Western University Acceptance Rate in 2022

Western University Acceptance Rate in 2022

If you want to study in Canada, Western University is a good place to study and its acceptance rate is worth a lot of consideration before you apply for admission. That is why you need to understand the Western University Acceptance rate in 2022.

So, you can make the right decision about studying at Western University.

This writing will educate you extensively on the Western University acceptance rate, GPA, Transfer GPA, cost and admission requirements.

The Western University of Canada has more than 38,000 students from 121 countries all over the world. This university offers more than 400 undergraduate programs and 88 different graduate degree programs. Also, the major areas of study available here are Arts, Engineering, Business, Music, Medicine, Law, Social Science, Education, and Health Sciences.

Here are some of the topics we are going to cover for here in this article, so read along and enjoy it.

Why Study At Western University

Founded in 1878, Western University ranks as one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities and is among the top 1% of universities worldwide.

The University of Western Ontario, more commonly branded as Western University, is one of Canada’s leading public research universities. Founded in 1878, the university is located along the banks of the Thames River in London, Ontario.

Known for its exceptional academic programs, breakthrough research discoveries, and outstanding student experience, Western offers a full complement of disciplines including more than 400 undergraduate programs and 88 different graduate degree programs, allowing students to tailor their education to personal strengths and career ambitions.

At Western, you will learn from nationally and internationally renowned professors and researchers. You can also complement your degree with a range of co-curricular activities, including leadership and learning opportunities both on- and off-campus.

Western also has three programs – Nursing, Philosophy, and Psychology – that rank among the Top 50 programs in the world.

Is Western University a good school?

University of Western Ontario, also known as Western University, is a very great college in Canada.

They have consistently shown commitment towards its research as well and have identified eight key areas of research strength. These include neuroscience/brain and mind, musculoskeletal health, materials and biomaterials, environmental sustainability and green energy, imaging, wind engineering, philosophy of science, planetary science and exploration, and natural disaster mitigation.

In terms of the departments, the University of Western Ontario’s most prestigious courses are the pre-clinical, clinical and health courses, law school, and economics. The Business school has also received international praise for its academia as well.

Western is also commended for having high employment prospects for its graduates.

Although the University of Western Ontario has great programs, the acceptance rate is relatively less competitive.

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Western University Acceptance Rate 2022

University of Western Ontario, aka Western University, is a large and selective public university with an acceptance rate of 31 percent.

Almost all admitted students have standardized test scores and scores that are above average.

Western University is one of the best colleges and universities in Canada, and applicants will need good grades and test scores to be admitted.

For students who entered Western University in the 2021-2022 academic year, the university had an acceptance rate of 31%. This means that for every 100 applicants, 31 were admitted and 69 received rejection letters.

The admission process is selective, and below-average students will have difficulty being admitted.

Western University Acceptance GPA

Many colleges specify a minimum GPA requirement, but this is often the minimum to submit an application without being rejected immediately.

The requirement of GPA that really matters is the GPA you need to have a real opportunity to enter. For this reason, we look into the average GPA of the school for current students at Western University.

You will need above-average high school grades to get into Western University. The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at Western University was 3.42 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily B+ students are accepted and ultimately attend.

Admission into Western University is competitive and enrollment is limited.

A minimum SAT combined Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math score of 1190 is required for admission consideration. Or, ACT Test results submitted directly to Western by ACT Institutional Services.

Western’s institution number is 4837. A minimum ACT composite score of 24 is required for admissions consideration.

This will help you compete effectively against other applicants who have a higher grade point average than you.

Western University Transfer Acceptance Rate

To be considered for transfer admission to Western University, you must have achieved a minimum overall average of 70% in all previous university studies at an accredited degree-granting institution and have experienced no extensive academic difficulty to be considered for admission.

If you are attending university and are in first-year, a conditional admissions decision may be made based on a strong first year, first semester results and a strong final secondary school average. If you are in the second year or higher, you will be considered for conditional admission on the basis of a mid-year transcript.

Also, it is important to note that academic transcripts must be submitted directly to Western from the institution(s) attended.

Documents submitted in a format different than requested will not be accepted. Note:

  1. Due to limited enrollment, some programs may require a higher admissions average.
  2. Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.
  3. Applicants without a secondary school diploma and who are not 21 years of age or older must have credit in at least five full university-level courses in order to be considered for admission. 

Transfer Credit Eligibility

All Western University Transfer applicants who have met the admission requirements will have their applications considered for transfer credit.

Transfer credit may be granted for all courses completed at another accredited university within Canada with a minimum final mark of 60% (C -), provided that these courses, even though not offered and/or taken at Western, are recognized as reaching acceptable university standards and may be appropriately included in the program of studies at Western University.

It is also important to note that:

  1. Credits granted may be either generic/non-specific credits or exact equivalency credits.
  2. Some transfer credits granted may not fit into a degree dependent on the program of choice. New students should make an appointment with an Academic Counsellor for program planning.
  3. Students must meet the residency requirement to complete a minimum of 10.0 credits at Western (the equivalent of two years of full-time study) to be eligible to receive a degree from Western.
  4. Permission to take courses at Western on Letter of Permission must first be granted by your home institution.

