is where you will be staying. Child development specialists are highly recommended here.

You will work alongside teachers in seeing into it that it fully developed the children as required.

If you travel as a group, you will receive a 15% discount on the fee of about $84 per week. This is not entirely free but affordable, in a group. Try it after all you will be provided with free accommodation and meals, and transport to where you are needed and back to the hostels after every day.

Your day will start at around 8.00 am and end at 4.00 pm with a friendly and fun schedule to adhere to. 


Give services for accommodation and meals. You want to spend time in an ancient place, full of history and rich in culture, this one is for you. Don’t hesitate.

The Greece families need your expertise in various menial fields and blue colour professionals for free food and accommodation. You will put up with a wonderful family, enjoy the Greece Cuisines and have time to explore various towns and historical sites.

This is a self-arranged program and once the site above links you with your host, you are on your own. This might be a bit insecure for you never know what you are getting yourself into but then that is the thrill of it all.

If you are a risk-taker, bold and tired of where you are, yet very skilful, find a cheap flight to Greece and volunteer for free.


This is a fully funded program. You will volunteer for free. Free travel, free meals, free accommodation and you will earn some allowances.

It is available for all UN paid foreign applicants from all over the world. Because of the covid-19 situation, the program is running for 3- 12 months. You can apply to intern, volunteer as an alumnus and a prospective entrant. It will provide you with the following for free as a volunteer.

  • Accommodation for entire duration
  • Health & Medical Insurance will be provided
  • Return Airfare tickets are included.
  • Monthly budget of food and miscellaneous expenses.

The UN is looking forward to recruiting volunteers for free in the following fields: 

  1. Health Professionals
  • Medical
  • Intensivists
  • Respiratory Physicians
  • Pathologists
  • Radiologists
  • ICU/Anesthetic Nurses
  • Infection Control Nurses
  • Psychologists (with experience in trauma/stress Counselling)
  • Biomedical/Medical Laboratory Technicians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Public Health
  • Epidemiologists
  • Public Health Specialists (other)
  • Health Statisticians
  • Health Surveillance Specialists

2. Non-Health Professionals

  • Emergency & Crisis management
  • Health Emergency Managers
  • Child Protection Specialists
  • Program Management
  • Monitoring & evaluation Specialists (related to health and/or emergencies), and Reporting
  • Gender-based Violence Project/Program Specialists
  • Health systems
  • Logisticians
  • Health Procurement Specialists
  • Health Supply Chain Specialists (pharmacist, equipment, cold chain)
  • Sanitation & Hygiene
  • WASH (with a focus on hygiene) Specialists
  • Medical Waste Management Specialists
  • Communications & Data management
  • Communications for Development Specialists
  • Information Management Specialist (with experience in health emergencies)
  • Data Collection & Management Specialists (related to health)
  • Statistics & others
  • Socio-economic & Health Assessment Specialists
  • Economic Development Specialists
  • Livelihoods Specialists
  • Anthropologists
  • Sociologists

If you are above 22years with relevant experience, you might as well try this out.


Did you know chefs can volunteer too? I didn’t know that. Pack your backs and volunteer in Southern France for free. All you need do is pay for your own tickets but will get free meals and accommodation as you work in a restaurant in France.

You will also earn 100pounds a week for helping in the kitchen, besides honing your cooking skills.

Basically, you just need to be a professional Chef, love fixing things in the kitchen, be social media conversant for taking pictures and posting, and if you love gardening, you will do much here. Get details on who to contact on the link above.

This is a chance any chef tired of cooking in your kitchen will be willing to take any time! so what do you say? Will you check it out? Let’s go make pizza!


Whether it is for humanity, professional growth or personal development, Volunteering abroad should not be a hustle. It should be easily done to encourage more people to Volunteer.

After all the world needs us all. Hope you find a program that will suit you, save your money and time, but fulfil your reason for volunteering. All the best! 


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