SHEIN Student Discount: Maximize This Offer Immediately in 2022

SHEIN Student Discount: Maximize This Offer Immediately in 2022

Being a student can be tedious but it has its advantages. You would get to enjoy some privileges, many of which include enjoying discounts provided for students on some websites like SHEIN.

These discounts would give you the privilege of buying clothing and even books at a lesser price. As such, you do not have to worry so much about some finances.

In this article, we will be discussing the SHEIN student discount and how best you can effectively maximize this offer immediately. 

What is SHEIN student discount all about?

SHEIN is a huge brand with a worldwide presence. It mainly focuses on women’s fast fashion but also has an extensive collection of menswear, beauty items, gadgets, and home accessories.

SHEIN is now a recognized name in most student households. Its popularity isn’t surprising, considering the quality products at incredibly affordable prices.

They deliver to over 220 different countries and regions, and aiming to help everyone enjoy the beauty of fashion.

What products can I get on SHEIN student discount?

There is quite a number of products you can get with student discount at SHEIN. 

  • The biggest category is clothing. There are thousands of styles, including a large curve and plus-size collection. 
  • Luxury items, such as coats, jackets, and winter clothing
  • There’s a substantial beauty section on the site, with a ton of makeup items as well as a range of beauty tools.
  • You can also get homewares, where you can pick up things from kitchen gadgets and sandwich bags to cushions, duvet sets, and even curtains.
  • There is a SHEIN express delivery and returns 50% off new winter essentials 90% off flash sale items.
  • You can also earn rewards as you shop with the VIP loyalty program at SHEIN is a great way to earn rewards as you shop. You’ll need to reach certain spend limits to work your way through the ranks, unlocking excellent benefits as you go. 
  • SHEIN also rewards shoppers with points, which can be redeemed later for money off your shopping. There are many ways to earn points. 

How to get a SHEIN student discount?

Prior to now, SHEIN had a student section on their platform. You had to register with your institutional address and validate that you were a student with a supporting document.

This gave you access to a “Student” section where there were some discounted products and SHEIN gave you 15% discounts on your purchases.

But since some time ago, SHEIN has deactivated this program. Currently, you can only get student discounts if you use the Unidays page.

To enjoy SHEIN student discount, take the steps below-

Step 1

Get a free UNiDAYS account. If you do not have an account, all you need to do is to sign up for free 

Step 2

You will be asked for specific details such as when you entered the university and the approximate date of completion of your studies. Send some evidence to prove that you are a student.

You must be sure that you have an educational email address and if possible, your student ID issued by the institution or a document proving that you are in official studies. 

Step 3

Unidays will validate your account as a student. Sometimes it will be enough just to verify an e-mail in your educational account, but sometimes you will have to wait for them to verify your identity and your university document.

When your account is verified, you will be able to access the Unidays platform and get an extra 15% student discount.

Step 4

Generate your unique student discount code, then copy and paste the code at the checkout on the SHEIN website or app to enjoy the student discount.

Step 5

You will get a 15% discount for all your purchases. All you have to do is go to the Unidays website and search for the SHEIN promotion.

Then, you will be presented with a button to get the coupon. It will create a discount code that you can apply to your SHEIN cart, just like any other coupon.

For that reason, it cannot be accumulated with other discount coupons.

So, if you have another coupon that is more than 15%, use that one.

Step 6

Enjoy your student discount on SHEIN. On SHEIN website, so far as you are a student, you would always find fantastic discount sales whenever you visit the website.

You can get discounts as high as 80% off.

Tips for shopping on SHEIN with student’s discount.

1. Read the SHEIN Reviews:

One of the best things you can do to improve your experience with SHEIN is to read the reviews of items before you purchase.

It is helpful not only to see if it has positive reviews, but to check their comments about sizing, quality, material, and color.

You can find out if something is sheer, running small, or oversized from the reviews. It is also helpful to look at the images uploaded and compare those to the product pictures.

2. Go for trendy clothing pieces

SHEIN is a great place to dip your toe into trends.

The pieces are not designed to hold up to frequent laundering so if you’re looking for the white tee you’re going to wear with all your jeans this summer and then under cardigans all winter, invest in something of higher quality.

3. Stick with the SHEIN sizing measurements

Even if you’re usually an XS and you think the size guide must be wrong because on this top it’s telling you to order a L, believe the sizing guide.

And remember, the sizes aren’t consistent across the site so keep your measuring tape handy and check the measurements for each item you add to your cart.

It’s also helpful to check SHEIN’s reviews from customers about sizing.

4. Use SHEIN search filters to prevent being overwhelmed

The mere volume of items on display on the SHEIN website can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, having a high-level or specific idea about what you want, can make for a less stressful shopping experience.

Under each category, you can filter to subcategories and shop by style, by occasion, by length, by trend, by color, etc.

5. Keep an eye on sold out items

As a fast fashion brand, SHEIN items tend to sell out fast in some sizes. However, thankfully, they sometimes restock popular items.

So, if there is an item that you absolutely must have but your size is sold out, save the item to your ‘My Wishlist’ and check back on the website often to see if it has been restocked.

6. Take advantage of points and rewards

First things first, sign up for a FREE SHIEN account. This will help you keep track of all your orders, points earned, coupon codes, etc.

An account will also allow you to keep track of your orders and favorite items saved to your “My Wishlist.”

Frequently asked questions on Shein Student Discount.

Can part-time and mature students get SHEIN student discounts?

Yes. SHEIN student discount is available to all students who are currently enrolled at university. You would need a university email address in order to verify your student status at UNiDAYS, then you’ll be eligible for the discount.

Are any items excluded from SHEIN student discount?

No. You can use your student discount against any purchase at SHEIN, across all categories on the site. 

Can I use my SHEIN student discount code with any other discount codes?

No. You can’t use your SHEIN student discount code in conjunction with any other offer, including subscription coupons and promo codes. You can usually use it on sale items though.

In which countries does the SHEIN student discount work?

The Unidays platform is designed for students from all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you are from North America, South America or Europe. You only need to be studying at a university and be over 16 years old to get your discounts.

When does the student discount expire?

The discount is activated the moment you register and will expire on the date on your ID card, but can be re-verified if there has been an error.

Is SHEIN Safe?

Yes, SHEIN is a reputable Chinese fast fashion manufacturer that ships to over 220 countries around the world. It did have an information security breach back in 2018 but SHEIN does not sell your information. 

How long does SHEIN take to ship your orders?

Once you place your order there are usually 2-4 days of processing time before your order is ready to ship. 

How do you find SHEIN coupon codes? 

SHEIN is always running lots of different coupon codes. You can find codes on the homepage of their website. Different college reps (who earn credit for sales) will also have unique coupon codes that they share on social media. 

Where does SHEIN ship from?

SHEIN ships from its main Chinese warehouse or one of its many fulfillment centers positioned globally. This is why things can take up to two weeks to arrive or be on your doorstep within 5 days. 

Does SHEIN have any physical stores? 

SHEIN has been operating pop up shops around the world (notably in LA, New York, and Miami). These are not permanent stores. 


In using SHEIN student discount, you would by how quickly you can receive your order.

Currently, the next day delivery isn’t currently an option, so you might not be able to pick up a dress in time for a night out with your flat mates this weekend.

At the moment, there are two shipping options available – standard and express. Watch out for free delivery codes so you can save on fees.

I hope this guide on SHEIN student discount helps you cut a lot of costs this new year. 


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SHEIN Student Discount: Maximize This Offer Immediately in 2022

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