Vans Student Discount: How to get yours easily in 2022

Vans Student Discount: How to get yours easily in 2022

VANS is one of the popular shoe brands in the world with over 40 years of history baking them. They offer an array of items and styles to choose from ranging from footwear to apparels to accessories and outerwear. They also offer products like snowboard boots and Pro-Tec protective equipment.

VANS is one of the top dominant forces in the sports industry with a lot of genuine brands of choice for contemporary lifestyle as well as a huge student population in their list of customers.

Due to students are a large part of their student population, it is no news that
they offer a very lucrative and attractive student discount for their student

So, in this article, I will be highlighting the steps on how to get VANS student discounts easily as well as other important information as requirements needed to get a student discount and what a student discount is all about. So, without wasting any time, let’s get into this. 

What are VANS? 

VANS is an American manufacturer of anything skateboarding shoes and related apparel. It was started in the year 1996 in Anaheim, California and is owned by VF Corporation.

This range of products puts the VANS company top of everyone’s list whether you are looking for fashion or sports accessories, the VANS brand can sufficiently take care of your style with its BMX, skate, snow and surf items list.

What are discounts and offers 

Discount means a deduction from the value price of something or to deduct an amount from the price of something. Trade discounts occur when wholesalers or manufacturers reduce the price of the goods they are selling to retailers.

You could also get free shipping on certain goods and have them delivered to your door step and no extra cost, absolutely free.

Discounts and offers are also a great way to help you cut back on spending when you visit your favorite stores.

What is a student discount? 

One of the main issue students all over the world face when it comes to finances is spending. Most students find themselves spending way more than they intend to and high above budget just to get clothing and other needed accessories and house hold material.

But then there is a more effective way to cut down on your living cost thanks to student discounts. Student discounts are basically reductions in the price value of a commodity by a given percentage for only student consumers.

Student discounts are special savings offered just to students alone. The best part about student discounts are they are offered by a lot of stores both online and offline and all you need is to have a valid school ID and you can grab as many of these student discounts as you might want.

Some online stores only require you to register with a student email from your school and you would get the best student discounts whenever you visit the store.

Some physical stores, however, give you a student discount card which you would have to come along with when visiting the store to enable you get the
said discount.

You might also want to ask about student discounts when visiting
a store for the first time because they usually don’t advertise the student discounts and you won’t know unless you ask.

What are the requirements to get a student discount? 

To get a student discount is pretty easy. There are no major requirements needed to get a student discount.

All you need firstly, is to be a student of a school be it an elementary school, high school, college or a university.

You would also need a form of identification like a recognized school Identity card as well as a school email address for situations where you are required to create an account online like in a case of UNiDAYS.

Then with these few details you are sure to get student discounts at any store both online and offline.

Also remember to ask for discount offers like back-to-school supplies discounts on some student accessories and stationaries like bag packs, shoes, clothing, notebooks and every other accessories or items which has students as its primary consumers.

Some other stores like coffee stores and it’s like also offer certain discounts for students as well, all you need do is present your school identity card while making a purchase and opt in to the student discount package. 

How to get your Vans student discount easily 

To get your student discount at VANS is quite easy and stress free. There are certain steps you would need to take to secure your own free VANS student discount.

You would need to signup and own a free UNiDAYS account then follow the following steps to get your discount. 

  • Step 1: Click here to head to the VANS student discount page to claim your VANS student discount. 
  • Step 2: you would be required to sign in to your free UNiDAYS account that you have previously
  • Step3: Generate your unique student discount code 
  • Step 4: You would need to copy and paste the unique student discount code at the checkout on the VANS website or app 
  • Step 5: You are all done and you can now enjoy your saving. 

It is important to note that you would need to watch out for increased student discount offers.

You can also freely access offers at the VANS deals page whenever extra saving opportunities are available.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Easily Get Vans Student Discount

Can all students use student discount at VANS? 

Well, the answer to this is yes. VANS student discount is available to all students be it that you are studying part-time, full-time, or online or distance-learning course. There is also no discrimination against adult or mature students. All you require is a valid university email address in order to sign up for the free UNiDAYS account and then you can generate your discount codes 

Are any items exclude from VANS student discount? 

For most items available in the VANS store, you can use your student discount code during purchase. However, there are some items that you can’t apply your discount to such as sale items, shipping fees and gift vouchers. 

Can I use my VANS student discount code with any other discount code? 

Well as nice as it would be to be able to use VANS students discount code with other discount codes, you can’t. you can only make use of one code as a time when shopping online so using the VANS student discount code together with another won’t be possible. If, however, the discount code offers more than your VANS students discount then you can use the other discount code instead and save your student discount for another shopping spree. 

How can I get student discount? 

By following the few steps below, you can rest assured to always get student discounts when available. 

  • Always keep your student card with you 
  • Consider upgrading to a student discount card 
  • Actually, use your student discount 
  • Always ask if a shop does student discount 
  • Get student discount on top of deals 
  • Use your student discount online 
  • Use your student discount aboard 
  • Don’t let student discounts dictate where you stop 
  • Use your student discount in independent stores 
  • Look for student discount promotions 
  • Get free Amazon student Prime 


As a student, a lot of discount offers exists in various stores both offline and online that you may not be aware of. All it takes is for you to make enquiries about if such student discounts exist and how to benefit from it.

VANS student discount is no different, you can get all you need at discounted prices from any VANS retailer or through their online platform.

All you need is to sign up for a free account on UNiDAYS and you are well on your way in benefitting from this amazing student discount offer. 


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Vans Student Discount: How to get yours easily in 2022

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