Why Get Lenovo Student Discount in 2022

Why Get Lenovo Student Discount in 2022

Getting a quality laptop as a student comes at a very high price and Lenovo laptops are not an exception. However, if you wish to purchase a student’s laptop from the Lenovo brand, there are ways to enjoy up to 25% Lenovo student discount when you purchase one.  

Here is detailed information on how to enjoy the Lenovo student discount when you purchase their laptops.

You will understand why you should choose the Lenovo student’s laptop, and more information on why the company offers a discount on their student’s laptop.

Why You Should Consider a Lenovo Student’s Laptop

Here are reasons you should consider a Lenovo laptop as a student:

Innovative brands:

Lenovo laptops are renowned for their durable hinges and high-quality keyboards. Lenovo laptops are also popular for their low power consumption rate and lightweight.

When it comes to innovation, Lenovo laptops are among the top-rated brands. Most Lenovo laptops run quietly and are very comfortable to handle.   

Reliable brand:

If you are looking for a reliable brand you can trust for a long time, Lenovo
is a great choice. Most Lenovo brands undergo a stress test to ensure
that they work well in all conditions. They can withstand conditions like
extreme heat, dust, vibration, water, humidity, altitude, and cold.  

Customization option:

Lenovo stores allow you to personalize your laptop when you purchase from
their store or authorized dealers.  

Free standard shipping and option of easy return for items:

All items bought from Lenovo stores, from laptops to workstations and accessories enjoy standard shipping. All orders that leave Lenovo warehouse typically arrive within days. You also have the option to return any item purchased from Lenovo that does not meet your requirement with ease.  

Who is Eligible for Lenovo Student’s Discount? 

To be eligible to receive the Lenovo student discount on your purchase of a laptop, you must be at least 18 years old.

You must also be currently enrolled in a college (community college, technical college) or university. The offer is not available for students in secondary and primary school.

Lenovo student’s laptop is also not available for college students who are not yet eighteen years of age.

Students who are eighteen years old and attending a professional course but are
not enrolled in one of the qualifying universities or colleges may still be eligible to receive a Lenovo student discount on laptops they purchase from

How can You Get the Lenovo Student’s Discount Code? 

You can access a Lenovo students discount code from Lenovo’s
official website. The discount varies per product and you can save up to a 30%
discount on your purchase.

Lenovo uses ID.me to confirm your enrolment and eligibility for a discount. Therefore, you need to create an ID.me account and submit your information when applying for a Lenovo students discount.

Discounts reflect directly in your shopping cart and are not displayed on the Lenovo website. Use the following steps to sign up for your ID.me account.  

Step one

Visit the ID.me page. On the top right-hand corner, click my account to reveal the drop-down menu. Click on Create an ID.me account to begin your registration.  

Step two 

Enter your preferred email address, and select a password and click sign up to begin. You can also sign up using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google account. Once you create and verify your account, the next step is to
add your identity.  

Step three  

Go to My Account and log in with your email and password and then go to the wallet tab. Click on the tab and select add ID, then click on a student to add your account.

Troops can qualify for relevant troop discounts as well as student discounts. 

Step four

Once you are done with adding the relevant information the next step is to click confirm your school enrolment to conclude the registration

Step five

Add your school and follow other relevant instructions. Visit Lenovo’s official website with your ID.me account to receive and use your discount code.

There are numerous offers to watch out for, therefore, keep an eye open for the mega offers like the black Friday deal and other special offers that pop up once in a while.  

What is the Benefit of Applying for a Lenovo Student’s Discount?   

One of the benefits of applying for a Lenovo student’s discount is that it helps you cut down on the price of products and accessories you purchase from the store.

Students can enjoy up to 25% discount when they use the Lenovo discount code to purchase items like the Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop.

Also, when you buy the IdeaPad laptop from Lenovo with your discount code, you enjoy up to 20% discount as a student.

How can you use your Lenovo Student Discount? 

You can use your Lenovo students discount code similar way you use your coupon code.

The discount code is applied at the end of your shopping when you are ready to pay for your items and checkout.

However, in the case of the discount code, you need to provide your ID.me information, which verifies that you are a student. In return, Lenovo will provide you with a discount on your purchase.  

To enjoy a discount offer on your product purchase, visit the Lenovo teachers and student’s discount page and click on shop to start shopping and enjoying discount offers.  

Select your choice laptop and select the model you want and add the product to your cart. The system will prompt you to add the product to your cart, click ADD TO CART to complete your purchase.

Once you are done with adding items to your cart, select a student and click on verify with ID.me account to complete your purchase and enjoy the discount.

If you have not set up your ID.me account, the system will prompt you to verify your account to continue.

Nonetheless, if your account is complete and verified, ID.me will transfer your information automatically to Lenovo to unlock your discount. Ensure that your total amount reflects your discount before you make payment
for your item.  

What Happens if Your ID.me Automatic Verification is not Successful? 

If ID.me automatic verification fails, students will have to verify their account manually to access their discount. ID.me accept the following documents as proof that you are a student and eligible for a student loan: 

  • A recent student’s ID card with the expiration date visible 
  • Student’s transcript with current enrolment year clearly stated  
  • Enrolment verification letter obtained from the office of the registrar of the university or college  

If the problem persists after the manual verification, contact ID.me through their customer support center for further assistance.  

What Happen to My Account After My Graduation?  

Upon your graduation from university or college, you will no longer be eligible for a student discount. The same is applicable for students who drop out of school before their graduation date.  

Nonetheless, if you further progress to become a teacher in the future or become a service member, you can update your account to become eligible again for the Lenovo student discount.  

FAQ About Lenovo Student Discount 

What is the meaning of Lenovo student discount?

It is a certain discount (ranging from 5% to 25%) that Lenovo offers to students with verifiable evidence of enrolment in a two years’ community college program or four years degree program.   

How much discount will you enjoy as a student when you purchase your laptop from Lenovo?

Students can enjoy up to 25% discount on their purchase of laptops and accessories from Lenovo. 

What do I need to do to start enjoying discounts from Lenovo?

To start enjoying a discount on your purchase from Lenovo, you must first go to ID.me to sign up and verify your student’s account.  

Yes. They are very durable and suitable for students. 

Is it safe to register with ID.me?

ID.me is safe and secure and used by many big companies as a means of verification for students’ identities.  


Signing up with ID.me and getting a Lenovo student’s discount can help you cut down on the cost of purchasing a new student’s laptop.

When you cut down on the cost of purchasing your laptop, you save money for other essential items. Lenovo Students discount offers students up to 25% discount on their purchase of student’s laptop.  


Why Get Lenovo Student Discount in 2022

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