Western Admission Average- How To Apply To Study At Western University?

As a student, you can apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC).

If you are unsure which application form you should complete, please use the “ Selecting an Application” tool available on the OUAC website.

If you wish to study full-time in the fall, but would like to start part-time in the spring/summer, please fill out the Full-time application and indicate “Summer” as your expected enrolment date.

You will automatically be considered for admission to the Fall/Winter session as well. The deadline to apply for spring/summer sessions beginning in May 2021 (intersession, summer evening/distance studies) is March 1 and the deadline for the Summer Day session beginning in July is May 1.

To be eligible to commence studies in the spring/summer, your final transcript(s) must be available and submitted to the Admissions Office prior to the start of the session to which you have been admitted at Western.

Western University Undergraduate And Graduate Tuition

Tuition for Western University is 6,050 CAD for regular undergraduate degree programs. This fee is relatively less than the average tuition cost of 6,463 CAD to attend a 4-year college in Canada.

However, the tuition cost for cohort-based degree programs is 14,048 CAD for domestic students.

For international students, the tuition cost to study an undergraduate program at Western University is 31,042 CAD. And for cohort-based degree programs, the tuition cost for international students is 41,312 CAD.

For master students, the tuition cost at Western University generally is 4,240 CAD, however, there are some other master’s degree programs that have higher tuition fees.

Western University Admission Requirements

Western University has different admission requirements for different students. These requirements vary from domestic students to international students.

So, we will discuss each of these Western University Admission requirements so that you can understand properly how to apply to Western University.

Admission Requirements for International Students

Western University offers 17 undergraduate courses with over 400 different specializations to all international students.

All international applicants to Western University are required to review their visa process before applying for admissions at the university. Other basic requirements for applicants are mentioned here too.

  • Official high-school and secondary school transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Samples of written work
  • Resume
  • Proof of English Proficiency i.e. TOEFL and IELTS scores.
  • Letter of permission granted from the previously attended institution
  • Income verification/ Statement of Financial Support/ bank statement from sponsors
  • Departmental requirement: Apart from the above-mentioned documents, the admission requirement is subject to differ for different graduate courses.

Western Nursing Admission Average 2021

If you’re seeking admission into the Arthur Labatt FamilySchool of Nursing, you must apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. Enrolment in the program is limited and possession of the minimum requirements should not be viewed as a guarantee of admission. Aside from the requirements, no other supplemental application is required.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

The Undergraduate Admissions Office may require any applicant to write a test of English proficiency. Students applying for admission to undergraduate Nursing programs must satisfy ONE of the following criteria:

  1. English as a first language
  2. The required level of proficiency on an acceptable test of English language and an acceptable test of spoken English. The applicant is encouraged to write a test at the earliest possible date and at the latest before March in the year in which the student is applying for admission. Scores for any test written more than two years prior to applying may not be accepted.

Acceptable Tests and Scores:

  • TOEFL: 580 paper based; 237 computer-based and TSE (Test of Spoken English) 50 or greater; Internet-based-total score of 92-93, with 22-24 in writing, 26 in speaking, 20 in reading, and 20 in listening
  • MELAB: 90, with at least 4 on the oral interview
  • IELTS: 7, with at least 6.5 in reading and listening and at least 7 in writing and speaking

For further inquiries, send your admission questions, specific to your unique situation, that is not addressed in the admission information below, which should be directed to welcome@uwo.ca.

English Proficiency Score Requirements

Every International Candidate must fulfill English Proficiency requirements to secure admission.

TestMinimum Score Required

Visa Process for International Students

All international candidates applying for programs offered by the Western University of Canada must meet the following requirements at the time of admission:

  • Candidates will have to apply for a temporary visa through the Canadian consulate, High Commission, or the Embassy
  • A temporary resident visa (TRV) or Visitor Visa will be required in case you are applying for a student permit
  • Students can apply online at www.cic.gc.ca.
  • After completing the process, the paper will be sent to the Case Processing Center n Ottawa, Ontario
  • Later, candidates will have to upload the IMM 5257 Form
  • The following documents must be uploaded along with the form
  • Copy of Passport or Travel documents
  • Entry Visa
  • Stamps made by immigration Canada or Canada Borders Agency
  • Study Permit or Work Permit
  • Academic Credentials
  • Proof of Financial Support
  • Bank Statement

How is Campus Life at Western University?

Western is one of Canada’s most beautiful campuses, filled with trees and green space, beautiful buildings, dedicated study space, and impressive facilities.

The extensive on-campus residences at Western University provide a safe and comfortable home for students while they study, and our city, London, Canada, is a welcoming, diverse community of approximately 383,000 people.


It is noteworthy that although the admissions process for Western University is a bit stringent, it is still possible for you to be among the successful students.

One way to ensure this is to be fully aware of the Western University acceptance rate, which will allow you to adequately prepare for the upcoming challenge and ultimately prevail among the successful ones.

Western University – FAQs

Is western university hard to get into?

Admission to UWO is difficult since it is a prestigious university.

Where is Western university located?

This university is located in London, Ontario, Canada.

What is the Tuition fee for Western university?

Tuition for Western University is 6,050 CAD for regular undergraduate degree programs.


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