Steps On How to Pass College English Class

Steps On How to Pass College English Class

English is a West Germanic language that originated from Anglo-Frisian languages brought to Britain in the mid 5th to 7th century AD. With over 4.83% of the world speaking English the need for the core development of our English speaking skills cannot be under-emphasized.

Many colleges require their students to take the introductory English 101 course. The sole purpose of the English 101 course is to help students in developing skills in active communication and core academic writing.

Most college-bound students always try to figure out how the college English class differs from that of the high school.

This introductory course, English101 is very important in preparing college students for upper-classwork. The English college class will also help you in developing active listening habits, critical thinking, communication skills, adequate Reading and writing skills, and also inculcates in students the ability to write about diverse topics not minding how complex and out of depth it might be.

Passing your basic college English class will require you to develop active reading and writing skills and learn how to use correct grammar effectively.

This article will highlight everything you need to know about college English classes and how to pass college English classes.

What is the basic college English class?

English 101 is the basic introductory English class required by most colleges in the United States of America. This course is a prerequisite in most colleges’ academic curriculum.

English 101 is also known as Writing 101. The college English class functions to enable students to develop adequate skills in analysis and argumentation.

College English 101 differs entirely from the high-school English curriculum. High school English courses focus mostly on a systematic curriculum while college English classes are organized to explore various concepts in English learning.

It is a well-known fact that college English class deals with topics that lie outside students’ comfort zone. English 101 course outline is designed in a way that promotes effective learning by teaching you how to communicate your ideas as well as the ability to listen effectively to other people’s thoughts and topics.

A strong foundation in your high school English curriculum will also be a useful edge in passing your college English classes. Topics taught in high school like writing structures and literary assessment should be revised.

How do college English classes differ from high school English classes?

There are certain differences between the college English classes and the high school English classes; The differences you’ll need to adjust to are highlighted below

  • While high school college classes meet every day of the week the college English classes meet 3 hours a week.
  • In high school, the teacher allocates assignments and projects throughout the year while in college English classes the students are provided with a syllabus so that they can design how to effectively manage their time.
  • High school English essays are usually 2 pages long and less complex while a college English essay can be more than 5 pages, complex, and with fewer thought restrictions.
  • While attendance in High school English class is mandatory, attendance in college classes or English classes to be precise is the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Most high school English classes focus on literary works and their interpretation, the college English classes are focused mostly on Essay writing and discussion classes on fiction and non-fiction essays. 

What are the benefits of college English class?

It has been widely proved that learning languages help in creativity and mental development.

The college English classes benefit the students in a wide range of ways which include;

Enhanced listening skills

College English classes impart in students the habit of active listening. The ability to listen effectively is a core requirement for success in life, we need to be able to respond and reflect on what the speaker is saying.

Well-developed Active listening skill is required especially for students who plan to take up a career in fields that requires the establishment of trust between two parties.

Increased employment opportunities

The higher percentage of English speakers makes those fluent in the language to be in constant demand. Global corporate companies are always looking to hire people who at fluent and good in the English language, with approximately half of the online business engine website being in English.

It is widely believed that the English language is the language of Innovation, aviation, and transformation.

The college English classes work towards training you and giving you a strong foundation in the English language in order to enable you to compete in the world scene.

Increased travel opportunities

Over 53 countries have the English language as their official language and this makes knowledge in the English language a central requirement for visiting most of these countries. English is an important and very useful language to know especially when traveling.

Interaction and effective communication with different nationalities when you can speak English fluently make the process easier and enjoyable.

With the increasing inter-connectivity of the world, there is an increased amount of opportunities to explore various parts of the world hence the need for core English communication development skills.

Media Language

Colleges require students to acquire at least basic knowledge of the English language due to the high percentage of information that is being passed in the English language.

The English language is the basic language of the media. A high percentage of content on the internet is written in the English language and this includes the world powerhouses like the Top news, magazines, newspapers outlets.

With English languages being one of the most powerful languages you can learn, various colleges are actively in the process of guiding their students to gain core English skills.

How to pass college English language class?

Passing college English language class requires you to be able to write comprehensively with correct grammar, draft effective term or project papers, and determine reliable sources for your research papers.

To pass your college English language class you will need to be dedicated, study, and practice daily.

It is important to note that English being your official language does not guarantee you passing the English course. Learning to pass your college English class is an important process in your road to success

The following tips will guide and help you towards passing your college English class

1. Practice use of correct grammar and mechanics

To pass your English college class you will need to continually brush up on your grammatical skill. Practicing the use of correct grammar includes learning how to correctly use:

  • Quotations and Punctuation Marks

You should learn the basic rules and conventions of the English language to pass English exams. A common mistake when writing is the placement of commas and periods outside the quotation marks instead of inside. Knowledge of rules to correct use of English mechanics and grammar is needed both for passing clear information and for you to pass your college English exams.

  • Subjunctive Mood

Appropriate use of subjunctives for denoting the mood of verbs is a central way to create more advanced writing. “If I/he/she were” is the technically correct construction of the more common “If I/he/she was.”

2. Create an effective timetable

Creating an effective timetable is an effective tool for passing your college English exams. A timetable is effective in the aspect that it enables you to adequately plan your time, it helps in outlining the areas you need to work on, and it teaches you discipline.

On your timetable, you can create a 50min period daily for concentration on your English language course outline. An effective timetable will enable you to consistently practice both topics covered in lecture classes and study ahead of the lecturer.

A good timetable is a good tool for exam preparation and also helps in spreading your college workload in such a way that makes studying smooth.

3. Learn how to Craft Captivating Essays

Essay writing might sound easy to the ear but college essays are the bedrock of college English classes and are not so easy to craft. In college, the widely known types of essays are Persuasive, Argumentative, expository, and analytical. Excellent knowledge of essay writing is well needed to pass through college English classes.

To be able to create an essay you need to understand the power of research. Without proper research, you won’t be able to get the correct information for your essay and without information, your essay is bland and incomplete.

Your essays should also always have a clearly stated thesis statement and every paragraph in your essay should be linked to the central thesis statement. It should serve as a guide to the reader, giving them a window to the central thoughts of the writer. The thesis statement can be found near the beginning of an essay and communicates the main idea.

It is necessary to be knowledgeable on how to use sources to support your ideas strongly. Adding sources to your essay work goes to show that you followed proper research procedures. Avoid shady sources when creating your essay especially when it does not have sufficient information to back any of its claims.

When writing, not giving due credit to the work of others amounts to a serious issue in college “Plagiarism”. You should be able to cite your source for any writing project in order to avoid failure.

Ensure to adhere to the rule of any citation style used. Adequate knowledge of essay writing would go a long way in ensuring your success in college English classes.

4. Develop Your Writing Skills

To pass your college English class you will need to develop your writing skill which means learning to write:


When writing you should aim to pass clear and comprehensive information in a few words. Developing the art of concise writing would help you pass the important information only to avoid redundant information.


You should be able to clearly explain your thoughts. Each paragraph should focus on a topic sentence in order to allow the reader to clearly understand the information you are trying to pass. Effective writing means passing your information plainly in an easily understandable way.

In an organized pattern

Your writing should follow an organized pattern. Every paragraph should focus on a topic sentence or idea. The paragraphs should all be linked to the main topic of your writing. Your paragraphs should follow a logical procedure.

Frequently asked questions

What is the basic English class offered in college?

Most colleges require their students to offer an introduction to English course (Eng101) usually in their freshmen year.What is the easiest way to pass college English classes?

You can pass your college English classes by implementing consistent studying and practice.Will college English classes help in developing communication skills?

Yes, College English classes aim to develop effective communication skills in students.Are college essays different from normal essay writing?

Yes, college essays are a little more advanced than regular essay writing.Does learning English help in mental development?

Learning of languages not just English has been proved to be an effective brain stimulator helping in development.


Consistent practice in your English language curriculum is key to succeeding. Always revise previously taught topics and research extensively to gain more information about an unclear topic.



Steps On How to Pass College English Class

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